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Month: May 2015

10 Popular Pieces of Weight Loss Advice That Don’t Work

Fact: there are lots of diet programs and workout routines out there that promise to get rid of your unwanted pounds with minimal effort. You’ve heard of the Paleo diet, South Beach diet, Cohen diet and all kinds of good-sounding name diets that make you want to try everything. The question now is, do they […]

10 Healthy Foods That Banish the Bloat

Summer is just around the corner. This means sun, sand, bikinis, beers and oops, a higher chance of bloating. According to an online dictionary, bloating means to expand, or distend, or cause to swell. The University of Maryland Medical Center also defined abdominal bloating as, “a condition in which the belly or abdomen feels full […]

10 Down and Dirty Facts about Your Double D’s

You probably think you already know everything there is to know about your boobs. Like, what else is there to know? You have two – unless you have more than two, in which case that presents a bigger problem – they are either big or small, they bounce, or they don’t, they’re prone to cancer, […]