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10 Surprising Plastic Surgery Trends for Men

It’s no secret that women all over the world are resorting to plastic surgery to enhance their appearance, but are men doing the same? Ranging from voice deepening surgery to butt implants, here’s a compiled list of the 10 surprising plastic surgery trends for men.

Scrotum Reduction Surgery

Let’s start out by discussing some body parts that men are reducing. These are their breasts and scrotums. Sounds absurd, right? Scrotum reduction surgery involves removing skin from the “coin purse” region to tighten and tuck the scrotum.

Many men claim their oversized scrotum leads to embarrassment, so they consult this reduction surgery. But aren’t there any alternatives?

The only real alternative is simply not having the procedure done. Here’s some sincere advice to all oversized scrotum-bearing men: Enjoy your large scrotums. If your partner can’t accept your big-sized assets, she is just isn’t worth it.

Breast Reduction Surgery

men suffer from abnormally large and fatty breastsMany men have also reportedly reduced their breasts. Known as a condition called gynecomastia, some men suffer from abnormally large and fatty breasts.

As you can imagine, this is quite embarrassing for a man, so they look into breast reduction surgery.

The only proven alternative is to examine if, in fact, you suffer from this condition. A lack of proper diet and exercise can cause swollen breasts for men, so it is highly recommended that you examine your diet and exercise plan first before proceeding with this invasive procedure.

Mustache Surgery

MustacheTake one look at ancient kings with mustaches and it will soon become apparent why men would want that masculine mustached look.

This type of facial hair is timeless. Most police detectives, cowboys and even famous porn stars love adorning epic mustaches.

supplements or vitaminsThis is why many men are opting for “follicular unit extraction.” Yes, this procedure is as invasive as it sounds. Large quantities of hair are grown and extracted from one part of the body, and then implanted between the mouth and nose. While we completely understand why a man would want this epic mustache, we can’t seem to understand why the pain is worth it.

As an alternative to follicular extraction, why not try some more natural alternatives, such as moisturizing, testosterone booster supplements or vitamins? There are many more alternatives to having your hair literally ripped out and implanted on your upper lip, so why not try them instead?

Voice Deepening Surgery

VoiceThe art of impressing your woman just simply will not work if you’re singing with a high-pitched voice.

Most men are also frustrated when they are mistaken as “ma’am” on the cell phone. This is why men are actually having surgery performed to deepen their voices.

expensiveThe procedure is performed by injecting fat into the vocal cords after extracting it from another part of your body. Eventually this technique helps attain a better “laryngeal closure.” Although the results can be impressive, they are not permanent. You need to keep getting fat injections regularly, which can get expensive.

There actually exists a tried and true alternative to voice deepening surgery – vocal exercises. It is proven that you can lower your voice by reciting certain words matched with pitches and consistency, so why not opt for that alternative first?

Hair Implants

Hair ImplantsThat’s right – females are not the only ones augmenting body parts through plastic surgery. Research proves that the implanting of hair and muscle is a growing trend for men. So what exactly are they implanting? Certainly not eyelashes, right?

Men can now consult a plastic surgeon to implant chest and head hair. Similarly to mustache surgery, men can harvest hair from one body part and implant it elsewhere. While this sounds simple, it can be quite a process and involve some complications.

First and foremost, there is a high risk that the hair may not appear as you had hoped. Think about it – would you want hair from your arms or legs on your head? Why not opt for a safer alternative, such as moisturizing, vitamins, such as biotin or saw palmetto, changing your diet, or how about just accepting the baldness. Most ladies love the bold and beautiful bald look.

Muscle Implants

MusclesMen are also looking into implanting various muscles that are not forming to the shape desired. The two most common muscle implants for men are calves and pectoral muscles.

The procedure for implanting calf or pectoral muscles is surprisingly similar to a female boob job, and some people even call the pectoral muscle procedure a male boob job.

The surgeon carves and removes muscle from the location, and then inserts a silicone implant, regardless if it’s a pectoral or a calf muscle. But, why resort to such drastic measures?

Bodybuilders claim that with the proper diet and exercise plan, it is absolutely possible to sculpt the muscles of your dreams without ever having to resort to a boob job. Before thrusting silicone into your man-boobs, try some pectoral exercises first. The same goes for your calf muscles – remember to work out your legs. It is a common mistake in the gym for men to just neglect their lower extremities, so we highly recommend you attempt these less invasive options first.

Abdominal Etching

abdominal musclesTrue to its ridiculous name, men are commonly paying to have abdominal muscles etched out of their already existing fat muscle.

This surgery is not for everyone. The only men who can have abdominal etching performed are those who only have an inch or so of fat left to remove.

Instead of working the extra hours in the gym and kitchen, these men are opting to have a surgeon suck out the lines of fat that exist between their skin and abdominal muscles.

Why not just opt to continue hitting the gym? I mean, if you’ve worked yourself to the point of having only an inch or so of fat to go, why not work out that little bit more? Besides, the surgery costs close to $10,000. So, it is really in your best interest to continue going to the gym.

Eyelid Surgery

EyelidMen are increasingly having eyelid surgery performed. Similarly to women, men with puffy or dropping eyelids who would like to rid their face of the sagging skin, resort to this procedure.

This procedure includes a minor incision cut just underneath the eye to remove excess skin and allow for a natural-looking crease. While this procedure is describe as less invasive, it is quite costly. Averaging from $4,500 to $8,000 just for the eyelids, this surgery does have a few other alternatives.

Before resorting to eyelid surgery, why not try a natural supplement or herb to help reduce sagging and puffiness? Besides these natural remedies, there also exists an incision-free procedure calling volume restoration, which many doctors recommend.

Face Lift

a man of fifty or sixtyIgnoring Bruce Jenner for a moment, most male celebrities have opted for natural facial lifts.

Since it appears unnatural for a man of fifty or sixty to have virtually no wrinkles or aging marks, most men nowadays are opting to nip and tuck nonchalantly.

Facial or neck lifts, celebrity surgeons claim, are often performed by making one minor incision and lightly pulling the skin, so that it can be reattached in a more-taught manner.

While most celebrities deny ever having the procedures done, we cannot help but notice the lack of turkey necks and sagging in most celebrity males. There are natural remedies for wrinkles, such as natural herbal supplements and creams, but most celebrities claim to resort to Botox instead. Well, we suppose it is a little less invasive than slicing skin from your face.

Buttocks Augmentation

butt implants for menYes, butt implants for men. Apparently female models are not the only one seeking a curvier butt.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery claims that more and more men are seeking cosmetic butt operations.

Similarly to other muscles of the body, many men feel as though exercise alone just doesn’t sculpt their ideal physique. Although men are not rushing into the surgeon’s offices looking for heavy butts, they are more after a chiseled look.

Buttocks implants tend to be a little invasive as opposed to the other option – fat transfers. Similarly to females, males have the option of taking fat from one part of the body and relocating it to another, so why not get fat injections into the butt if that’s what you’re after? Regardless of fat transfer or implants, we find these measures a bit drastic. If you are really obsessed with your butts, try a less invasive option like a sculpting gel or supplement, such as Total Curve’s lifting and firming gel.