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13 Medical Reasons to Think Twice About Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast enhancement surgery or breast augmentation has been the top performed cosmetic surgery in the world for many years now. Women and men go through breast enhancement procedures because it’s cheaper compared to other types of cosmetic surgery. The results can almost be immediate. You will get the breasts that you always wanted, which you have to admit can really boost your self confidence.

While all that may make breast enhancement seem appealing, things that are too good to be true can be suspicious.

That’s right. Like most things, getting a breast enhancement is not all good news.

There are good sides, and then there are bad sides to this popular procedure. The bad sides are the ones that you need to look at, especially if you decide to insert a foreign object in your body and intend to keep it there.

Although many people can testify that the procedures are safe and that the end results will wash away any form of regret, there are still risks involved. Like getting a tattoo, you should carefully think before you decide, because there will be no turning back. Here are 13 medical reasons to think twice about getting breast enhancement surgery.

1. It Will Make Breastfeeding Hard

involves foreign chemicalsFirst and fore most, your baby’s health should be the utmost priority. Now that we got that settled, you have to realize that breast enhancement involves foreign chemicals being inserted in your breasts,
and sometimes in your bloodstream, to alter your hormonal circulations, which will then increase your breast size. Hence, breast enhancement.

The thing about this is that although the foreign chemicals ingested in your body are safe enough for your build to withstand, the same cannot be said for your baby. Although your baby will not directly intake the chemicals, it is mixed with your bloodstream, which may indirectly affect the baby.

2. Detecting Breast Cancer Will Be Harder

causes of deathBreast cancer is one of the leading causes of death by cancer in women ages 35 and above these days. The key to battling this traitorous disease is early detection. Medical cases have shown that women who underwent breast augmentation that were diagnosed with breast cancer had the disease detected in the latter stages already.

This is mostly because the chemicals, the implants, or the silicone that was used as the breast enhancer somewhat covers the cancer cells in the early stages. In addition, the silicone can cover up any tumors growing inside.

3. There Are Risks Of Anesthetic And Surgical Problems

modern age in medicine and technologyIn today’s modern age in medicine and technology, you will hardly hear the news of anesthetic or surgical problems that occur on the operating table.

If there are, it would more likely be either the surgeon’s negligence or a miscommunication.

But consider this: commonly, surgeries are done to take something off the human body. As for breast augmentation, surgeries are done to implant a foreign object into the human body.

That alone will get you thinking of the many possibilities that could happen during the operation and post-operation.

4. Dissatisfaction With The Results

Dissatisfaction With The ResultsIt’s a common psychological thing and sociology can support this, too. A person, as long as they have the means, will never be truly contented.You may think that this is what you want now, then you get what you want and see something far better. The cycle goes on until either you lose all your means or you’ve learned to appreciate what you already have.

Changing your body parts is like opening the door to many possibilities. Possibilities that you now know you can easily change.

Thus, you may undergo breast enhancement surgery and when you are not satisfied, you will want to go through the whole process all over again.

5. Disfigurement Of Your Body

your curves and your figureBreast enhancement is meant to “enhance” your curves and your figure. That’s a good argument for it. Here’s the thing though, what you have now, that body that you have, is what was meant for you. Fine, call it cheesy to discuss destiny and all that, but it’s true. If you were meant to have bigger boobs, than you would have had them.

If you change that, you are only disfiguring your body. You may think that it is in a good way, and for some time many will also be convinced, but changing a part of your body is going to leave a mark with you for life. You are, in essence, disfiguring your body.

6. Implants Can Bring Breast And Nipple Pain

endure the discomfortsAlthough cosmetic surgeons are firm to say that breast augmentation is safe and the pain will subside after the procedure,
there have been reported cases of breast and nipple pains that is traced back to be caused by the implant.

It could be an incorrect positioning, the body rejecting the implant, or other natural causes, but never the less, it is a possibility and it can happen to you, too.

Yes, it may be treated, but that means you will have to endure the discomforts for some time until the pain subsides.

7. The Risk Of Implant Leakage

secure insideBreast implants contain either silicone or saline. The sac that they use may have several layers that keep the substance secure inside, but there is always the possibility of leakage.

It has happened and there are reported cases of implant rupture and leakage.

What is worse is that the substance can travel through your lymph nodes and infiltrate your bloodstream, which can have disastrous results.

8. There Are Risks Of Infection

always stay cleanWith any surgery procedure, there is always the risk of infection if the sanitation is not properly done.

This is why doctors and nurses who assist them should always stay clean, and that the equipment and room is sanitized.

Although as surgeons, they uplift this code, there will always be that risk, and the possibility for an infection to arise, especially since a foreign object is inserted to your body.

In fact, there have been cases of infection due to breast implants recorded all throughout history since it first began.

9. You Can Suffer Memory Loss And Fatigue

Memory LossMemory loss and fatigue are two of the most common side effects after going through surgery. This is true because of the anesthetic procedure that you will go through. If there is an improper application, even the slightest can affect you brain, which can trigger memory loss and fatigue. This could extend for long periods of time, long after you have physically recovered from the surgery.

10. It Can Develop Cognitive Impairment

Cognitive ImpairmentAlthough it has not been proven to be a direct cause, there have been recorded cases of cognitive impairment on patients who underwent breast enhancement surgery.This results in memory loss but mostly, it makes the person prone to poor concentration. This can affect your life greatly, as well as your family, your friends and your job.

11. Poisoning Due To The Contents Of The Implant

PoisoningAs a protocol, cosmetic surgeons still need to do the basic checklist before a patient undergoes breast enhancement. Although majority of the cases are a success, there are still risks involved especially considering the contents of the implant being inserted in your body.

There have been cases reported, albeit minimal, of poisoning due to the contents of the breast implant. While most are contained, some of the unlucky ones lead to intoxication of the blood, which may even lead to death.

12. Additional And Follow Up Surgeries

Follow Up SurgeriesBreast augmentation goes through a process. Some processes involve several trips to the surgeon, and even several follow-up surgeries.

While you can be sure that you will get the breasts that you want, you will have to endure the pain of surgery and the discomfort there after. You will also need to go through the endless treks to and from the clinic for follow up checkups.

13. It Can Cause Death

cases of deathOkay, this may be a little harsh, but it’s true. After all the things listed here – the infection, the possible leakage, the possible blood intoxication – the possibility of death is not farfetched. There have been reported cases of infection, blood intoxication and surgical problems for people who underwent breast enhancement. Then, there are cases of death caused by these infections.

Although the cases are at a minimal rate and nothing alarming, there is still that possibility.

This is something you should consider before you decide if you want to go through breast enhancement or not.

You know, just because a lot of people are doing it, it doesn’t mean you should do it too, right? Ask yourself, do you really need it? What good will it give you anyways? Yes, okay, others came out unscathed and everything seems safe, but you can never be safe enough as long as you go out of the natural way.

So here’s a tip: be happy with what you have. Learn to appreciate and enhance your natural assets. What you have is exactly what you should be, and you should be proud of it.