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You, Only Better: How to Increase Breast Size by Massage in 17 Steps

sizeAre you unhappy with the way your breasts look? You might be surprised to learn that 90 percent of women answer “yes” to this question. Most of them worry about the size and others cry over the shape.

Your breasts are the mirror of the defining moments in your life. Pregnancy, significant weight loss, menopause – all these factors cause the breasts to lose their perky upright shape and blatantly sag or shrink. Surgery can be a way out, but how many women are actually brave enough to do it, especially knowing the possible side effects?

That’s why they turn to less invasive solutions and learn how to increase breast size by massage. Learn how to do breast massage the right way.

1. Learn the Benefits of Breast Massage

Does the act of doing breast massage really work? It sounds strange, to say the least. Massaging breasts might seem like a fun foreplay exercise, but how can it enhance their size? Breast massage began as an ancient Taoist practice called “female deer exercise.”

While ancient women probably had no idea why the massage worked, modern scientists suggest that the reason is the increased blood flow to the breasts that stimulates the production of hormone called prolactin. This is the hormone our bodies produce when we are pregnant and breastfeed children.

There is also a theory that breast enhancement massage reduces the amount of blood lost during menstruation; however, there is no scientific proof yet.

Breast massage triggers the release of oxytocin. This hormone helps prevent breast cancer, alleviate the symptoms of PMS and stop cyst formation. The massage keeps the tissues of your bust detoxified and oxygenated.

2. Give It Time

How fast will breast massage work?How fast will breast massage work? This is the most important question every woman asks when it comes to breast massage. Some sources say that it will take just a couple of days, others report that it can take months.

It all depends on how religiously you approach this exercise. If you follow the instructions correctly and don’t skip and sessions, you will most likely start noticing the results in about two weeks. Most women see improvement after about a month of daily breast massage.

Breast massage is not a quick fix for your bust size problem. You will need to spend a significant amount of time each day, doing the massage. The best results are reached by women who spend at least 15 minutes in the morning and in the evening performing the procedure.

Remember, you will need to do it every day even after you get the desired result. Breast massage works only while you are doing it. Once you stop, your breasts will go back to the previous size in just a couple of weeks.

3. How to Increase Breast Size by Massage: Quick and Easy Tips

Before you start doing the massage, take a look at these quick tips that will help you get the most effect out of the procedure.

  • Start with five minutes of massage. If five minutes seems too much at first, you can do two. Less time will not have any effect. Five minutes is about 300 rotations.
  • The best results are reached if you massage your breasts for more than 10 minutes.
  • ProlactinMassage must be done at least two times a day
  • Try not to skip more than one session. The more you skip, the worse the result will be.
  • Prolactin is mostly active at night, so one of your massage sessions must be done before going to sleep.
  • Use cream or oil to do the massage; otherwise, it might be painful.
  • Don’t apply too much pressure on your breasts. If the massage hurts, you are not doing it right and it can have unfortunate consequences unless you are using a breast slapping technique.
  • Use the palms, not the fingertips. Larger surfaces do a better job draining the toxins from your system.
  • Don’t forget the area underneath your breasts and under your arms. Massaging these places will promote better blood circulation.
  • Always massage inwards.
  • Don’t touch your nipples while doing the massage.
  • Use different massage techniques throughout the day.

4. Warm Up Your Hands

Massaging your breast with cold hands can be unpleasant. So if you are planning to use a cream or an oil, squeeze it onto your palm and rub your hands together for a few seconds. Don’t overdo it, or the oil will be absorbed by your skin. After the hands are warmed up, you can go on to enjoying the procedure.

5. Find a Relaxing Pose

musicWhile 10 minutes of massage might not seem like too much at first, but when you start doing it, you’ll realize that time is going by slowly. Find a relaxing pose that will help you get through the massage without feeling stiff and uncomfortable.

Once you get good at the massaging technique and start doing it intuitively, you can do it in front of the TV. While you are just learning, consider listening to calming music that will help you relax.

6. Ask for Help

ask for helpBreast massage can become a fun process when you ask your partner to do it. Most likely it will turn into something more serious, but why not? Why spend a boring 10 minutes massaging your breasts when you can make it enjoyable?

Massaging breasts before and after sexual intercourse is a great way to boost the production of estrogen – the female hormone that plays an important role in the breast growth process. That’s why don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your partner will enjoy it, too.

7. Choose the Right Massage Oil or Cream

creamUsing oil or cream for breast massage is optional but recommended. Rubbing your skin without using a lubricant can be rather painful and won’t allow you to do the massage for as long as you’d like.

Choosing the right massage oil is easy. Natural massage oils are available over the counter. Consider purchasing almond, avocado or borage oil. You can also go for shea butter and vitamin E oil. Make sure not to overuse the oil when applying it to your breasts. It’s hard to do a proper massage on a slippery skin. Apply just enough to avoid soreness.

There are also special creams that can help you on your way to breast enhancement. Using them while doing a massage is your best bet. Consider such breast enlargement creams as:

  • Total Curve –Natural lifting and firming gel with Volufiline™ that helps fatty tissues in your breasts to grow.
  • Natural – Natural cream stimulates the same natural growth process you go through during puberty and pregnancy.
  • Breast Actives – Cream that firms, tightens and softens skin on your breasts and promotes natural growth.

8. Try Reiki Breast Massage

Photo by queeselreiki / CC BY-SA

There are several massaging techniques that can help you enlarge breast size. One of them is Reiki. Reiki means spiritual life energy in Japanese. The massage will stimulate the blood flow to your breasts and help increase the size. Many women use this massage to improve the shape of their breasts as well.

  • Find the most comfortable position to start the massage. If you feel better sitting down, then take a seat, since your legs might get tired.
  • Place your palms on your breasts.
  • Start rubbing each breast with a circular motion. Your right hand will be going clockwise and your left hand will go counterclockwise.
  • While doing the inward motions, press downward on your breasts.
  • Set your breasts in motion. They should be rotated themselves instead of just being rubbed by your hands.
  • Make sure both breasts are rotated simultaneously
  • Do at least 300 rotations to get the effect. You can do less the first couple of times as practice. You won’t get any results but your arms will get the training they need for the next sessions.

9. Take Advantage of Feng Shui Breast Massage

Feng ShuiFeng Shui breast massage focuses on circulating the energy through your breasts and the rest of the body. The result should follow in about two to three weeks.

  • Make fists with each hand and place one on each breast. Make circular motions with your knuckles. Repeat the motion 20 to 30 times.
  • Grab each breast and then slap it lightly. Repeat this sequence 50 times.
  • Claw each breast with both hands from the outside and toward the nipple. Repeat the motion 20 times for each breast.
  • Squeeze each breast about 10 times.
  • Support one breast with your left hand and do circular massage of the top part with your right hand. Repeat 20 times for each breast.
  • Feng Shui massage has to be done for at least five minutes for each breast.

10. Practice Chi Massage

Chi massage will help enhance breast size only if you do it for 15 minutes twice a day. It’s the most popular and simple breast massaging technique.

  • washingMake sure your hands are warm by washing them in warm water or rubbing them together. Heat is essential for improving the blood flow circulation.
  • Place one palm on each breast and cup it gently.
  • Make sure you are not touching the nipple. It should be placed between your fingers.
  • Move your fingertips in a circular motion.
  • Don’t forget that you should be massaging inwards.
  • Do at least 300 rotations to get the desired effect.

11. Learn About Lymph Draining Massage

Lymph draining massage first appeared in Germany. It was used to treat lymphedema. If the lymph nodes are properly massaged, they don’t block the flow of hormones, including those that stimulate breast growth. There is also a theory that the proper lymph draining massage can prevent breast cancer.

The main technique is to rub your breasts in the direction of the lymph nodes. The direction is from the nipple outwards. Getting the massage right is the key to the result. That’s why it will be useful to watch a video to understand the technique better.

12. Enjoy the Ancient Breast Slapping Technique

squeezesThis massage was first introduced by a Thai therapist Khemmikka Na Songkhla. She helped many women increase their breasts and buttocks. The beautician learned this technique from her grandmother and increased her own breast size by four inches.

This massage can be painful. Slaps, squeezes and pinches are hurtful but in the end you can get an impressive result. In 2003 the technique was officially approved in Thailand and became one of the best alternatives to the breast enlargement surgery.

The technique works by gathering the fat around the breasts and guiding it by careful slaps to the breast area. This massage needs to be done by a professional. Learning how to do it on your own is rather problematic. Right now it’s only available in Thailand so if you are planning to visit, don’t miss the opportunity to try it.

13. Benefit from Chiyomilk’s Fat Brushing Massage

Chiyomilk is a Japanese woman who became famous all over the internet by increasing her breast size naturally from B to E in three years. One of the breast enlarging techniques she used was the fat brushing massage. It works much like the breast slapping technique does by directing fat from the body to the breast area.

No matter how fit your body is, there is still some fat to push around. You need to push the fat from your arms, back and stomach in the direction of your breasts. Pick the fat up with your hands and physically move it toward the chest area. The hands have to be tense and the procedure might be a little painful.

You can get a good idea of what needs to be done by watching a video.

14. Visually Increase Your Breast Size

While you are waiting for the massage to start working, you can use a few simple tricks to make your breasts appear bigger. Here are some of them:

  • braPush-Up Bra: Finding a perfect push-up bra is harder than you think. Forget about ordering it online. Spend some time going through the variety of bras available at the shops to get the one that makes your breasts look their fullest. Ask for a “maximizer” bra. A good bra will not only lift up your breasts and make them appear larger, it will also make you will comfortable.
  • Makeup: The right makeup can make your breasts appear larger in a matter of minutes. Do some contouring on your boobs, too. Brush a bit of bronzer on the sides of each breast and apply some shimmer on top or in the middle. By creating contrast, the makeup will make your breasts look rounder and firmer. Make sure not to overdo the bronzer or the effect won’t be subtle.
  • Square Your Shoulders: Maintaining a good posture is imperative to making your breasts appear larger. Stand in front of the mirror and practice this trick. First, strike a relaxing pose that you are used to. Then square your shoulders and lift your chin. See how your breasts perk up? Try to maintain a good posture throughout the day.
  • clothingShow Some Skin: Don’t hide your cleavage under turtlenecks. A well-chosen t-shirt will outline the firmness and fullness of your breast. Spend some time choosing the right clothing to help your breasts look their best. Avoid V-neck shirts and dresses since they accentuate the small size of your boobs.
  • Get the Wrong Bra Size: Sounds strange? Give it a try. Get a bra with a shorter strap but a larger cup than you usually do. For example, if you always wear 34B, try to get 32C. This trick will pushyour breasts up and make them appear larger.
  • Two Bra Tricks: Use the two bra tricks. Sew the cups close together. It will push your breasts closer to each other and make them appear fuller. Criss-cross the back straps. This trick will cause a great push-up effect.

15. Eat Breast-Enhancing Foods

Another trick that will help increase your breast size, while you are doing the massage, is eating the right food. There are several natural foods that can do wonders to the way your bust looks, if consumed on a regular basis.

So next time you go to the store, stock up on the following yummies:

  • ChickpeasChicken
  • Chickpeas
  • Beans
  • Apples
  • Plums
  • Cherries
  • Cucumber
  • Beets
  • Fenugreek
  • Walnuts
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Red and green peppers
  • Clover

Losing weight will make your breasts shrink together with the rest of your body so when you are growing your boobs, forget about strict diets.

16. Do Exercises for Breast Enlargement

Since losing weight is not recommended for breast enhancement but you still want to look fit and beautiful, there are special exercises that will make your breasts grow.

  • Wall Push Ups: Wall push-ups will help the muscles around your chest grow and visually increase the size of your breasts. This is the easiest exercise that can be done at home. The concept is the same as for regular push-ups. Stand near a wall at an arm’s length and proceed to do the push-ups as you know them. Start with 10 push-ups and add one every day.
  • Chest Dips: This exercise will also help you develop chest muscles while working on your triceps. Squat down on the floor. Your knees should be pointed up and palms set on the floor behind you. Bend your elbows and lower your body down but don’t touch the ground. Push your body up again and repeat. Starts with 10 dips and add one every other day.
  • weightsLifting Weights While on Your Back: Lie down on your back on the floor or a low bench. Spread your hands to the sides. Take a weight of about five pounds into each hand. Keeping your elbows slightly bent, lift both of your hands up, so the weights meet each other in the air. Repeat five times and add one every day.
  • Lifting Weights While Standing Up: Stand up straight and bend your knees just a little. Your hands are hanging at your sides Take a 5 lbs. weight into each hand. Lift your hands so the weight meets your shoulders. Count to 5 and then lower the weights. Repeat 10 times and add one every day.
  • Arm Rotations: While standing up, stretch your arms to the sides and simply rotate them simultaneously. Start with 50 rotations and add two every day.
  • Palm Pushing: Stand up and bring your hands together in a prayer-like arrangement. Your elbows should be parallel to the floor and your palms should be touching each other. Push the lower parts of your palms hard against each other.

You should feel the muscles around your chest contracting. Keep the palms pressed for 10 seconds and then relax. Repeat 10 times a day. This is a great exercise that can be done while you are sitting. So you can easily do it on a lunch break.

17. Don’t Give Up

There is no natural quick fix for making your breasts big and beautiful. It will take plenty of work and you must be ready for it. The results will take some time to become obvious. Don’t look for signs of breast enlargement earlier than one month after you start breast massage and special exercises.

It’s hard to see your breasts growing when you look at it in the mirror every day. In order to track the progress, make a “before” picture and keep taking photos each month. You will definitely see the results.

Knowing how to increase breast size by massage, food and exercises is only the first step. The key to getting a big and beautiful breast is following the routine. If you skip your massages too often, no results will follow. Prepare yourself for a long road to the most beautiful bust. You can get through it easier than you think.