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15 Highly Effective Tips on How to Get a Guy to Like You

Are you the type of girl who is always pouring over magazines and taking those “how to get a guy to like you” quizzes?

While it is easyto get someone to notice you for the first time, you can probably use some hints on how to get a guy to like you. Here are 15 subtle things that you can do to grab a guy’s attention and make him see you as a potential partner.

1. Stay on His Radar: Get Yourself Where He Can Notice Your Presence

Some women want to play coy when they are attracted to a guy, but if a guy is not even aware of your presence, how would he like you back? One thing that you have to absolutely do when you like some guy is to put yourself in the same circles where he is active.

If he sees you constantly, there will be a familiarity between the two of you and this will give you every reason to smile at him when you meet. Even monotonous greetings such as “Hi” and “Bye” is a good first step, especially if you guys don’t know each other yet.

Being friendly and dropping subtle hints are also a good way to catch his attention. Even so, you should not be too forward when you have just met a guy, or he might like you for an entirely different reason.

Your goal here is to get his attention, but you should never appear too desperate. If you are always in a place where he is, even affairs that are private, he might think you are creepy. He might even mistake you for a stalker, and this is the last thing you want him to think about you.

2. Have Your Own Thing: Independence is a Charming Quality in Women

hike aloneWhile life is sweeter when you have someone to call you partner, you don’t need to obsess over it. Just because you haven’t snagged the hottie you like doesn’t mean your life should be at a standstill.

Learn to be happy in the company of your friends or of yourself. Having the mentality that you can only be complete in a relationship could make you look desperate.

Instead of constantly seeking for contentment in a relationship, learn to be content on your own. If there’s one thing that being single should teach you, it should be the importance of accomplishing milestones by yourself.

Whether it’s as simple as living by yourself or as challenging as doing a hike alone, it will make you feel like your own person – a quality that a lot of men find attractive in women.

3. Practice Proper Hygiene: Smelling Good is Always a Huge Turn-On

Proper HygieneThis is a no brainer. No matter how beautiful you are,if you reek of body odor, you will repel every person that comes your way, not just the guy you like. Although there will be people who will tolerate you, they will see this as a huge turn-off. If you can’t take care of yourself, how much more of a future partner?

This pearl of wisdom on how to get a guy to like you could benefit numerous ladies. Taking care of yourself is not just something you do for a guy you like.It is something that you should do for yourself.

So, what does proper hygiene include?

Bathing regularly should be the number one item on the list. When it’s freezing outside, you might feel scared about the water’s temperature but don’t let this discourage you.

If you need more encouragement to brave a cold shower, then think about all the things it could do for your health. For one, it can boost your immunity and improve blood circulation. At the same time, it also helps you find depression and it can ease stress and promote weight loss.

Another important hygiene tip that you can use is to pay attention to your oral health. No one would be attracted to someone who reeks of bad breath and the same goes for body odor.

4. Develop a Good Sense of Humor: Letting Out a Laugh is Sexy

Letting Out a LaughYou don’t have to giggle all the time the way schoolgirls do but you have to lighten up once in a while. If you have a resting bitch face, this is even more applicable to you.

Laughter is always the best medicine. Laughing can make everything seem better and if you are on a mission of getting a guy want you back, you should take your neutral face down sometimes.

Guys are intimidated by girls who are serious all the time.Instead of getting him to like you, he would shy away from you because you seem to be unapproachable.

While it is recommended to laugh more, it doesn’t mean that you have to laugh like a fool. Have your own humor.It is always best to act all natural not to adopt an entirely different persona just for him. Whether you are funny in a sarcastic kind of way or you find it funny to poke fun at yourself, it’s all up to you.

Keep in mind that it’s easier to like a person whom you can share laughs with. This may even be a good chance for you to make sure if you like a guy or not. If the two of you can’t find anything common to laugh about, he may not be as likable as you initially thought.

5. Don’t Be Too Available: How to Make a Guy Like You Without Acting Easy to Get

text and social mediaWhile it’s good to be easy to reach for the guy you like, you should not be available all the time. Try to miss some of the activities that you have in common so he would miss your presence.

Let him know you’re there, but don’t appear desperate and this refers not just when you interact with each other in person, but also through text and social media. You need to show him that although you welcome his attentions, you are not at his beck and call. You can’t always be there for him because you have a life of your own.

This may seem to be the opposite staying in his circle, but it’s good to let a guy know that he is competing with other things and aspects in your life. This will prompthim to decide if he wants to be in your life or not.

If you want to know how to get a guy to like you over text, you should learn the art of subtlety. The rule of not being too available also applies here.

Another important reminder is not to flood his inbox. He has many things going on too, and if you keep on pestering him, he might find you too creepy or block your number altogether.

6. Get Fit: How to Get Guys to Like You by Living a Healthier Lifestyle

Get FitGirls obsess about hundreds of things and one of these is definitely going on a diet. You don’t have to get rid of all your favorite foods on the fridge if you want a guy to like you but you need to ditch junk foods for healthy food.

One easy way to have sexier curves is to engage in a physical activity that lasts for at least 30 minutes in a day. If you are pressed for time, there are some moves that you can do at home.

Watching what you eat is another thing that you can do and by far this is the most popular way to lose some pounds. Don’t be swayed by fad diets that promise impossible results. Always take the route that is slow but sure.

For women who are ashamed of how flat their chests are and look sexier, there’s still some hope. There are exercises that you can do and natural supplements like Total Curve that you can take.

A great body is among the best attention grabbers and getting noticed is much easier when you have a physique that is attractive to guys.

7. Have Confidence in Yourself: Don’t Be Afraid to Get Out of Your Shell

Have Confidence in YourselfBeing confident is not just one of the secrets to success.You should master the art of being confident it if you want to learn how to make a guy like you. Make no mistakes, being confident doesn’t mean that you have to be arrogant. You can be confident and humble at the same time.

One of the best ways to show this confident side of you is to keep your cool when you talk to him. When the guy you like talks to you, you may be flustered and this shows in your voice.

Most of the time, women talk quickly and become high pitched when they are stressed out in a particular conversation. Your attraction is not something you want to display to the world. So, no matter how nervous you feel, try to talk in an even tone.

This will show him how cool you are which is attractive. If you are trying to get noticed by a guy who is used to a lot of attention, this will be an effective move. He will be more interested in you because he thinks that you are into him.

8. Compliment Him: Flatter His Ego, But Don’t Go Over the Top

keep it honestDo you like receiving a real and honest compliment? The answer would probably be yes. All of us, girls and guys alike want to be appreciated.  If are interested in the best way how to get a guy to notice you without being too obvious that you are attracted to him, this is a good option for you.

Complimenting his physical attributes may be the first thing that comes to mind, but it is more effective to praise him about something that doesn’t have anything to do with his looks. If he is pursuing the arts, you can give him a compliment about his achievements or works.

Just make sure you only say you like something he does when you mean it. If he is a career man, you can tell him how impressed you are with his drive to be the best in his field.

Whatever you compliment him about, keep it honest. He could sense if the compliment is half meant, and you might end up farther from him compared to when you started.

9. Have an Opinion: How to Get a Guy to Like You When You Show Them Who You Are

Have an OpinionAre you the type of girl who always allows a guy to choose where to eat? Do you keep your mouth shut about controversial topics? Do you ever take a stand?

If you still believe in being submissive in everything and you allow people to choose things for you, you should think again. Don’t be afraid to express your opinion and take a stand especially on issues that you feel strongly about.

Guys respect girls who can hold their own in a debate. They want to hear what you have to say and truth is looking for an intelligent conversationalist these days is hard.

Aside from that, you should also express your opinions. Suggest some places to eat or activities to do. This will allow him to know more about you.

10. Find Common Interests: Try to Do Activities with Him

While you can do some research on the guy you like, the best way to know what he is interested in is by asking him. Aside from revealing his likes and dislikes, you could also build a better connection with him. Getting him to talk about himself is a good way to learn more about each other and to know the things that you two like in common.

Once you know about his interests, you can ask him to hang out sometime and suggest that you do something you both like. You could also dare him to try new things and activities that he may be inclined to do.

If it’s a bit awkward for the two of you to go out, you can plan it with a group. Showing him how fun it is to be with you will give him an idea of what it will be like to be your partner.

11. Dress to Impress: Trendy Does Not Always Mean Best

Dress to ImpressWhen you are looking for advice on how to get guys to like you, the way you dress is a huge factor. Admittedly guys are visual creatures and they may not know the best trends, but they appreciate how women look. The key to attracting a guy is to wear how to choose the best clothes that are perfect for your body type.

It doesn’t matter if you stick to your classic design choices, as long as what you want to wear flatter all your curves. After all, you want to highlight your assets and show him how attractive you are.

Another clue on how to get a guy to ask you out is to intrigue him with the way you dress. Showing him just a bit of skin will intrigue him and will make him want more. Reveal too much skin and he might get a different idea of what you want to do with him.

The right balance between skimpy clothing and wrapping yourself in too many layers is necessary. And while at it, be sure that you feel like a goddess in what you are wearing. Confidence is sexier than any dress you are planning to try on and if you feel beautiful in your clothes, it will radiate from you

12. Physical Contact: Let Him Know You More Through Skin to Skin Contact

Physical ContactIf you are interested in being more intimate with the person you like, aim for increasing physical contact. At this stage, you could touch him in such a way that indicates you want to be more than friends. This is actually easier to do than what you have in mind.

When you are talking to him, graze or brush his arm lightly. You could also mess up his hair just for fun. Learning how to do this is an art that you should master if you are bent on mastering how to get a guy to kiss you.

Studies suggest that skin-to-skin contact results to feeling more connected to someone, since it stimulates the release of the hormone oxytocin. Hence, he will feel the bond between the two of you.

Aside from that, this is a subtle way of showing him you are attracted to him. If he likes what you are doing, he could seek out your company more often.

13. Ditch the Drama: Most Guys Don’t Like Girls Who Are Too Complicated

Just a firm reminder, the guy you like is not one of your girlfriends. You can reserve that play by play account of what happened and you can’t expect them to react the way your girl pals would.

Guys also want to stay out of the gossip ring unless they love talking about other people, too. If you are figuring out how to get a guy to want you, you should tone down the drama that you pass on to him.

Most guys will go for women who are not too complicated. Seeing a beautiful girl spill about every ache and pain she experiences is not a good way to keep him interested in you.

14. Challenge Him: How to Get a Guy to Want You by Appealing to His Competitive Side

tennisGuys just can’t say no to a dare. If you want to spend more time with him and get to know him, this is your chance. There are tons of activities that you can place a bet on and do what you can.

Appeal to his competitive quality. The activity may be as easy as playing tennis to who eats the most number of plates.Needless to say, you will make an impression on him since you challenged him, a refreshing change from all other requests that he gets.

At the end of the day, this is not about who wins orlosesthe challenge. It’s about the new thingsyou will learn about him in the process.

15. Eye to Eye Contact: How to Get a Guy to Like You with Your Gaze

It is said that eyes are the windows to the soul. You can learn a lot about a person in the way he looks at you.

When you are in a room with him and his friends, pay special attention to him by looking in his direction from time to time. In fact, learning subtle ways to use eye contact can be useful and you can apply it to the guy you like.

Eye to Eye ContactAside from allowing you to communicate to someone who is sitting right across the building, eye contact is also a good way to show a guy you like that you are interested in him. Among the best methods to get noticed is to look at him and smile.

Another useful eye contact tip is to make sure he knows you will leave and look at him. Allow your gaze to linger, but don’t go in a staring contest with him.

The thrill of seeing the guy you like, bumping into him and talking to him are all huge milestones, but the main your goal list to attracttheguy you love.

If you don’t know the first thing to do -learn how to get a guy to like you. These tips are all practical and you can make room for a few changes in your life which are expected to bring innumerable rewards.