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16 Best Ways on How to Attract Love: Real and Simple No-Fail Tips

There are many traits that attract men to women. Apart from the physical aspects, men also love women who are fun, confident and independent.

Here’s the thing: you will read tons of articles from relationship experts about how to attract love and men, but there is no exact formula that will tell you what are the best factors in the equation. After all, men are different from each other, and just like you, their preferences vary on their choice of partner.

Don’t worry. There are still tips and techniques that will surely help you in attracting loving man. All you need to do is to remember these 15 tricks and you are good to go:

1. The First Commandment in Attracting Men: Love Yourself First and Love from Others Will Come to You

There are tons of tips on how to attract love into your life, but the truth is, the rule is simple. Love yourself first and no one else. In fact, self-love is the strongest foundation you should establish before you learn to love others fully.

Apparently, this is easier said than done, but this doesn’t mean you cannot change that. The key in mastering this first commandment is knowing how to treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. You should be the best example of how you want other people to look at you. This is because you are able to attract love – and your dream guy – according to the qualities you give out and show to others.

Therefore, learn, if not master how to let go of all the negativity in your system and replace them with loving affirmations. Constantly remind yourself of your best traits, but don’t forget to acknowledge that you are still a work in progress, which leads you to this next tip.

2. Accept Yourself for Who You Are and You Will Attract the Man of Your Dreams

What does it take to love yourself fully? A lot. Before you do the steps enumerated in countless articles on how to love yourself first, make sure you know and practice this by heart: accept yourself for who you are.

How do you do this?

Always remember the things that make you great and remind yourself of your strengths, achievements, and best qualities.

breastsStill, don’t forget that you are not perfect. Acknowledge your weaknesses, not-so-shining moments, and failures along the way. Instead of feeling bad about them, use them as your motivation to work harder in order to improve yourself. Body flaws are part of this too, and in case you are having issues with your breasts, Total Curve breast enhancement pills might help you with that.

It will take time, but once you finally accepted who you are as a person, you will be able to generate love and attract an equally loving man as well.

3. Find Yourself First, Then You’ll Find Love After

How much do you know about yourself? Oftentimes, you present yourself in a manner that will make other people like you. While some find you attractive, eventually, you will realize that this is not the kind of person you want yourself to be.

If you are serious about how to attract love energy, then it is important that you find yourself first. Know who you are, what you want, and what you plan to achieve in all aspects of your life. Set goals for yourself then examine at what point in your life you are now.

In other words, define yourself according to your own standards and not what you want other people to see. The right partner will see you for who you are and who knows, you two might share the same ideals and beliefs.

4. Know what You Want in Your Partner and Find Out How to Attract Him

looking forAdmit it. You have a checklist that contains the specific traits you are looking for in a man. When you are out there, you make sure that you will only talk to someone who will fit in your criteria based on your checklist. Otherwise, you move on to the next guy until you find the perfect match.

Here comes the problem: there is a possibility that you might miss out the real essence of love and relationship because you are busy looking for your perfect guy. Eventually, you settle with someone out of desperation and the whole relationship becomes a mess.

It is important to know what you want in a guy, but this doesn’t mean you should stick to it strictly. Nobody is perfect and what is important is that he treats you with respect, he loves you and he is not afraid to show it, and he is responsible. Once again, you were able to prove that what you learned about how to attract love with law of attraction does its job.

5. The Rule is Simple: Go Out and Mingle

Apparently, sitting and waiting for the right man to come along will lead you nowhere. Even if you mastered how to attract love with rose quartz, there is no assurance that he will come knocking at your door. You need to do something and make your presence felt.

The best way to do this is to mingle.

There are many ways you can do this. You can always go to bars, enroll in classes, join groups that cater to your hobbies or interests, or ask friends to invite their friends’ friends so you can meet other people. Try new activities or incorporate something new in your routine such as walking the dog or jogging in the morning, since you’ll never know when he is coming.

Photo by Ed Yourdon / CC BY-SA

Just make sure you are comfortable and open to go out and mingle. This will make you more confident; hence more attractive to men.

You can also try this next technique to help you in socializing. Who knows, you might meet the right man for you when you try this tips in the next section.

6. There are Benefits When You Join a Singles Group in Your Area

There are many ways you can make friends. You can ask your friends’ friends who know some people to introduce you to them, join online dating sites in case you need a boost in meeting people or you can try joining a singles group.

Don’t be fooled. Singles groups are not only meant for finding romance. Believe it or not, this type of group also organizes various events that allow you to make friends, meet new people, and experience something new in your life. There are sporting events, night outs, movie nights, group dinner, and even out-of-town trips to help you discover yourself more.

Why should you join singles group?

Apart from the possibility of finding romance, singles group allows you to get to know more people, go out of your comfort zone, and experience something new in your life. If you are lucky, who knows, the person you are waiting for is right there in front of you.

7. Let Go of the Past and Eventually You Will Find Love

end of a relationshipHeartbreaks and the end of a relationship are painful, regardless of how long it lasted. Unfortunately, not all relationships are meant to last. Still, this doesn’t mean you should be bitter about it.

If you are serious about how to attract love, then learn from your past relationships and move on. Here are tips to help you get your feet back up after a failed relationship:

  • Say goodbye to your relationship regrets.
  • Don’t think about your failed relationships as “time lost.”
  • Forgive yourself and the mistakes you made during the relationship.
  • Forgive him.
  • Look at both the good and the bad side of what happened during the relationship.
  • Allow yourself to go through the feeling of pain, loss, in denial, anger, and all emotions associated with breakups.

More importantly, just move on. It may be hard, but by taking baby steps, you will feel whole and back to your normal self again. Take note of these tips and eventually, you will be able to attract love again. You can now use your “How to attract” love spell and see if it works.

8. Forget about How to Attract Love through Feng Shui and Make Sure You Do this Next Tip

physicallyAt this point, you already established the importance of putting and prioritizing yourself first before anything and anyone else. If you are serious about how to attract love spiritually, physically, and emotionally, then remember this: believe in yourself.

Keep in mind that the people around you will treat you depending on how you treat yourself. Before you look for love and demand this and that in the relationship, you have to show that you believe in yourself, and you have faith in everything you intend to do. Love will follow after that.

Since you are in the process of believing in yourself, make sure you do this next tip and among the beliefs that will help you attract love.

9. There are Hundred Reasons to Believe in the Power of Relationships

Failed relationships, whether involving you or the people around you, will change your perception of love. With 40 to 50 percent divorce rate in America, getting married may be the last thing in your mind. After all, there are certain situations you don’t want to happen to yourself and you are simply being careful.

Here’s the catch: you might be intimidating potential partners and ruin your chance of landing a relationship.

Feng ShuiIn other words, attracting love is not limited to how you perceive and treat yourself. It is also about your faith, trust, and belief in relationships. This means you acknowledge that not all relationships are meant to last, but this could still be an opportunity to make you and your partner feel loved and connected.

Regardless if you mastered the tips on how to attract love using feng shui, if you don’t believe in yourself and in relationships, you might have a hard time attracting the right men.

10. How to Attract Love by Filling Your Heart with Love to Help You Become a Magnet of Love

Is it possible for you to become a magnet of love? The answer is yes. Believe it or not, attracting a loving and caring man is possible simply by filling your heart with love. At the same time, it is also about opening your heart to love to make you an effective magnet of love.

How will you do this?

Try these tips:

  • positiveThink happy, positive thoughts.
  • Make sure you see the best in everything, person, situation, moment, and opportunity.
  • Always be grateful and show it.
  • Count your blessings every day.
  • Learn from your mistakes.
  • Keep your cool under pressure.
  • Be respectful and mindful of other people.

Once you start filling your heart with positivity and love, it will radiate in your aura and eventually, you’ll start becoming a magnet of love.

11. Find Love Out of Love and Not Because of Fear

There are many reasons why you should be in a relationship. It can be because of companionship, the feeling of exclusivity, the joy of sharing something with someone, and the list goes on. Apparently, what should not be included in your list is the word “fear.”

What does this mean?

Don’t seek love and pressure yourself to be in a relationship out of fear of being alone. Don’t be in a relationship just because your friends are all married and you are the only single girl left in your group. Don’t settle and be with someone just to make yourself feel complete – or at least that is what you want to feel.

Be in a relationshipAt the end of the day, you will feel empty and unhappy, with the possibility of ruining a potential good relationship with someone. Don’t let it happen. Be in a relationship for the right reasons and for the right goals. This will make it more meaningful and no amount of how to attract love spell can change that.

12. The Law of Attraction: Believe That You Are Capable of Loving and Being Loved

Do you know how the law of attraction works? In the words of Paulo Coelho, “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

This means if you want something, you will be able to attract it and make it happen by having the right mindset. It is about programming your mind of something you want and being passionate about it.

How is this related to love and how to attract love energy?

Make the law of attraction work by believing that you deserved to be loved and have a relationship that you desire. Still, believing and attracting positive thoughts and energy about love is not enough.

You should be able to let go of the negative thoughts and countless reasons why this won’t happen. When that happens, you will surely attract the right person and who knows, he’s somewhere waiting for the right timing.

13. Express Love in Different Ways You Can Imagine

express your loveHow do express love to your partner? Most of the time, you utter those three words, eight letters to show him that you are his and he is yours.

Nonetheless, there are many ways you can do to express your love and not just limit yourself with words. Here are other ways to express your love to your partner:

  • Write him a love letter.
  • Cook for him.
  • Compliment the way he looks or how the dark blue polo shirt looks good on him.
  • Send him random sweet messages anytime of the day.
  • Give him a massage.
  • Say thank you whenever applicable.
  • Let your partner be the boss for one day.
  • Leave tiny notes about the things you love about him in places where he can see.

There are tons of ways to show your partner about how much you love him. The key is to be creative and don’t just limit your expression of love with “I love you.”

14. Make Room for Dating and Don’t Just Come Out Running

How willing are you to meet new people and attract love? If you are unsure or half-hearted, then it is better to do this some other time and focus on rebuilding yourself first.

Similar to your career, dating is a process that requires time, effort, and hard work. When you date, there are certain activities you need to forego, which includes overtime at work or night outs with friends.

time for datingIn other words, you must make time for dating if you want to attract love and meet the man of your dreams. There is a possibility that you might be wasting time since there is no assurance in the world of dating. Nevertheless, this is a risk you must be willing to take. After all, you’ll never know when the right man will come along.

Since you are already making time and effort for your future partner, make sure you read this next tip.

15. Make Room for Your Future Partner – Literally Speaking

How does your apartment look like? If you have your stuff all over and leave little room for a possible housemate, then you might be attracting the wrong signals for love.

Following the concept of the law of attraction, one of the best ways to attract love or anything else you want to achieve in life is by creating a space for something that you wish to come. In this case, a space for your future partner.

This doesn’t mean dedicating an entire room or creating a separate cabinet for him. By making room for your partner, this means starting to sleep in one side of the bed or clearing few drawers that he can use to store his things. This shows that you are willing to take your future to the next level.

In case you are getting serious with someone, don’t scare him by telling him that your flat is ready for him. Make sure that you two are ready to move in and live together without any rush or pressure to do so.

16. The Most Important Tip to Remember when It Comes to Attracting Love

your potential partnerAll of the tips you learned above will definitely help you on how to attract love into your life. Apparently, these techniques will never be enough if you haven’t mastered this technique: be yourself.

There is a tendency to adjust yourself and do things your potential partner loves to make the relationship last longer. You might even tend to forget certain parts about yourself and personality to fit in his needs and wants in a partner.

Apparently, that’s not how relationship should go. If you want to attract the right person, then it is important that you should be yourself. The right man will love you for the right reasons if at the beginning, you showed him who you are as a person. Don’t change yourself to fit his criteria, even if it means giving up the things you love.

If he truly loves you, he should accept you for who you are and won’t pressure you to change. The same goes for you.

The Bottom Line

Have you noticed anything similar among these tips? Most of the tips center on something vital in every relationship and that is yourself.

Therefore, before you get into any relationship, it is important that you put yourself first more than anything else. Once you learned to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are, mastering these techniques on how to attract love will be easy as 1-2-3.