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How to Increase Breast Size Naturally With Food

Natural breast enhancement methods may seem like a joke but it’s not. You may think that having bigger boobs is impossible and you just have to accept whatever your size is. The good news is increasing your bust size can be achieved – naturally. As a matter of fact, breast enhancement techniques can be found in your kitchen!

Here are tips on how to increase breast size naturally with food.

Ways On How to Increase Breast Size Naturally With Food

available in the grocerySurprisingly, what you eat can make a difference in increasing your cup size. There are certain foods to increase your breast size naturally.

But don’t worry. These foods are not hard to find. In fact, you can even find it in your own kitchen and is readily available in the grocery.

To guide you better, here are everyday foods that help increase breast size.

Milk1. Milk. Dairy products contain similar reproductive hormones to those found in the human body. The cow’s milk for instance has naturally occurring hormones such as estrogen, progesterone,  and prolactin which are needed for milk production in mammals.

spinach2. Leafy Green Vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are healthy however they do not contain enough phytoestrogens that can stimulate the breast tissue to grow.
Still, leafy green vegetables such as alfalfa, spinach and brassicas are rich in natural antioxidants, iron and calcium. At the same time, these can help in the overall look and tone of developed breasts.

3. Seeds. Whether it is sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, anise seeds or flax seeds, seeds are good for you. It helps boost natural estrogen levels in your body which in turn increase your breast size. Mix it with your favourite snack or sprinkle it on top of your salad. Whatever your choice may be, seeds are good for your breasts and body.

oysters4. Seafood. Did you know that seafood such as prawns, shell fish, oysters and seaweed have high level of Manganese? This means it helps increase sex hormones which in turn promotes the growth of breast tissue. Eat seafood as a daily habit and you will be surprised to see the results.


5. Soy. Soy has been regarded as a super food when it comes to breast enhancement. It is rich in phytoestrogens, a hormone responsible for breast growth. It is also packed with isoflavones as well as helps fight the free radicals and cancer cells that might develop in your breast tissues. Replace your regular milk with the soy one for better results.

6. Tofu. Tofu is known as a miracle food. Why? It has a high amount of estrogen that is also high in protein and low in fat. And the good thing about tofu is that it is readily available and easy to prepare. Substitute your meat with tofu and see the difference.

Nuts7. Nuts. Walnuts, cashew, pecan, peanuts – these are all good sources when you want bigger bust. Nuts are one of the foods to increase breast size naturally because it is a good source of fat and protein.
At the same time, it is also good for the heart and brain so you’ve got nothing to lose. Eat it as a snack or sprinkle it on your food to maximize its benefits.

8. Fruits And Whole Grains. Too much testosterone can affect the natural breast growth. To prevent this, include fresh fruits and whole grains in your daily diet to prevent the overproduction of testosterone.

Lean Meat9. Lean Meat. Protein is important when you want to have bigger bust. And there is no better way of getting it than by eating meat, lean meat in particular, to boost breast growth.

10. Herbs. One of the best ways to increase your bust size naturally is through herbs. Herbs such as fenugreek and wild yam are known to stimulate the growth of breast tissue. Saw palmetto also helps in distributing good fats to the breast to make it look bigger.

FennelFennel helps increase the milk production among breastfeeding moms while pueraria mirifica contains phytoestrogens that promotes fat tissues and builds up the milk ducts in the breasts.

Among all these, herbs are perhaps the most effective way to increase bust size. If you are looking for a natural herbal product, try the Total Curve Intensive Daily Breast Enhancement Therapy. It gives your breast a natural lift, thanks to its Daily Supplement and Lifting & Firming Gel. And they have studies to prove their claim.

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