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Breast Implants Gone Wrong: What Surgeons Don’t Tell You

Since our world today is the age of technological advances, there is a quick fix for everything. If you need to go to work, you could buy a car. If you need to talk to someone regarding some personal business, the cell phone is there to send calls and text messages.

If you are a woman with small breasts and want to jump up a cup size, you could get breast implants. Our world has got to a point where everything is accessible to everyone living in it. When it comes to breast augmentation, who would ever think that there is a possibility of breast implants gone wrong?

Some people believe that breast implants and augmentation surgery sets feminism 30 years back. The reason for that is women nowadays don’t base their confidence on how big their breasts are.

No longer are they concerned if their cleavage looks enticing to other people. However, the fact is, there are roughly over 350,000 women in today’s world who get breast implants.

Many women struggle with self-image. Being flat chested in a world where attractiveness is paramount is daunting for many small-breasted women. If you want larger breasts, a plastic surgeon will tell you all the benefits that you could gain, such as having bigger breasts and feeling more beautiful. However, will they also tell you what risks and horror stories there are with breast implants?

A Story Of Breast Implants Gone Wrong

having curvesThere was one woman who was 25 years old and wanted to make her A cup to a double D. Since she had always dreamt about having curves that were more feminine on her body, she decided to go in for breast implants and pay thousands of dollars.

All was well until two months after her surgery when she noticed that her body was starting to reject the implant. A couple weeks later, the implant on her right breast started to protrude out of her chest wherein it actually came out of the skin.

Implants Turning To Stone

finding new hopeAnother woman was finding new hope in breast augmentation surgery because of her smaller than average breast size.

She did her research with plastic surgeons around her area and found one that fit her description of the “perfect” surgeon that would give her what she wanted.

Everything in the surgeon’s practice seemed real and professional, from his fancy office to the piles of paperwork. There were many recommendations on his online website.

The one factor she did notice when she finally met him was he did not have very good personal hygiene. She didn’t know if it was her mood that day, but he seemed a bit off compared to other plastic surgeons.

To save herself some money, she opted for general anesthesia instead of local anesthesia. The first couple of months after her surgery, she woke up one morning and one of her breasts was as hard as a rock.

She had developed capsular contracture. She didn’t discuss this risk very much during the talk with her surgeon. Capsular contracture is the response that the body’s immune system has to any foreign objects inside the body.

She called the surgeon's officeShe called the surgeon’s office to get a follow-up, but he was supposedly out of town. They said he would not be back for a few weeks. As two weeks went by, the breast started to soften but a bruise appeared on the underside of one of her breasts.

The bruise then spread quickly and she called another physician to help her diagnosis what was wrong with her breast. Later that day the implant then protruded out of the bottom of her breast.

This was a case of plastic surgery gone wrong. It turns out that the surgeon was a newbie. He did not know what he was doing.

antibiotics On top of that, the implant he used was not at all clean. An infection spread, but antibiotics were able to get it under control. With the intervention of a second surgeon, she recovered fully.

These stories are only two of the stories that many women have faced with breast implants that gone wrong.

What Are The Complications Of Breast Implants?

What Are The Complications Of Breast ImplantsIf you are lucky enough to find a surgeon who will tell you up front about the risks and complications of breast implants, then you are fortunate. Most surgeons will not even bring up the topic, so that the patient won’t change their mind about having it. The truth is such things as breast implant mistakes exist. Some adverse effects include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Breast pain
  • Capsular contracture wherein the breast feels rock hard because of the immune system’s way of coping with the foreign object inside the body
  • Changes in breast and nipple sensation
  • Rupture of saline-filled implants with deflation
  • Silent rupture of silicone gel-filled implants that may or may not produce any symptoms
  • Additional surgeries, which require modification or removal of the implants
  • Breasts appear uneven in appearance, shape and size
  • Thinning or shrinking of the skin around the breast tissue
  • Hard lumps forming around the skin where the implant is located
  • Incision site takes longer to healIncision site takes longer to heal
  • Extrusion of the implant through the skin
  • Swelling or bruising with the collection of blood near the incision site
  • Infections around the surgical site
  • Enlarged lymph nodes around breast area
  • Implant moves to wrong position in the breast region
  • Formation of dead tissue or skin around the breast
  • Implant can be felt through the skin
  • Accumulation of fluid around the implant
  • Wrinkling of the implant which can be seen or felt through the skin

patients should know aboutThose are the most common complications associated with breast implants that patients should know about for their own safety.

A reputable plastic surgeon will inform all patients of the complications, so they’ll know what to watch out for, and can get prompt treatment.

The best options are natural and non-invasive methods for breast enlargement.

You can try techniques that will not cause risks and complications like surgery could bring first to see if they work for you. For example, you could use a Total Curve™, breast enlargement pump or other natural means to increase the breast size. Your health care provider is the best person to talk to regarding such issues, because they vary from person to person, depending on their specific health needs.