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How to Buy Pheromones for Women That Really Work Magic on Men

When you were younger, you thought that the best ways to attract men is to dress nicely and appropriately, look presentable, and to be nice. These characteristics still hold true as you get older; however, you may have realized there are a few other factors that could contribute to attraction. One of them is pheromones for women.

A lot has been said about pheromones, even though some people are unsure whether they exist or not. Regardless of whether or not you are a believer; it can’t hurt if you explore this side of attraction to see how it works.

Here are facts and female pheromones scents you can try that may work magic on men:

1. Getting Up Close and Personal with Pheromones

mothsSometime in 1953, experts discovered that female moths secrete bombykol, a substance designed to attract male moths. They also found out it can travel in enormous distances even at low concentrations. In fact, pheromones can trigger the following behaviors:

  • To follow a food trail.
  • As an alarm signal.
  • Form of bonding between mother and baby.
  • Triggering sexual arousal.
  • A reminder to respect a territory.
  • A type of warning to back off.
  • To inform female insects to lay their eggs somewhere else.

Since then, the search for human pheromones is on, with some saying that pheromones in humans don’t exist. Researchers from the University of Chicago coined the “McClintock effect,” which links the synchronization of menstrual cycles of women to unconscious odor cues.

Whether or not you are believer, read through the following sections to find out how pheromones can work for you and get to know the different scents you can try that work magic on men.

2. The Essence of Pheromones in Attracting Your Dream Guy

debateA lot of debate and controversy are surrounding the world of pheromones. While there are non-believers, many experts still believe that pheromones can induce activity from the recipient, usually sexual arousal.

Unlike the ingredients in breast enhancement cream, such as Total Curve with proven benefits, not much has been researched on about the pheromones that actually work. Nonetheless, there are still few with positive feedback from users.

Here are some of the female pheromones your chosen product should have:

  • Aldostrenol – This female hormone exudes the aura of being friendly, which men find attractive.
  • Copulin – These are fatty acids that naturally occur in your vaginal secretions and are more pungent when you are ovulating.

Does your chosen pheromone scent have at least one of these?

3. Tips in Buying Pheromones that Will Work Magic on Men

Don’t be fooled. There are tons of pheromone products for ladies that give promises such as making you more sexually appealing to attracting the man of your dreams in an instant. As enticing as it sounds, there are tons of products that will only waste your money and not provide the results you wanted.

Don’t worry. Here are tips to help you find the best pheromones for you:

  • If you are trying a product for the first time, make sure you ask samples first so you can test the product.
  • Always go for human pheromones with money back guarantee. This way, you can get your money back in case a particular product didn’t work. At the same time, the guarantee acts as an assurance that the product works and the company is willing to stand by its product.
  • Make sure that your pheromone scent has at least 0.015 percent pheromone concentration.
  • Use a scent that will suit your style.
  • Make it a habit to read customer reviews before buying anything.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to find out what are your available pheromone options to help you in attracting men. Check out the succeeding sections to get to know the different and the best pheromone solutions worth trying.

4. Attract Men with the Help of Human Euphoria Perfume

Go to GoogleHere’s a simple task for you. Go to Google and type pheromones for women. Surely, you will find many products that help you become more attractive in men.

If you are looking for a good place to start, try Human Euphoria Perfume.

Human Euphoria Pheromone Perfume is a fresh out of the box new formula packed with human sex pheromones that were designed to captivate men. It is also a natural aphrodisiac that contains essential oils mixed in a proprietary blend to up your game in the dating field.

When applied on your clothing, this product could build up your confidence, increase your sexual desire, and trigger sexual responses from men. If you are not happy with the results, this product comes with 60 days money back guarantee, which means you can get your money if you are not happy with the results.

Don’t worry too much about the price. Each bottle will cost you less than $30, and if you buy six, you get a free bottle plus bonus gifts as well.

This is just the beginning. There are more pheromone products for woman that you can try, plus tips and techniques on how to make this more effective.

5. Essence of a Woman: Another Female Pheromones Product that Delivers

Essence of a WomanYou know that one of the essential pheromones in attracting men is copulin. When it comes to products with this pheromone ingredient, Essence of a Woman surely won’t fail you.

Essence of a Woman or EOW contains copulin, one of the most powerful and most intense sex pheromone available. It helps you attract men to make you look more approachable and desirable. All you need is just one drop and the results are great.

Here’s one issue about Essence of a Woman: the smell. The odor is something that can tick you off, which is why it is important to mask it with your favorite cologne or perfume. Just wait for 30 minutes and allow the product to dry up before you apply a perfume to cover the odor.

In case you are wondering about the price, this one costs $29.95 per bottle, which lasts longer compared to other pheromone products. After all, all you need is just one drop.

6. Give the Gift of Love and Attraction with the Help of Scent of Eros

ErosIn Greek mythology, Eros is the god of love, being the son of Aphrodite and either Hermes or Ares. He is also considered as a primordial God who blessed the union of Uranus and Gaia, which led to the existence of universe.

Similar to Eros, the Scent of Eros can also help you, at least in the union, love, and attraction department. This pheromone product is also known as the social icebreaker pheromone product because it helps the people around you feel relaxed, friendly, and at ease.

Apparently, Scent of Eros is designed specially for men. It contains androstenol and androsterone, which leads to positive changes in women’s hormones and mood. It also gives men a pleasant and musky scent while promoting a masculine appeal.

If you want to look more approachable and make you look more trusting in the eyes of men, you can give this product a try. Nonetheless, there are other pheromones for women, which you will learn in the succeeding sections.

7. Say Yes to Pherazone for Women and Let It Work Its Magic on Men

Say YesThankfully, the manufacturers of Pherazone realized that women need pheromones too. In that case, say hello to Pherazone for Women that provides the same benefits and positive effects.

Pherazone for Women contains 18 milligrams of pheromones, which is the second highest concentrated female pheromone in the market. It also contains copulin and androstenone, thereby making it among the most effective products. The smell of this product is great, as well since it is able to strike a balance between a desirable scent and a generous amount of pheromone concentration.

Here’s another good reason why this is worth trying: once sprayed, the effects may give you up to six hours duration. Pherazone for Women is also among the most stable perfumes available in the market.

Here’s the catch: Pherazone can be heavy on the budget. A single bottle costs almost $100, which is also the most expensive in the market. Nevertheless, Pherazone for Women is among, if not the most effective female pheromone products worth trying.

8. Primal Instinct: Pheromone Scent that Works Like Magic

Works Like MagicAt this point, you already have a pheromone scent in mind and may not wish to try something else. Why should you still consider Primal Instinct?

It comes with established pheromones such as aldostrenol and aldostrenone.

One of the many things Primal Instinct is proud of are the pheromones it contains, which makes the product more effective. Aldostrenol is a female pheromone that exudes the “friendliness” aura. On the other hand, aldostrenone is a male pheromone that evokes a masculine feel on the wearer.

The good thing about this pheromone is that it is available for you and your man, and ensures that you increase attraction and attention from the opposite sex. The issue with this is that there are limited studies surrounding these two pheromones. The product can be a bit pricey too, charging you with $59.95 per bottle.

9. Give Liquid Trust a Try and See If It Will Work for You

optionsLet’s say you haven’t found the perfect pheromone scent for you. Don’t worry. There are still more options available you can try.

In that case, try Liquid Trust.

Liquid Trust is a type of pheromone spray specifically designed to trigger the feelings of trust from the people you interact with. Sold by Vero Labs, this product is highly recommended in situations where you want to form a bond of trust with someone in a personal, social, or professional setting.

There is also an enhanced version called Enhanced Liquid Trust, which uses oxytocin together with the other pheromones such as androsterone and androstenone.

Is this worth it?

The issue here is the price. Some users find the product expensive for the size of the bottle. Nonetheless, Liquid Trust is odorless, easy to apply, and can be combined with your preferred perfume. In case you are not happy, there is 60-day, 100 percent money back guarantee, which is a good sign.

10. Boost Your Chances of Attracting Men with IR Colognes

Attracting MenApparently, not all men are breasts guys. Even if you use Total Curve to enhance the size of your bust, your scent also plays an important role in attracting men.

If you want to increase your chances in the dating world, try the Intimate Fragrance Collection for Women. It is a set of affordable pheromones for women that is strong enough to provide the benefits you wanted yet light enough that won’t overpower your natural scent.

There are three fragrances to choose from:

  • Seduce: Has a light and spicy smell.
  • Breathless: For a nice, fresh scent.
  • Sapphire: To give out a clean and aquatic fragrance.

Do you want to know the best part? The set only costs around $20. This is a good deal, since you are getting two at an affordable price. You can even use the money you saved on other equally important things, say breast enhancement pills from Total Curve, perhaps?

11. Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate: One of the Best Smelling Pheromones You Will Ever Meet

One of the BestThere are three kinds of pheromones, including:

  • Odorless
  • Scented
  • Musky

Among the three, you will surely go for either scented so you can combine it with your favorite perfume; or scented. When it comes to the best-smelling pheromones, this one is worth trying: Androstenone Pheromone Concentrate or APC.

APC is one of the best smelling pheromones and among the best pheromone additive for mixing with other types of pheromones. When used, this product has synergistic and positive effects, especially when combined with other pheromones.

Apparently, you need to mix it with other pheromone products since APC doesn’t contain much androstenone. Otherwise, the results may not be as effective as you want it to be. Still, this product will help you improve your confidence and you may not notice, you are already attracting the man of your dreams.

12. What You Need to Know about the Mistress – and Master Liquid Pheromones

where you apply the pheromone cologneYou know that where you apply the pheromone cologne is crucial in the effectiveness of the product. Apart from the obvious pulse points like chest, neck, and wrists, did you know that you could also apply pheromones on your upper lip?

This is what the Master and Mistress Liquid Pheromones is all about, also his and hers pheromones.

Mistress Liquid Pheromones uses a blend of human-derived pheromones and combined with ginseng and ylang-ylang for added benefits. At first, it comes with a sweet smell, but eventually, it the scent will disappear quickly, thereby leaving you with a slight fragrance. This leaves you with a light and airy feeling.

The Mistress Liquid Pheromones comes with a roll-on glass applicator to make it easier for you to apply on your skin.

Is it effective? The answer is yes. It makes you feel sexy and confident, which could translate both in and out of the bedroom. After all, how you can be and feel sexy for someone if you don’t feel that way?

13. Give It a Chance and Try Max Attraction Silk to Attract the Guy

chanceThere are many pheromone products circulating in the market that promise to deliver results. Unfortunately, only a few live up to its promise. One of them is Max Attraction Silk.

What can this product offer for you?

Max Attraction Silk is a pheromone perfume that can help you strengthen your communication bond with the man of your dreams. The good thing about this product is that there is a perfect balance between perfume fragrance and pheromone content that is not overpowering. It also has the highest concentration of female pheromones with 28 milligrams of human copulins and 21 milligrams of human pheromones.

What about the duration? Some users say that it could last up to six hours, although four hours is more realistic. At the same time, the duration will depend on your sweat levels, which means the lesser you sweat, the longer it will last.

If you’re worried about the price, this one is on the pricey side, costing you approximately $70. Don’t worry, because the effects are promising and could be beneficial to you.

Don’t be too complacent. Even if you found the right tool for you, you need to watch out for certain situations that will render the pheromone cologne ineffective. The next section will tell you more about it.

14. Watch Out for Pheromone Buildup – Plus Tips on How to Avoid It

Watch OutHere’s the truth about pheromones: there is no assurance that it will work on your skin for as long as you want. There are people with active bacteria on their skin that either attracts or makes pheromones useless. At the same time, there is a condition called pheromone buildup and it is something you need to avoid.

What does pheromone buildup mean?

Pheromone development happens when your skin retains an excessive amount of pheromone substance over a prolonged period, and it starts to affect the reactions in a not-so-good way. When this happens, you start to experience any of the following:

  • Initial good reactions then a significant drop on the scent’s effectiveness over a period of time.
  • Heavy application of pheromone scents leads to minimal reaction.
  • During the days when you don’t apply, you notice that pheromones are more effective.

You can reverse this and prevent the possible buildup of pheromones. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Apply the pheromone cologne on your clothes and not on your skin.
  • Make it a habit to wash the application points in your body.
  • Try applying the pheromone scent on your sheets and pillows in case pheromone buildup often happens.
  • Wash your clothes thoroughly to diminish the effects of pheromones.

Apart from watching out for pheromone buildup, read the next section to know more tips on how to make pheromones more effective.

15. A Few Guidelines to Remember to Make Pheromones for Women Work for You

RememberFinally, you found the best pheromone for you. Don’t stop there. Even the best scents for females may not work if you weren’t able to apply it correctly.

Don’t worry. Here are application tips and tricks you need to remember to make sure female pheromones will give you the results you wanted:

  • Pheromones must be sprayed and never ingested.
  • Try small amounts at first, and then slowly increase the application in case you are not satisfied with the results after a week or two.
  • Always read the label and follow the instructions or special applications written in it.
  • Use pheromone products that enhance your attractiveness to men.
  • Consider the situation when you will use pheromones. If you want to improve business or casual situations, choose a product with both male and female pheromones. Otherwise, use products that can attract men.
  • Apply the pheromone scent on your clothing and not in your skin.
  • Should you wish to apply the product on your skin, make sure you do so in pulse points such as neck, wrists, and chest.

Aside from these tips, remember this: pheromones can get you noticed and provide amazing results, especially in the dating world. Still, don’t limit yourself to just pheromones. Consider pheromones for women as your wingman, but if you want him to notice you, then make eye contact, smile, and be friendly and approachable. Confidence is key, so make sure you wear your hat all the time.