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How does Total Curve™ double-action formula work?

The secret to Total Curve™ success is its revolutionary two-part system…

More than just a cream or another daily vitamin, Total Curve™ is a complete breast enhancement therapy program that works both internally and externally to help tone and reshape your breasts for a more youthful appearance.

It includes:

1. The Daily Supplement – includes a series of natural phytoestrogens that safely mimic estrogen to produce a mastogenic effect, similar to the breast swelling many women experience during pregnancy or the week leading up to their menstrual cycle. Take 2 capsules daily.

2. Firming Gel with Volufiline™ – is applied to the breast twice daily. Volufiline™ works by naturally increasing the fatty tissue in the breast area for a noticeable increase in breast volume.

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