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What Type of Guy Do I Attract and How Do I Make Him Fall in Love?

Do you often ask yourself these questions: “What type of guy do I attract?” or “What type of guy do I like?” Women often look for the answers to such questions and wonder, “What type of guy is right for me?” There are numerous kinds of guys out there, so it is normal for women to be baffled.

Selecting the right guy for you is a demanding task, because there are so many choices these days. At times, it becomes difficult to figure out what women want in their life partners. This article will help you with your selection, because makes it easy for you to look for the type of guys that will best match your personality.

Remember: All Woman Have Different Wants

Physical beauty is the first thing that most people notice when they meet each other. In general, a man who is tall, dark, stylish and handsome, with a deep, heavy voice gets adorable glances from many women. He is a point of attraction in get-togethers and women like to flock around him. Even though physical attraction is the first and foremost criteria for many women when they are looking for their guy, they also look for the one who is intelligent.

Most women usually get away from men who are dull and don’t know how to control the situation. Such women often look for a man with a blend of both intelligence and smartness. Above and beyond, there are women who still settle for handsome and don’t care about their intelligent quotient.

Usually, all women have different wants. Here is why:

  • Some women like men who can carry out intelligent conversations and who have good etiquette.
  • Many modern women look for men that can happily help them in household chores, including cooking and cleaning.
  • There are women who just need sex, but who don’t want a commitment. This means that they usually look for short term relationships.
  • Some women prefer well-bred men who will provide them with all their needs and wants for the rest of their lives.

What Type of Guy Do I Attract: Find Out What Women Look For in a Man

smart and insanely rich“What kind of guy do I attract?” You must have had this question in your mind number of times. Read below to find out which type of guy suits your personality.

Women usually have obvious standards when it comes to guys. Some women say that the guy should be smart and insanely rich. Nobody wants a man who is a slob or a slacker. So, keep reading to learn about the top five types of guys women adore and want to start a relationship with.

The Dominant Type: Women might have grown up fawning over pictures of Prince Charming in their fairy tale books. But, in reality, as soon as they crossed the threshold of adulthood, they realized that a hypersensitive guy who sends them romantic letters every now and then wouldn’t be their soul male.
What they need is a strong, masculine and aggressive man who knows what he wants from his life and what he wants from their women. The dominant guy should be strong and would know how to take control of whatever life throws in his way.
The dominant guy won’t shy away from taking the lead in the relationship. Now, let’s be real: Which girl doesn’t like to be secure in the knowledge that her man will always be there to protect her?

The Cool Laid Back Type: No matter whether you are a part of the corporate world or happy being domesticated, a cool laid back dude is every girl’s dream When your schedules get hectic and your career gets demanding, your cool guy will come to your rescue every time.
They are smooth talkers with charming personalities, who make you fall in love with them during a brief conversation. They would show you how to loosen up and have a good time. Even when they are depressed, they manage to take their troubles in their stride with their calm composure. Don’t you wish some of his traits would rub off on you?

funny guyThe Funny Type: Think about the hilarious character of Chandler on the sitcom Friends, and you have the prototype of the funny guy. He knows how to tickle your funny bone and will teach you not to take life too seriously.
Don’t be fooled by his dazzling smile and his astounding wit. These types of guys generally hide a deep, emotional core which they only reveal to the love of their life. It is highly unlikely that you would ever catch one of these men engaging in one night stands, as they always go for committed relationships. If you are lucky enough to be their center of attention, hold on fast as this is a gem of a man.

The Smart, No Nonsense Type: If you were one of those cool girls in school, chances are you scoffed at the nerds studying in the library. But, when you become a woman and crave financial and emotional stability, the geeks are the ones you t want to seek out.
They might have been shy once upon a time but as men, they are confident and always support their conversations with facts. They are independent and intelligent and will always encourage you to be your best both emotionally and professionally. No wonder the beautiful Penny fell for the nerdy Leonard in The Big Bang Theory.

The Knight in Shining Armor Type: Every 20th century girl is a confident woman with ambitions and goals in place. But every time she enters her home, she magically transforms into a damsel in distress, looking to be saved and pampered by her knight in shining armor.
The guy who will be your true knight in shining armor will protect you, no questions asked. He has the courage to defeat all those demons which make you lie awake and night and will adore you with thoughtful gifts and sweet handwritten notes. Sex with this type is nothing like you have ever experienced: Let’s just say that it will rock your world once and for all.

A Word of Caution

sense of humorHumans are extremely complex and though the types listed above gives you the kinds of men who generally encounter in life, don’t presume that every guy you meet is going to fit into the categories perfectly. A nerdy guy might have a witty sense of humor while your knight in shining armor might also be cool and laid back. Exploring the personality of your potential love interest is probably one of the most interesting things you can do.

The moment you are able to find out which two types your guy is made of, accept him for who he is, both the plus points and the negatives and you too can have the love story they makes films about.

Now that you know how many different types of guys are out there, let’s go ahead and find out how you can make your dream guy fall in love with you.

Listen, Women: Blow Your Guy Away with Your Confidence

Gone are the days when men expected their women to hide in a corner of their homes and be happy making dinner for their families. Now men seek out partners who can stand tall accomplishing their dreams and ambitions behind them. Your family might be your lifeline, but don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone and demanding what you know is your right.

Headstrong women, who exude confidence, tend to attract similar minded souls who are content falling in love and building a home together. The relationships between two like-minded, ambitious souls are the ones which stand the test of time and create empires out of nothing.

Do you want a relationship like that too and wondering “What type of guy do you belong with?” You just have to go get it, girl.

Stop Talking and Start Listening

Stop Talking and Start ListeningThere isn’t much time to talk these days. Trying to talk late at night can make a woman feel frustrated when she realized her man has fallen off to sleep. This tendency to talk might be acceptable when you are in a long-term relationship, but when you are just beginning to date a guy, this trait is an immense turn off.

If you are in it for a casual fling, endless banter might suit your needs, but when it’s the real deal, you got to give the guy a chance to talk, too.

Keeping looks and intelligence aside, men and women alike fall heads over heels in love with someone who hears them out. No matter whether he is going on about a boring corporate acquisition at work or a deep emotional crises, just listen to him. When you will listen to him patiently, your guy will reward you a thousand times over when it really counts.

Show That Dazzling Smile

Here is a well-kept secret: Men can’t resist women who greet them with an inviting smile and those who are pleasant and never hurt anyone.

Everyone feels super stressed these days, and the last thing one would like to see when he steps into his house is a gloomy face signaling doom. Be warm in your relationship, smile and blush when he compliments you and laugh at his jokes no matter how many times you have heard them before. Always remember: Jovial, outgoing and social are the keywords here.

Make a Mark with Your Appearance

look attractive and fashionableLet’s return to the beginning of this article: Girls are attracted to guys who look attractive and fashionable. Well the story runs along the same lines for men. Since first impressions are of paramount significance, it is safe to say that you need to get your look sorted before you head out of home.

Here are some tips on how to attract your soul mate with your appearance:

Dress for the Occasion: Just as wearing a gown for a visit to the night club is over the top, similarly, your ‘devil may care attitude’ in distressed jeans and a sweater top won’t fit the bill when it comes to a formal affair. Do some research on the event you will be attending and be aware of the dress code. Don’t just go on buying designer clothes. Wear dresses that fit your body type and flatter your, figure and everything should be alright.

Wear Makeup: A natural look is in vogue these days, but even the most natural beauties resort to makeup to accentuate their best features and hide their flaws. Moisturize your skin, apply foundation that matches your skin tone, bring out the color in your eyes with eye shadow and mascara, and apply your favorite shade of lipstick. Your man wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you.

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Accessorize: The accessories make or break your look. Going to a picnic? A silver stud will suffice while a gala dinner calls for something a bit extravagant, such as chandelier earrings.

Understand and Accept Him for Who He Is

winning his loveTry to understand why he does and what he does both on a personal and professional level. Showing that you are extremely interested and invested in his life will marginally increase your chances of winning his love.

Another critical point to remember is that it is so easy to pass judgment on your loved ones, because they have given you prime access to their flaws and weaknesses. Ladies, take the high road in arguments, and refrain from using his weaknesses against him to justify your stand.

Don’t Follow the Crowd: Be Uniquely, Unabashedly Yourself

You can try to be a clone of those perfectly dressed up girls with waxed legs and manicured nails, but if it’s not an image which authentically reflects your true self, don’t bother to stick with, it just to make someone fall in love with you. Perhaps you might be the best actress in the whole wide world and pretend to be something you are not but sooner or later, he is going to see through your play acting and would hate you for it.

Here are some tips for those of you who don’t know how to be yourself yet.

  • Buy clothes that fit your personal sense of style. You don’t have to fit in the role of the dumb blonde.
  • If you are nerdy, don’t be afraid to show it. Win him over with your beauty and brains.
  • If something about him repels you, don’t just keep quiet. Confront him about it at the outset, rather than arguing about it on your fifth anniversary.
  • Do you have children of your own? Do you live with your parents? Better be upfront about it.

 fell in loveHe fell in love with you, being fully conscious about your flaws and, so did you. Don’t begin your life together with a bunch of lies, and you will be surprised at how far a bit of honesty gets you in your relationship.

Don’t get this wrong: It is vital that you pay attention to your appearance but keep in mind that these tips were all dedicated to self-grooming and not just a personality makeover. Know how to draw the line between the real you and an artificial mannequin, and he would always stick by your side.

Keeping Things Spicy, In and Outside the Bedroom

Men love women who keep things spicy and wild in the bedroom. Who needs the same old, boring missionary sex when he can get a girl who likes spice? The one who can wear costumes, strut her stuff, apply chocolate sauce on her breasts just so that he can lick it off and doesn’t even mind going kinky once in a while. The goal is to keep mixing things up, so that he never feels bored.

Are you a shy girl when it comes to all things related to sex? You can start out by investing in some relaxing, scented candles, which set the mood, or if you are an adventurous girl, you can surprise him with handcuffs and whips. It all depends on what turns him on. Insert a bit of lust into your love life, and you will never have a cheating partner or breakup on your cards.

Are you still wondering what type of guy do I attract? Read on to know this secret.

Don’t be Easy to Get: Let Him Enjoy the Thrill of the Chase

potential partnerYou have crossed the primeval age long ago, but one thing remains constant: The adrenaline rush men get every time they are seeking out a potential partner. Harsh as it may sound; girls who come along quick and easy are sent to the friend zone, while those who pose a challenge to men get invited on dates.

Are you thinking you should say no when he asks for sex tonight? Though that might work, but it’s not exactly what you should do to become irresistible for your man.

Keep reading to find ways you can get rid of that “easy to get” tag and make him pursue you:

  • Don’t agree to everything he says, but also don’t oppose everything he does. Argue only if you have a valid argument to fall back upon.
  • Be it the first date or the first kiss, don’t give in too easily. Let him work for it.
  • Bombarding him with texts every half an hour is sure to land you in a tricky position. Allow him the space to realize how much he misses you so that he can contact you on his own.
  • Don’t be possessive before he has entered into a relationship with you and preferably, not even afterwards. You are a grown woman. Now act like it.
  • Let him crave your touch. Brush your fingertips on his arms casually. Tightly squeeze his biceps when crossing the road. Such strategic touches will send his senses into overdrive.

Be Supportive and Trustworthy

Be Supportive and TrustworthyIf you thought that you always had a hard life, you can’t even imagine what the male counterparts have to go through on a daily basis. They have to deal with the pressure at their workplace, yet they come home with a smiling face, just so that you can be happy in their presence.

Since men find it hard to pour their emotions to just about anyone, they need a partner who will support them on their life’s journey and be trustworthy enough to rely upon when the going gets tough. So, stop going through what type of guy do I attract tests and quizzes as a ploy to attracting a lover right now. Be supportive and trustworthy and your man will take care of the rest.

Hopefully, by the time you reached the end of this article, you must have found the answers to your question, “What type of guy do I attract?” This article lists the kind of men you will come across in the world, along with useful tips on how to attract your dream guy and make him fall in love with you. What are you waiting for? Your Prince Charming is waiting just around the corner.