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Top 10 Cup Size Issues for Women Today

Does the size of breasts really matter to women? Yes, it does.

The majority of women are concerned about their breast size, because it is one of the primary features that enhance their beauty. Women with small breasts are usually not comfortable with their body. Also, they feel less confident in public as well as when making love.

Some women are so obsessed with their breast size that they tend to do anything, including getting implants, just to make their boobs fuller and perkier. Similarly, there are many other issues most women have to deal with. This article will take an in-depth look at the top ten issues women have in regard to their cup size.

1. Am I Wearing The Right-Sized Bra?

Embracing a brassiere size that doesn’t provide an appropriate support has a few permanent effects on your posture and appearance.

If you are not wearing the right sized bra on your lovely lumps, you run the risk of stretching your breast tissue and ligaments. This ultimately leads to saggy breasts and stretch marks.

Whether your bra is too small or too big, it can also cause your body unnecessary strain. This in turn leads to various physical issues such as chest, back and neck pain, as well as difficulty with breathing. The right sized bra fits comfortably and provides you with the proper support.

2. Does Bigger Cup Size Produce More Milk?

Are you worried that the size of your cups will influence the amount of milk you can produce?

MilkThis is another great concern women have about their cup size. Many women believe that smaller breasts produce less milk.

Well, let us tell you that the cup size has nothing to do with the amount of milk your body produces after pregnancy.

You should know that the amount of milk coming out of a woman’s breast depends on many factors. Key among them are the hormones that stimulate the production process. These hormones will develop as per the demands of your baby.

The supply of milk is also dependent on the frequency of breastfeeding. The more you breastfeed, the greater the supply.

3. Is My Larger Cup Size Susceptible To Breast Cancer?

It is unbelievable that some women think that cup size is one of the causes of breast cancer.

Breast CancerResearch conducted in the past has proven that there is no relationship between cancer and breast size.Moreover, breast size does not affect your treatment outlook in any way.

The common type of breast cancer arises from the cells that line the duct of the milk-producing glands. So those who believe this groundless theory about cup size being related to cancer base it entirely on the fact that big breasts lack enough gland tissues.

There are two important factors that have been identified as the causes of breast cancer. One is breast density, and the other is obesity. Mammograms help to find if your breasts are dense or not. In order to detect breast cancer, you should undertake the normal screening for cancer. And always remember, your cup size has nothing to do with this.

4. Will My Cups Hurt During Mammography?

Photo by BruceBlaus / CC BY

A mammogram is the procedure for testing breast cancer. Many women fear that their cup size determines whether they will experience pain or not.

How can that be true? Even when being tested in other parts of the body, size cannot determine the amount of pain one will experience.

There have been multiple surveys done on this subject, and it is clear that cup size does not affect the amount of pain you will experience during a mammogram. Your breasts are your assets.

Don’t let your fears prevent you from getting routine breast cancer screening.

5. Are Larger Breasts More Attractive For Men?

Breasts might be one of the beautiful aspects of women. But they are not the sole measure of beauty.

true loveUnfortunately, some women tend to think that men will run away from them because their cup size is too small. This makes them feel terribly insecure about the size of their breasts.

Generally, it is believed that breasts are the first thing men see in a woman. However, a man looking for true love will not be concerned about your cup size, even though it is an important facet to many. The majority of guys look for loyalty, understanding and love in a woman, and this goes far beyond the size of a woman’s ta-tas.

So, trust us. There are guys out there who like small and average-sized breasts, too. It all depends on the type of man that you meet.

6. Should I Stress About My Uneven Bosom?

At one point in your life, you must have realized that your sexy boobs are of different sizes. It’s no wonder that you probably got a little freaked out after this mystical discovery.

StressHowever, let us tell you that there is no big deal about uneven bosoms. You may not believe it, but uneven breasts are very common among women and so there is no reason to be embarrassed of them.

Scientifically, the condition is termed asymmetry when each boob is slightly different in size.

There is still no answer as to why breasts grow differently from one other, but some of the reasons include traumatic injuries and hormonal alterations. Well, whatever the reason, we recommend you relax and be comfortable with your pair. Uneven boobs are nothing to stress over.

7. Do Large Ta-Tas Cause Back Pain?

Now, this is something annoying. Women with smaller boobs want a bigger cup size. However, women with larger racks are not always comfortable with their heavier chest.

Back PainWomen with bigger boobs have to deal with a variety of health issues. Thus, women who desire fuller breasts should keep this in mind before going for surgery for breast augmentation.

The most common problem faced by bustier women is back pain. Their larger rack imposes excessive pressure on the spine since they have to keep leaning backwards slightly. The constant pressure placed on their back soon reveals itself in the form of back pain. Some women have reported that they need painkillers before sleeping in order to have a peaceful night.

Usually, women with large breasts are unable to find the right size of bra. Hence, the tight bras that they do wear cause scratches, rashes and marks on the skin of their shoulders. This occurs because of the weight of the breasts which keeps the area warm and moist. When sweating, excess heat is produced and this leads to the development of yeast and bacteria. This in turn causes itchiness, dryness and rashes.

8. Can Bigger Size Cause Breathing Issues?

lungsLarger breasts also impair one’s ability to breathe normally. This becomes more evident when you are lying down. The undue pressure on the chest and boobs not only complicates your breathing process, but also cause pain in your lungs.

The weight of your breasts also limits your capacity to perform physical tasks. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to even carry out typical daily activities. As a result, bigger racked women avoid excessive physical activity.

While that minimizes the problems they are facing, it can lead to weight gain and perhaps even bigger breasts.

9. Is My Bigger Cup Size Responsible For Sagging?

If you think that breast sagging is caused by bigger size, let us tell you that sagging is a natural process for an aging and changing body.

breasts are composed ofWith growing age, breasts begin to sag since they are devoid of any muscles of their own to hold them in position. In fact, breasts are composed of milk ducts, fat, glands and connective tissues.

These tissues help to provide certain support to the breasts. But, as a woman gets older, these ligaments lose their elasticity, which in turns make the breasts look droopy.

Another reason for breast sagging is a poorly-fitted bra. When you run and jog without proper support for your breasts, they move in all possible directions, which stretches the ligaments.

Fluctuations of hormones also cause the breasts to shrink and lose their shape. Smoking could change the shape of your breasts since it destroys elastin, which is a protein that provides skin with its elasticity. The lower levels of elastin cause your breasts to sag and droop.

10. Is a Boob Job The Only Option To Have A Bigger Cup Size?

You might not like the small size of your breasts, but cosmetic surgery is not the only or best option to enlarge them.

You might not like the small size of your breastsThe notion that breast implants are the only route for enlargement is misleading and not worth taking seriously.

There are various complications such as leakage, rupture of implants, breast pain and changes in nipples associated with surgery.

You may be surprised to learn this, but there are many natural methods of breast augmentation aside from cosmetic surgery. Companies such as Total Curve have introduced supplements and gels to make your boobs look shapely and firm.

These supplements are composed of safe and natural ingredients that help you achieve that curvier body you have always dreamed of. There is nothing wrong in getting some effective treatment for your assets. Visit today and get the right treatment.