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Breast Implant Removal: 7 Key Things Women Should Know

Breast implant removal is just as common as breast enhancement surgery. Women make the decision to have their breast implants revised or removed due to a number of circumstances.

The main impetus for patients having the surgery for the removal of a breast implant is capsular contracture or leakage and the rupture of the implant. Some women simply want to change the size and the shape of the implants. Those three reasons account for around 70 percent of breast implant removal surgeries in the United States.

not made to last a lifetimeSince breast implants consist of insertion of prosthesis into the mammary gland, they are not made to last a lifetime.

No matter what type of implants you have, saline or silicone, there is still a risk for leakage, or even rupture.

Since our bodies could absorb the saline, your breast could be smaller and softer. In terms of silicone, it may take longer to notice the leak compared to saline implants. Women will start observing changes in both breasts after a certain period in the case of leakage.

This is where breast implant removal comes into play. With those possible risks, plastic surgeons are also prepared to do removal or revision of the implants.

Depending on what has happened with the prosthesis, the surgeon will determine if adjustment is possible, or if complete removal of the implant is necessary. If you need this procedure, there is no reason why you should not go through with it.

1. How Long Does Breast Implant Removal Surgery Take?

more than an hourThis operation does not take more than an hour. It provides little to no pain after the surgery which is definitely bearable for those women who have to undergo the surgery.

Come to think about it, some women actually claim that breast enhancement surgery has a more difficult recovery period compared to breast implant removal.

Your recovery period depends on how experienced your surgeon is, and if you take care of the wound correctly after the procedure.

2. How Safe Is The Procedure?

anesthesiologist monitors your vital signsMany women are concerned about their safety and the recovery period after breast implant removal. There is nothing to worry about, because the procedure is safe. The surgeon performs it while you are under anesthesia or complete sedation. An anesthesiologist monitors your vital signs all throughout the entire length of the procedure.

During the recovery phase, there is an injection of a long-acting local anesthetic drug in the previous scar, so that you could be comfortable and painless. Once the surgeon detects the pocket for the breast implant, they will then do a bimanual examination of the area to see if there are any tumors.

3. What Happens After The Procedure?

recovery roomAfter the actual breast implant removal, your next phase is to head to the recovery room. Pain is minimal and sometimes not even present. The incision is also comfortable because of the anesthetic.

You may be at risk to post-operative nausea due to the anesthesia, but the nurses could help you out with that problem. Nurses could also give you certain medications if you have other post-operative symptoms.

You may spend a total of two hours in the recovery room. Throughout your entire time there, they will monitor your vital signs.

The surgeon will receive updates about your condition. There will be light pressure from the wrap around your chest.

The incision will take around a week to heal. This wrap is necessary to help the tissues completely heal together. It also helps to avoid the accumulation of fluid where the implant was located.

loose clothesYou should consider wearing loose clothes for your trip back home. Try not to wear tight clothes, because complications may arise and that is something you want to avoid. Your surgeon will advise you to get plenty of rest.

You’ll need to avoid driving for the first 24 hours after discharge. It would be helpful to have a close friend or family member be around you for the first 24 hours, just to provide for your needs.

4. What Type Of Pain Is Normal?

Expect to have minor incision discomfort during the first few days. Pain relievers do tend to work effectively during this phase. In most cases, the pocket where the breast implant used to be is typically not disturbed. This makes the recovery phase for breast implant removal far more at ease compared to the recovery period that follows breast enhancement surgery.

5. Are There Complications With Breast Implant Removal?

infectionsThere are little-known cases of complications when it comes to this type of procedure.

The original pocket where the breast implant was located is usually not altered, which makes the entire operation easy and free of discomfort.

If ever the pocket does need modification, complications are still few. The common minor complications are bleeding, tenderness and infections, in rare cases.

6. Where Will The Incision Be Located?

They will be able to answer your questionsThe original site of incision where the breast enlargement surgery was done is the same site for breast implant removal incision. The incision should heal similar to the initial surgery. The most common incision site is under the breast.

You could ask your health care professional regarding the sites if you are still curious about the healing process. They will be able to answer your questions and address your concerns for you.

7. What Could You Do To Accomplish An Effective Healing Process?

The most crucial step to take before breast implant removal is to get as much information as you can.  All the information you can gather is beneficial for your own personal knowledge. It will help you ask the right questions about your procedure, too. Your surgeon will also give you guidelines to take note of, such as the following:

  • Warnings smokingGuidelines on food and drink before and after your surgery
  • Warnings smoking and drinking alcohol before and afterwards
  • Which vitamins and medications to avoid before and after surgery, including iron tablets

Breast implant removal is a common procedure that women undergo. Plastic surgeons are skilled in such operations. The outcome depends on the type of prosthesis the surgeon implanted. It also depends on how carefully you take care of it.

Make sure to ask your physician any questions and bring up any concerns you may have. They can help you decide what is best for you. Being knowledgeable is best when it comes to how this procedure works and what you should expect.