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20 Natural Breast Enlargement Exercise Routines That Increases Size

Everyone’s definition of having a hot figure may be different; however, based on modern standards, big boobs are considered sexy and attractive by most people, male and female. In fact, a lot of women are toying with the idea of breast augmentation, just to achieve the size that they want.

Fortunately, you can have a bigger bust line without going under the knife. With the right breast enlargement exercise, you can see some difference in the size and contour of your bust. Here are some of the best moves that you can incorporate into your routine if you want to have larger, fuller breasts.

1. Floor Push-Ups: Develop Leaner Arms and Bigger Breasts at the Same Time

If you thought that push-ups are only ideal for people who want leaner arms, you are dead wrong. This routine is also handy when you are aiming for a large breast size since it targets the pectoral muscles in the chest.

You can do the classic floor pushup if you are a beginner. While lying on your stomach, place your hands in front of you just above the shoulders. Your palms should be flat on the floor with your elbows bent at your side.

Your toes and your palms should be the only body parts in contact with the floor. Your knees should be straight. Slowly push your torso up until your arms are straight. Once you are up, gradually lower yourself to your original position.

At first, you should do at least three sets with 15 push-ups per set. Exercising and doing this every other day could help you develop your pectoral muscles.

If this is too hard, try the adapted floor push-up with your knees on the floor. Your knees should be shoulder width apart. Follow the same steps outlined above. You can perform 10 to 15 reps thrice a week.

2. Wall Push-Ups: An Easier Alternative to Floor Push-ups

If doing a floor push-up is too hard for you, you can try the easiest variety -the wall push-up. To do this breast enlargement exercise at home, find a sturdy surface that could support your weight. Stand a few feet away from that wall and extend your arms forward so it would be touching the wall.

From your current position, push your torso towards the wall by bending your elbows. Hold this position for about 15 seconds before extending your arms to your starting position. You can follow the same number of sets for floor push-up. That would be three sets of 15 repetitions in each set.

3. Elevated Push-ups: Intensify Your Upper Body Workout

Swiss BallIf you want more challenging exercise routine, elevated push-ups are your best bet. Place both feet on a Swiss Ball. If you don’t have one, you can use the edge of a sofa. Support your torso by placing your hands on the floor.

Your body should be parallel to the floor. From this position, follow the steps in doing a regular push-up. Bend your elbow to lower your torso and straighten your arms afterward to complete one rep.

This push-up variation puts your core, shoulder, pectoral and midback muscles to work more.

4. Dumbbell chest presses: Strengthen Your Body While Working Towards Firmer Breasts

Targeting the muscles in your chest, triceps, and shoulders, chest press is a classic breast augmentation exercise. For this, you need to lie back on an exercise bench or a mat. You also need two dumbbells for this routine, one for each hard.

You should extend your arms, palms facing forward, forearms pointed at the ceiling and your upper forearm parallel to the floor. Your elbows are chest level and bent on the starting position. Slowly, extend your arms until they are straight. Exhale as you push your dumbbells upward.

Once the dumbbells meet, inhale while you make your way back to the starting position. Depending on your fitness level, you can do one to three sets with eight to 16 reps each every other day. Take 30-second breaks between each set.

You can also do this exercise on an inclined bench or a beanbag. You can do one set of this exercise twice or thrice a week with ten reps each.

5. Butterfly Press: The Most Popular Breast Enlargement Exercise

local gymIt’s ideal to do this exercise at a local gym with a butterfly press machine. If you are doing this at home and you don’t have the equipment, grab a pair of three or five-pound dumbbells.

Sit with your back against a straight-backed chair or chest. Place your forearms on the armrests on your side so they are parallel to your body. From this starting position, draw your arms closer in front of your body. Inhale as you bring them together and exhale as you stretch out your arms.

For the butterfly press machine, starting weight should be 50 lbs. The recommended set for beginners is one set of 15 reps each. Take two-minute breaks between each set if you decide to do more than one set. While resting, do not drop the weights.

6. Palm pressing: The Breast Lift Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

The palm press is one of the classic breast enlargement exercises. Anyone can do this exercise.

Stand straight and place your arms in front of you with your hands clasping each other. Your elbows should be chest level and bent at a 90-degree angle.

While pushing your palms together, focus on lifting your chest. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds and switch hands after doing one rep. You can also incorporate a breathing exercise by inhaling when you lift your chest and exhaling to relax your pectoral muscles. You can perform 20 repetitions of this exercise on a daily basis

7. Isometric Chest Contractions: Push Against the Wall To Have Bigger Breasts

stand straightThis exercise is a variation of the palm press. Instead of pushing against your hands, you direct the force to a wall. This routine isolates the pectoral muscles and makes them firmer.

To start, stand straight in front of a wall. Extend your arms and push as hard as you can on the wall. Hold this position for 10 seconds and relax. Try to do two sets with 10 reps each.

8. Elbow Extension Exercise: Sitting Breast Exercises for Improving Your Chest Muscles

For those who are looking for a routine that will require sitting, elbow extension is a good choice. Here, you need to sit on a chair with your spine straight.

Get your exercise ball or dumbbells. Start by extending your arms as high as you can above your head. Hold the dumbbells or the ball while in this position. Next, bend your elbows behind. Then, go back to the starting position.

To see positive improvements in your body, try to do 15 to 20 reps of this routine four times a week.

9. Arm Rotations: The Proven and Tested Breast Enhancement Exercises

exercise is the answerFor those who want to have larger breasts but are unwilling to go through breast enhancement surgery, exercise is the answer. Among the breast enlargement exercise routines, arm rotation is the simplest. A lot of women include it in their routine because it can help not only in enlarging the breasts but also in toning their arms.

All you have to do here is rotate your arms. Do 30 rotations with each arm. After that, do a simultaneous rotation using both arms. You can also use dumbbells for this exercise if you want to make it more challenging.

10. Dumbbell Fly: Build Endurance While Increasing Chest Width

At first glance, it may seem as if the bench press and the dumbbell fly are the same. But each routine helps you achieve a different goal. While the bench press builds strength, the dumbbell fly improves endurance. Aside from that, the flies also help you increase your chest width.

To do this routine, you need to lie down with your back on the bench. Keep the dumbbells in your hands and your knees up. Extend your arms straight in front of you.

From that position, lower your arms slowly to either side of your body. Keep the slight bend in your elbow as you press your arms back up. Do at least three sets of this exercise with 10 reps each.

11. Reverse Dumbbell Fly: A More Challenging Version of the Dumbbell Fly

Hold the dumbbells in your handIf you think that the classic dumbbell fly is too easy, you might give the reverse dumbbell fly a try. The steps are the same as the original version. But instead of facing upwards, you will be facing the floor. For this exercise, you need a bench or a ball.

Hold the dumbbells in your hand and move your arms outward and up, away from the floor. From your initial position with both arms together in front of you, move your arms to each side. Make sure that your arms at your chest level. You can do the three sets with 10 reps each.

12. Chest Dips: Build Triceps and Chest Muscles At The Same Time

Unless you get breast implants, it’s hard to increase your cup size right away. Of course, you can take supplements to increase the fatty tissues in your breasts to make it firmer. Daily supplements such as Total Curve had promising results. Needless to say, you can’t rely on pills alone because you still need to work out.

If you want to enhance the muscles in your triceps while working on your breast size, chest dips are a good choice. All you need is a bench or a chair to do this routine.

Assume the squatting and place both hands behind you with your hands on the edge of a chair. Slowly drop your body by bending your elbows. Try to lower your rear as close to the floor as possible but don’t allow it to touch the ground. After going as far as you could, push back up to your original position.

It’s ideal to do this exercise every other day. Aim for three sets with 10 reps each. You can increase the number of sets as you improve your fitness level.

13. Breaststroke: The No-Swimming Required Routine for Larger BreastsRoutine for Larger Breasts

In the breaststroke, you need to stand with your back against the wall. Follow the arm movements in swimming breaststroke while squeezing your chest muscles. Your arms sweep up and outward parallel to the wall.

For best results, you should do 100 reps on a daily basis.

14. Chest Pass: Play Throw and Catch While Expanding Your Chest

If you have a medicine ball that you would like to put to use, you can do the chest pass. For this workout, you should lie on your back with your knees bent but feet on the floor. Hold the ball between your hands with your elbows bent. Press your lower back on the floor and engage your abs.

From this position, straighten your arms while throwing the ball with force. Catch the ball with your arms straight and immediately lower your arms by bending your elbows. This routine is meant to follow a fast pace, so repeat each rep as quickly as you can.

There should be 20 reps in each set and you should do at least four sets.

15. Y Raises: Engage Your Abs While Working on Your Pecs

pair of light dumbbellsFor this exercise, you need a pair of light dumbbells. Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart and your knees slightly bent. Place the weights in front of your thighs with your arms straight.

From this position, brace your core and keep your shoulder blades down and back as you raise the weights above your head. You should end up with a Y position. This routine works best in a slow and controlled pace.

If you want to incorporate this into your routine, aim four 20 reps in each set and do four sets.

16. Side Serves: A No-Sweat Sitting Exercise

If you are fond of performing exercise routines on a chair, the side swerve may just be the right candidate for your workout.  While keeping your spine as straight as possible, place your hands on your hips.

From this position, turn your body to the right while maintaining your posture. Hold your position from 10 to 15 seconds. Then, go back to your original position. Do the same routine for the left side.

This movement helps enlarge your breast making them look more upright. Try to do this every day with 10 repetitions for each side.

17. Cobra Stretch: Stretch Your Way Towards a Bigger Bosom

Cobra StretchAny exercise routine will be lacking if it did not include stretching. The cobra stretch will warm up your muscles. Plus, it has the added benefit of giving your breasts a boost in the size department.

To assume the initial position, lie face down with your palms on the floor and your toes pointed outwards. Make sure that your arms are in front of your shoulders.

Stretch your arms slowly until you reach their full height and lifting your upper body in the process. If your back hurts when you do this stretch, try keeping your elbows bent. Instead of using your hands for support, use your forearms. Hold this position for15 seconds.

From this position, gently push your body down to the original position. Try to do this every other day to see results.

18. Praise Pose Stretch: The Perfect Addition to Any Breast Enlargement Exercise Routine

The most convenient way to get into the starting position for this breast enhancing stretch is to kneel down. Sit on your heels so your legs are in contact with the floor.

Your toes should be pointing outwards behind you. Extend both hands as far as you can away from your body. Your hands and forehead should be in contact with the floor. If this is not possible, try to get as close to the floor as possible.

You should stay in this position for at least 15 seconds. This stretch is great for back muscles too.

19. Rear Lateral Raise: Work Out Bum Muscles While Targeting Your Chest Area

BumFor this starting position, you should stand with your feet hip-width apart.  Hold one dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing downward. Bend your knees and shift your hips backward. Your torso should be almost parallel to the ground.

While holding this position, raise your hands up on either side to shoulder height. You should hold this position for a few seconds.  Repeat these steps for 20 times to make one set. If you want to add this as a staple to your breast enhancement exercises, aim for four sets every time you do it.

20. Renegade Row: Combine Planks With Dumbbells For Perkier Breasts

Grab your dumbbells holding one in each hand. Assume the straight arm plank position. Arms should be directly below the shoulder and the feet more than hip-width apart.

Slowly lift your arm up to the chest by bending your elbow. Keep the elbow as close to the body as possible. Lower your arm down to the starting position and lift the other elbow.

plank positionAn entire lifting cycle using both left and right elbow alternatively is one rep. Try to go for four sets of eight reps each.

Anyone who is not genetically gifted to have big breasts should not despair. Breast enhancement surgery is no longer frowned upon as it was years ago. There are also other methods of increasing the bust size from the soothing self-breast enlargement massage to doing breast enlargement exercise routine.