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12 Pointlessly Popular Plastic Surgeries

Cosmetic surgery is a boon for people who really need to come out of the darkness because of their imperfections. But, anything with a positive side also has a dark side, too. There are people who are never satisfied with what they are bestowed with.

They undergo pointless surgeries, like tongue splitting or iris implants that can actually spoil their bodies and souls, as well. Here is a list of the most pointless and horrifying surgeries that most cosmetic surgery addicts are putting themselves through:

1. Internal Bra

What about having shapely and firm breasts without wearing a cumbersome, uncomfortable bra?

Yes, surgeons have discovered an internal bra that can help women skip wearing her underclothing. It is basically a device that works as an internal support to the breasts.

This device is like a sling for breast tissue that gets surgically fastened to the rib cage by silicone threads and titanium screws. The internal bra remains invisible under the skin and provides women the freedom to go bra-less. Another benefit of this invisible bra is that it helps patients heal faster and diminishes the appearance of surgery scars. It doesn’t interfere with mammograms, either.

2. Fake Boobs

Chelsea Charms
Photo by J C / CC BY-SA

Guys never lie about their love for boobs, and the bigger the better. But, sometimes women go beyond the biggest just to be noticed. There are a few women, like Chelsea Charms, who have polypropylene string breast implants.

This material triggers the breast lining and creates a serum, which enlarges the breasts. The surprising thing about this process is that the growth of breasts could continue indefinitely.

Currently, Chelsea’s “Itsy and Bitsy,” as she fondly calls them, are still growing at a rate of one inch a month. She undoubtedly has the largest breasts in the world when compared to the rest of her body weight. Although Itsy and Bitsy have tremendously helped her stay in the limelight and live comfortably, they have also made her life quite difficult.

3. Tongue Splitting

TongueJust hearing about this body modification surgery gives you that creepy feeling in your stomach.

Tongue splitting is a procedure where the surgeon cuts your tongue down the middle to create a snake-like fork appearance. Tongue-splitting can interfere with your chewing, speech and swallowing.

Other drastic side effects include increased saliva flow, infection, loss of taste, pain, numbness, nerve damage and swelling.

But, on the lighter note, a split tongue could come in handy if you didn’t have a free hand as it is easier to hold something with your tongue, such as a pen or cigarette.

4. Hymenoplasty

female anatomyWhen it comes to the female anatomy, there are many things she wants to reconstruct or replace. Nowadays, more and more women are looking into a hymenoplasty as a means to reconstruct their hymen.

Often times, women resort to this drastic measure because of their cultural beliefs or to become virgin once again. In many cultures, the hymen has been and still is a symbol of virginity. The hymen is the membrane, which covers the vagina until the time it becomes ruptured.

Many women tear their hymen during first intercourse, while participating in sports, inserting tampons or while masturbating. During the revirgination surgery, or hymenoplasty, the surgeon reconstructs the hymen by joining together its remnants, if it is not completely damaged.

Hymenoplasty is a simple day-in-day-out surgery that requires a few weeks to recover. Subsequent intercourse will once again tear the hymen, causing pain and bleeding, which is the desired end result of this surgery. It’s like reconstructing a building just to destruct it again.

5. Iris Implants

IrisSo, now there is no need to wear contact lens to get those sea green colored eyes. Some fashionistas are approaching surgeons to receive iris implants that aim to change the color of the eyes.

The iris, which is a colored ring of muscle fibers in front of the lens and behind the cornea, determines your eye color.

Specialists market iris implants as a safe procedure to change your eye color. However, surveys done to find out the experiences of people who underwent this kind of implant indicate that this procedure can seriously damage eyes and vision. Wish you had been born with the eye color of your choice? Get over it.

6. Ear Pointing

pointed earsSome people are fascinated with whatever unusual people they watch – like those pointed ears adorned by lead characters in the television series, “Star Trek,” or those by blue colored unique creatures in “Avatar.”

Also, referred to as “elfin ears,” this procedure involves cutting open the top portion of the ear and then merging together the open portions while folding the rim into a pointed shape.

Some crazy people claim that having pointed ears not only makes you attractive, but also enhance the experience of listening to music. Well, the leading surgeons have something else to say. They agree that this procedure is pointless, and may cause infection, permanent damage to ear cartilage and additional ear deformities.

7. Vampire Teeth Implants

Vampire TeethIt’s a fad to dress up like vampires for Halloween and the overall look of vampire is not complete without those sharp fangs.

Putting artificial fangs on for a Halloween party is great, but what about if somebody wants to transform into a real vampire with real fangs. Scary isn’t it?

A wacky, but popular trend these days is to have permanent vampire fangs. Some vampire fanatics are so adamant about changing their appearance that they are not even bothered about the warnings from dentists.

According to dentists, you can get sores on the inside of your lower lip, as the new fangs can irritate the skin. Your fangs may also irritate your lower gum line. Fairly uncomfortable fangs, yes?

8. Palm Line Alteration

Palm Line AlterationSo, there is a new short cut way to get richer, healthier and successful with palm line alteration.

It is a unique form of surgery where new lines are carved on your hand in order to improve your fortune.

The surgeon uses an electric scalpel that burns the flesh and leaves permanent marks on the palms.

With so much of innovation in the field of surgery, why work hard to find ways to get richer? Now, you can alter your fate within 15 minutes. But, does this theory really work? Rather than getting your palm carved, why not try a rubbing lucky charm.

9. Dimple Creation

Dimple CreationUndoubtedly, dimples look cute, right? They instantly make your smile sweet and melt the hearts of others. Some believe that dimples are a sign of good luck.

If you are not blessed to have those cheeky dimples and badly want one or two, you can get them with dimple creation surgery.

Also, known as dimpleplasty, it is done by creating a small incision inside the cheek. The scarring will cause a permanent dimple. The surgery can take 20 minutes and is seemingly painless, as claimed by doctors.

10. Six Pack Creation Surgery

Six Pack CreationWith the six pack creation surgery in vogue, why spend hours in the gym to create six pack abs? You just need to consult your cosmetic surgeon to have the hi-def liposculpture procedure done.

This procedure combines both skin reduction and liposuction. The right candidates for this surgery are those with excessive skin due to a large weight loss.

11. The Toe Tuck Surgery

toesSome women can go any heights to attain perfection. “Toe-besity,” as it is called nowadays is a term that refers to fat toes.

And it seems crazy, but there is a surgery for shaping toes, so that women can get into those narrow-toed high heels

Women are requesting to have their pinky toes chopped off, but apparently surgeons won’t remove the pinky. Rather, they conduct surgery that involves chipping down the big toe or pinky to craft attractive toes. The procedure supposedly takes around 30 minutes to perform.

12. Eyelash Transplant Surgery

eyelashesThicker, longer and fuller eyelashes are a part of a woman’s natural beauty. But, not all are blessed with beautiful eyelashes and thus, they turn to false accessories and mascara to create the perfect look.

And, some even go beyond extreme to get eyelash transplant. It is a new procedure that helps women enjoy beautiful-looking eyes with fuller eyelashes permanently.

This treatment creates more natural looking eyelashes after just one session. The donor hair is obtained from the scalp and transplanted as eyelashes. But, because these implanted lashes are extracted from scalp, they continue to grow for a lifetime and need to be trimmed periodically. This also means women with coarse or curly hair may not be candidates.

not happy with your looks and figureTrying extreme body modification procedures, such as elfin ears or fake breasts may be all the rage among today’s younger generation, but there are some sensible ones who think that changing your looks just to appear like a fictional character is insane and even a bit horrifying.

If you are really not happy with your looks and figure, there are easy and natural ways to enhance your overall personality. For instance, rather than resorting to boob implants, it is best to use natural gels and supplements from These products are easy to use, natural and effective.