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What to Look for in a Boob Cream That’ll Give You Maximum Results

A woman’s breasts can be divided into two categories: big or small. Despite the availability of different bra sizes, in the eyes of men, they are either big or small, and nothing else. Couple this with Hollywood actresses who are well-endowed, and you might find your self-esteem going down the drain, even if your size is perfectly normal.

If you would like fuller, healthier breasts, don’t worry. This is why products like breast creams are available to help you address any boobie-issues. Take note of these 15 tips and techniques to make sure you get the best boob cream in the market – and get the results you always wanted:

1. Breast Enhancement Made Simple: All About Using a Boob Cream

Here’s a simple challenge: go to Google and type “breast enhancement” in the search bar. What do you see?

Surely, the landing page will give you tons of products and techniques that promise to make your breasts bigger and perkier. One of the popular breast enhancement ways is the use of breast creams.

What are these products, anyway?

Breast cream is a kind of breast enhancement product that helps add a few centimeters on your breast size. It contains natural ingredients that effectively stimulate your breast tissues to encourage breast growth. This is because once you apply it on your skin, it will be directly absorbed into your blood stream then your breast tissues.

What type of ingredients do breast enhancement creams contain? Read the next section to find out.

2. It Boils Down to Ingredients: The Must-Haves in Every Breast Cream

Apparently, boob creams are only as good as the ingredients that make them up. This is why it is important to choose enhancement products with tried and tested ingredients to make sure that you will achieve desired results without compromising your health.

fennel seeds
Photo by jeeheon / CC BY

These ingredients that stimulate breast growth include:

  • Fenugreek
  • Damiana leaf
  • Fennel seeds
  • Saw palmetto
  • Dandelion root
  • Dong quai root
  • Blessed thistle

These ingredients offer estrogen-like effects that boost estrogen levels in your body. This hormone is essential in breast growth, which means the more estrogen you have in your body, the higher your chances of developing bigger breasts.

If you want a product that contains all of these ingredients, then try Total Curve. It is packed with these boob-enhancing ingredients that may help boost your size in the most natural way possible.

3. The Importance of Herbs in Boob Enhancing Creams

Here is another task: when looking for breast enhancement creams, find something in common among the products you are eyeing for. If you notice, most breast creams contain herbs.

What’s the reason behind this?

There are herbs, such as the ones enumerated above that are known for their breast enhancing properties. In fact, ancient civilization has used these herbs for variety of reasons, one of which is to enhance their breast size.

Aside from the estrogen-like effects, these herbs can do the following for your breasts:

  • palmettoStimulate the production of prolactin, a type of hormone that helps in breast development.
  • Herbs like saw palmetto block certain unnecessary enzymes that result in breast growth as a side effect.
  • Some herbs contain diosgenin, a type of fat with similar molecular structure with progesterone that also stimulates fat tissues to increase your breast size.
  • There are herbs like fennel seeds that contain flavonoids, a substance with estrogenic properties and also help in growing breast tissues.
  • Phytoestrogens found in herbs help in breast growth, thereby adding a few centimeters in your size in the safest manner possible.

In other words, herbs play a crucial role, whether your chosen boob cream is a hit or miss. In relation to ingredients, your chosen cream should also have this next crucial ingredient.

4. Volufiline: A Must-Have Ingredient in Breast Enhancement Cream

Natural herbs and ingredients won’t fail you when it comes to increasing your cup size. Aside from the herbs, here is another ingredient you should look for in your boob cream: Volufiline.

Volufiline is derived from Zhu Mu, a Chinese herb that is clinically proven to increase your breast size. Once applied on the area, Volufiline works by remodeling and enhancing the curves of your body and increases the production of fats in the breast area to make your twin mountains look bigger and perkier.

enhance your breastsAside from this, Volufiline stimulates the growth of your breasts’ adipose tissues to naturally enhance your breasts.

Apart from the herbs and natural ingredients, make sure that your chosen breast cream contains this crucial ingredient too. This will help in giving you maximum results you always wanted.

This is just the beginning. Keep reading to learn more about breast creams and find out how to make them even more effective.

5. Say Yes to Breast Creams: Top Reasons Why You Should Add a Bust Cream in Your Daily Routine

There are many techniques available that could help in boosting your cup size. If you want faster results, you can always go for breast augmentation surgery, which has been the top cosmetic surgical procedure since 2014. Why should you go for breast creams?

Breast creams are a good option for women because they are:

  • Made of natural herbs and ingredients that boost breast size.
  • An affordable way to increase your cup size.
  • boost breast sizeEasily absorbed by your skin to stimulate breast tissues to add extra centimeters in your breasts.
  • An option with fewer to no side effects.
  • A safer and more effective compared to other breast enhancement techniques.
  • Easy to use and apply on your skin.
  • A breast enhancing technique that comes with fewer complications.

The results may take some time, but with these benefits, how can you say no?

6. Take It Easy: The Not-So-Good Side of Using Breast Enhancement Creams

Despite the breast cream’s good intentions, there is still a possibility that it will fail you or make you experience unwanted side effects. Below are the common side effects associated with boob cream use:

  • Redness
  • Burning
  • Irritation
  • Skin allergies
skin allergies
Photo by BruceBlaus / CC BY

If you have experienced any of these side effects, discontinue the use immediately and look for another product. You should also do a skin test on the underside of your wrist or hand. Just apply a small amount and wait at least 24 hours to see if there is a reaction. If there is, do not use the product. If you know you have skin allergies, call your doctor to make sure the ingredients in your chosen cream are safe for you to use.

Aside from these side effects, there is a

possibility that your top choice for bust cream won’t work well on your skin and may not produce astounding results. Also, breast creams may have a hard time working alone, and some will need support from other enhancement techniques, which you will learn more about in the succeeding sections.

7. Make the Most Out of the Cream with Smart Application Techniques

You finally found your breast cream, but believe it or not, you are just playing half of the game. Breast creams may be as good as their ingredients, but how you use and apply them to your skin also matters.

Here’s how to use breast enhancement cream that will surely give you maximum results:

  • cream in your palmPut a liberal amount of breast cream in your palm.
  • Apply the cream on your breasts and make sure that the entire area is covered with cream.
  • Gently massage the area, starting from your nipples then go outward in circular motion.
  • Let the cream stay on your skin for a few minutes to allow your breasts to absorb its enhancing properties.

Now that you came across the concept of breast massage, check out the next section to learn about the proper techniques when massaging your breasts.

8. The Importance of Breast Massage in Enhancing Your Bust Size

It sounds simple: massage the cream on your breast area everyday to enjoy its enhancing properties. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it seems.

The truth is, breast massage is crucial in making boob cream work. This is because your breasts are made of adipose fats and fatty tissues that are responsive enough when stimulated properly. Through breast massage, you will be able to stimulate and support the breast tissues and lymph circulation to encourage growth and firmness.

How do you do this? Just follow these simple steps:

  • breast massageApply breast enhancement cream on your breasts to minimize discomfort brought by friction.
  • Using firm pressure from your hands, start massaging from the center of your breasts then slowly go outward. Make sure to follow the contours of your breasts as your guide. Do this 20 times for each breast.
  • In alternating hand movements, sweep from the underarms then go upward and inward towards the front area of your breasts. Do this 20 times as well for each breast.
  • Use your hands to cup and lift your breasts 20 times. You can either do it per breast or both breasts at the same time.

Ensuring proper breast massage techniques will benefit you a lot and make sure that you will get the results you’ve always wanted.

9. Breast Enhancement Pills: A Boob Cream’s Partner in Crime

Breast enhancement creams can work on its own, but if you want an extra boost, here is something you should look for: it should have a partner pill.

What does this mean?

Breast creams are absorbed directly through your skin to directly stimulate the breast tissues. pillsApparently, this means working from the outside. You also need an enhancement product that works from the inside to make breast enhancement easier and more effective.
This is where breast enhancement pills come in. Pills work from the inside of your body to stimulate both your breast tissues and hormones necessary to make your breast bigger. On its own, pills can also make your breasts bigger, but if you want an extra boost, you can combine this with creams or other breast enhancement techniques.

For best results, creams and pills work and go well together, just like salt and pepper.

10. Add Bust-Enhancing Routines to Give Your Breasts a Boost

Here is another technique that will surely make your breasts perkier: breast exercise. Yes, you read that right. Your breasts deserve a workout too, especially if you want them to look fuller and bigger.

The truth is, there are exercises that target your chest to help you build your pectoral muscles. At the same time, these exercises work on your glandular and fat tissues to help make your breasts firmer and perkier, which also lead to toned breasts.

Here are workout routines you should include in your list:

  • Chest Dips – This routine is focused on your chest muscles and triceps. To do this routine, sit on a stable chair or on the edge of the bed, with your hands planted firmly. Lower yourself down while bending your elbows until your buttocks is almost kissing the floor. Push yourself back up to your original position.
  • workoutDumbbell Fly – This workout also focuses on your pectoral muscles to make your breasts firm. In this routine, stand straight with your feet apart and each hand holding a dumbbell. Stretch your arms until it is parallel with the floor. Then, lift the dumbbells above your head and hold it for three seconds before returning to your original position.
  • Push Ups – This is the most basic and traditional way to build muscles. To do this, bring yourself to a planking position, but with your palms planted firmly on the floor. Lower yourself until your elbows form 90 degrees. Push yourself back up.
  • Elevated Push Up – If you want an extra challenge, then this routine is for you. Instead of your feet resting on the floor, elevate your legs using a giant ball or placing it on the edge of the sofa while your palms are still planted firmly on the floor. Lower yourself with the help of your elbows. Push yourself back up to your original position.

Make sure to do eight to 12 repetitions per set. So far, what’s your favorite?

11. More Tricks and Techniques to Maximize Your Breast Cream

Aside from exercise, massage, and pills, here are more doable techniques to enhance the use of breast creams:

  • Eat healthy, particularly estrogen- and phytoestrogen-rich foods like kidney beans, winter squash, flaxseed, and green tea.
  • wear a braSit and stand straight at all times.
  • Wear clothes that emphasize your breasts.
  • Consider breast contouring for a quick solution to bigger breasts.
  • Make sure to wear a bra that fits you perfectly.
  • Try padded or pushup bra to make your breasts look bigger and perkier.

12. Consistency is Key: Why Applying Boob Cream is a Daily Habit

You know what you need to look for and how it works to make breast enhancement creams more effective. Still, there is one thing you need to remember to ensure your preferred methods work: consistency.

In whatever you do and if you want to achieve the best results, nothing beats consistency. This is applicable in boob creams.

Unfortunately, breast enhancement creams won’t work if you apply it every other day. It also won’t help if you do other enhancement techniques but apply creams once a week or every time you remember it. If you want this to work, you need to be consistent with your enhancement methods.

What does this mean?

Use creams daily and make sure to combine it with your preferred enhancement technique. When you do, you will definitely notice a difference in your cup size in no time.

13. The Best of the Best: Tips on How to Choose the Best Boob Cream in the Market

cream in the marketAt this point, you already know what breast enhancement creams are, what it can do to boost breast growth, and the different techniques you can do to make them more effective.

Here’s the next challenge: finding a product that works.

There are many boob-enhancing creams available in the market, but not all of them are created equal. Here are simple tips and techniques you need to remember to make sure you buy the best of the best in the market:

  • Always read the label. It tells you half of everything you need to know about a particular product – brand name, manufacturer expiration date, and more importantly, the ingredients.
  • Check the ingredients at all times. This is to make sure that you are going for a product that will deliver results without harming your health.
  • Go for products with money back guarantee. This is a must. You will never know how a product works until you try it. In case it didn’t work, you need protection to make sure you don’t have to spend your money for something that doesn’t deliver results. At the same time, products with money back guarantee is a good sign that the manufacturer is willing to bet on and stand by its products because it truly works.
  • Take time to read customer reviews. It gives you an idea on how a particular boob cream works, with some users offering tips and advice on how to make them more effective. Read and learn something from them before you buy.
  • Ask recommendations from friends or colleagues who use enhancement creams. Consequently, you can ask them directly whether or not the product you are eyeing for works. Plus, you can easily see any improvement.
  • Don’t forget the price tag. Always go for products with reasonable prices since the expensive ones are not necessarily the best ones.

If you want to keep it more natural, you can try this next technique, which you will learn in the next section.

14. How to Make Your Own Breast Enhancement Cream

thistleLet’s say you want to keep it more natural. That’s fine. After all, going natural is safer and comes with minimal side effects.

In case you want to give it a try, here’s what you will need:

  • Breast enhancing herbs like fenugreek, saw palmetto, fennel seeds, and blessed thistle, which you can get in natural and health food stores
  • Food processor or blender
  • Canning jar
  • Vodka
  • Amber dropper bottles

Here’s how to make your own bust enhancing cream:

  • Put all your chosen breast enhancing herbs in a food processor or blender.
  • Once chopped, place all herbs in the canning jar.
  • Soak the herbs in vodka, which should be up to three inches above the herbs.
  • Store the mixture in a dark and dry place for one month.
  • Every three days, take the jar out, shake it, and then put it back on where you are hiding it.
  • After a month, strain the herbs then pour the liquid in amber bottles.

Mix one drop of this concoction in your preferred lotion, mix well, and massage it gently on your breasts.

The good thing about making your own enhancement cream is that this could last for years, thereby helping you save more.

15. The Most Important Tip to Remember When it Comes to Breast Enhancement

breast enhancementNow that you know what breast enhancing creams are all about, do you think they are worth your time? The answer is yes. When combined with your preferred breast enlargement method, you are surely on your way towards bigger, fuller, and perkier boobs.

Still, remember this: keep your expectations realistic. Don’t expect a wide jump from cup A to C overnight, regardless of the enhancement techniques combined. Breast creams and other enhancement techniques will give you an increase in size, but the results won’t be as dramatic as you may think.

Be realistic with your goals and more importantly, be patient. Once you find the best boob cream that works for you, stick to it and never let go. Don’t forget to add a few enhancement tricks you learned to make it more effective.