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10 Celebrities With Secret Boob Jobs that Will Shock You

Do you think you can point out which star-studded celebs have undergone the knife? Naturally, many celebrities have their reasons for seeking the breast surgeries, right? Those sagging breasts were really ruining their overall look, so they had to get that boob job done. Although there are many celebrities who don’t want to talk about their surgeries, there are a few who are honest about their breast augmentations and these confessions may shock you.

And most importantly, those who deny breast implants may not admit it, but the camera doesn’t lie. Let’s talk about some celebrities and which options they chose. Here is a list of 10 celebrities with secret boob jobs that will shock you:

Kaley Cuoco

That’s right – the sexy actress of The Big Bang Theory has had a boob job – not recently, though. Kaley Cuoco has openly admitted that upon turning 18 – she is currently 28, she opted for a very natural and modest bust size.

In fact, Kaley claims her breast augmentation was the best decision she’s ever made and that she has no regrets when it comes to the surgery. You have to love her honesty.

Tamra Barney

Tamra Barney
Photo by CleaningQuickie / CC BY

The famous Real Housewives of Orange County star has always been known for her well-endowed chest. However, ever since a cancer scare, she has decided to ditch the double D’s. Also, Tamra was not comfortable with big boobs at her age.

She found that her implants were becoming a hurdle in her active lifestyle. We must applaud Tamra for her practical decision and her audaciousness to share her experience with implants on television.

Jenelle Evans

television reality showThe popular star of the television reality show 16 and Pregnant has opted, and admitted to undergoing breast augmentation.

The single mother to a handsome boy, Jenelle increased her cup size from a B cup to a C. She shared her experience of getting a boob job on Twitter.

She openly confirmed how painful the surgery was. Jenelle even shared her picture with fans just before the procedure with an attached caption, “Ready to go and get new boobies.” Her breasts are visibly larger and fuller, so experts are guessing she opted for silicone, since they tend to be a little firmer.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland
Photo by Eva Rinaldi / CC BY-SA

Kelly wanted to have fuller breasts ever since she was 18. But Kelly and Beyoncé’s mothers both advised her to really think about it first. Finally, the former Destiny’s Child singer nonchalantly had a boob job after ten years.

Somehow this one slipped under the radar, and we must admit that they look great. Kelly had quite a small cup size, so she opted for a natural gel-like implant to allow for this innate appearance. Well done, Kelly – truly, good things come to those who wait.

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny FrankelAnother infamous housewife that had her breast implants removed is Bethenny Frankel. She was very insecure about her sagging breasts and decided to undergo breast surgery for a more youthful look.

Unfortunately, she was not so pleased with the results. Rather than feeling hotter, she became more self-conscious and uncomfortable with her new pair of boobs. Later, she opted to remove her silicone implants and decided on getting a lift done.

Her surgeon dismissed the idea, saying that she would be left with ugly looking lollipop scars. Since Frankel was single at that time, she opted for a small implant instead. Well, things turned worse and her breasts looked BIGGER and BAGGIER. She regretted getting a boob job done and had to live with her implants until she rose to fame with the “Real Housewives of New York.”

As soon as she had money at her disposal, she got that lift she always wanted. And, for her surprise, the lollipop scars that had worried her for years healed faster than she had ever thought. Her patience finally paid off.

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag
Photo by Glenn Francis / CC BY-SA

This blonde bombshell shocked the world when she reportedly underwent multiple breast surgeries and rhinoplasty in the year 2010.

Perhaps this was so shocking because Heidi Montag was known for her wholesome upbringing, despite the fact that she was dating a bit of a jerk.

Because she opted for F-size implants, which weighed approximately three pounds each, Heidi has been dealing with numerous health issues, such as neck problems, back pain and numbness in her arms.

She consulted the surgeon and he scared to her to death saying her jumbo sized bosoms could protrude through her belly button. Finally, the surgery girl, Heidi decided to downsize her implants. Now, she is content with her ‘C’ size and she is no longer suffering from neck and back pain.

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham
Photo by RumorFix / CC BY

Yet another star of the 16 and Pregnant that appears to have enlarged her breasts is Farrah Abraham. Perhaps the most shocking news is that apart from getting a breast augmentation, Farrah has undergone the cosmetic surgery, having a few different procedures.

Simply startling. What’s more is that she is not embarrassed to talk about her new set of assets with her fans.

Farrah received the saline implants during her first breast surgery, but she wanted a new set of silicone boobies as the former ones were not enough to impart that firmness she needed.

She waited for her 22nd birthday since the FDA’s minimum age for silicone breast implants is 22. Without wasting much time to flaunt her saline boobs, she got the second breast silicone implant surgery just three days after celebrating her birthday. She was pretty excited with her new additions and clicked a few pictures to share with her fans. And, guess what! Little did she know that in so much of utter excitement, a part of her nipple made an appearance too! A delightful treat for her fans, I must say.

Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden
Photo by Glenn Francis / CC BY-SA

The American television personality admits to having a boob job last June and she’s not exactly hiding it at all.

Instead, she is quite excited with her new sexy and incredible figure. Known for her celebrity status on platforms, such as Instagram, Courtney can be seen flaunting her breasts while being called the “Human Barbie.”

Perhaps we shouldn’t be so shocked about this one. But, other shocking news is that her husband, now ex, Doug Hutchison was not happy with the way she was becoming artificial.

He was in love with her natural, organic looks, but Courtney was adamant to have a more cosmetic look. The bad news is that her obsession for getting cosmetic surgeries became the major reason of their friction. We’ve heard of the physical side effects of getting a surgery, but heartbreak is not exactly one of them.

Tara Reid

Tara Reid
Photo by Andrea Flannery / CC BY-SA

Shocking when they first appeared, Tara Reid’s multiple botched boob jobs will forever be imbedded in our brains.

Thankfully, Tara has managed to cover up these numerous failed attempts at breast augmentation and they look quite nice these days.

Experts concluded that Tara became a victim of surgery as she was operated upon by inexperienced and unskilled surgeons.Her failed breast surgery has taught us that cosmetic procedures should be professionally conducted by an expert. There are many celebrities along with Tara who have fallen victim to bad surgery. So, which is more shocking, the original mess up or the fact that she fixed them correctly?

Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles

Perhaps there was something in the water on the Destiny’s Child tour bus, because Beyonce opted for a larger bust size, as well.

While this diva does not admit to the surgery, it is visibly seen after being caught on camera when her armpit showed a possible scar. Since then, gossip started to appear that Beyonce had breast implant surgery through the armpit.

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