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Month: October 2014

Reconstructive Breast Surgery: Before, During and After

Scars, uneven and deformed breasts are some of the problems that women experience after an invasive breast surgery such as mastectomy. This was case for the past ten years until reconstructive breast surgery came along. With this, women no longer have to face the bad self-image impact brought by the scars and damage to their […]

Breast Lift Surgery: Your Complete Guide

A well-contoured body and firm breasts are a sign of femininity and beauty for all women. Saggy breasts can have a huge negative impact on the overall personality of a woman. The shape of women’s breasts changes with time. Factors such as aging, weight fluctuation, breastfeeding and pregnancy can lead to the loss of once […]

Breast Implants Before and After: Pictures Help You Decide

Many women are prepared to go under the knife in order to change the way their breasts look. They are willing to pay thousands of dollars to enhance their personality and self-esteem. Breast enhancement surgery is becoming a popular option among celebrities and everyday women alike. Undoubtedly, breast augmentation surgery is complicated. You should gather […]