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Breast Implants: Know the 5 Potential Risks and Complications

Breast implants can be easily done at your nearest cosmetic surgery clinic. Most women are so impatient that they never take the time to learn about breast implants before deciding to get the surgery. They believe that they just need to invest a few thousand dollars for the entire procedure.

Is this much information sufficient to put yourself under the knife? Wait, there is more to it.

learn important informationThere are many things that you should be aware of before heading to the nearest clinic for a consultation. As you read below, you will learn important information to help you make a sensible decision. After all it’s about your health and moreover, about the most delicate and sexy part of your body.

Are Breast Implants Right For Me?

First, you should know whether this surgery will be able to provide you with the results you desire.

Breast implant surgery works to augment your breast size, improve firmness, rectify any imbalances and restore the curve of the breasts that is lost due to weight loss or increasing age.

Surgery can take a toll on your body physically as well as mentally. Most women are unaware of this and do not take into account the importance of psychological stability. Prior to undergoing breast implant surgery, it is important to be healthy both physically and emotionally.

Be Practical: Set Realistic Goals!

aim for realistic and practical goalsYou should aim for realistic and practical goals. Breast implant surgery will help to enhance your breasts, but it might not create a major change. In that case, if you have high expectations for your breast implants, you need to think twice.

Make sure that your expectations are realistic before you even think about making an appointment with the surgeon.

Find A Reputable Surgeon

So, you have made up your mind to get your breasts augmented. Now what?

You need to search for a reputable and skilled surgeon who can shape your breasts as you have imagined. There are thousands of surgery clinics that claim to offer outstanding services.

Find A Reputable SurgeonYou will read that each surgeon is qualified and talented in what they offer. The testimonials that appear on their website only have good things to say.

But, are you convinced? It is not a wise idea to trust each and every word written on the website.

The best way to narrow down your search for a qualified surgeon is to ensure that the surgeon you are considering is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. You can start searching in your city.

do your own researchIt is also a good idea to search in nearby cities, in case you plan to travel. Once you have chosen a few reputable surgeons, do your own research by reading reviews from women who have been operated on by them.

You can go through forums that are specifically dedicated to discussions of breast implants. It is the perfect place to read genuine reviews about genuine people. You can even post your queries and doubts regarding the surgery.

Making An Appointment

Making An AppointmentSo, finally you have found the right surgeon for your breast augmentation.

Now, it’s time to make the call to schedule an initial appointment. During your first appointment with the doctor, you will learn about the various types of options available to you.

Moreover, he will inform you about the procedure itself and the time required for recovery.

Most doctors will also give you a pair of actual implants to give you an idea of the feel, shape and size of your breasts after the breast implants. At this point, you will be very impressed by the whole procedure. But, wait! There are things that you should discuss before finalizing your decision.

The Right Size

make a decisionThis is one option that needs lots of contemplation. You should not make a decision in a hurry since it may be distressing in the future if you are not happy with the outcome. You would not want to go under the knife again to correct the size.

The best way to find out the size that suits your figure is to try on different sizes of implants. Most surgeons will provide you with various sizes to make it easy to see how your breast implants will look.

Types of Breast Implants

Once you have decided on the size of your breast implants, you will have to choose from a few different textures, shapes and fills.

look more natural and fitHere are two of the most popular ones:

  • Silicone Gel Implants: Silicone gel implants have been proven safe for women. These breast implants are worn by many women since they look more natural and fit.
    Many women worry about the silicone implant breaking and leaking out through the body. Thus, it is recommended to talk about your fears with your surgeon and also to research thoroughly to read the experiences others have had with silicone implants.
  • Saline Implants: Saline implants are considered safe because they are filled with salt water, which is completely harmless to the body if the implants burst. They are available in a textured or smooth outer shell and in various shapes.
    Your surgeon will help you to decide on the best saline breast implants that will be adjusted to your body and give you the results you desire.

Placement of Breast Implants

Placement of Breast ImplantsOnce you are satisfied with the size and type of implants you will get, your doctor will discuss the placement you prefer. Implants can be placed in three different locations:

  • The Sub-Glandular Location
  • The Partial Sub-Muscular Location
  • The Full Sub-Muscular Location

Your doctor will define the intricacies of each location in detail and help you decide the best placement for the breast implants so that you are at a minimum risk.

What Are The 5 Potential Risks and Complications?

doctorIn all the excitement to have your breasts augmented as soon as possible, you may forget to learn the potential risks and complications that can arise with boob implants. Whether your doctor discusses it with you in detail or not, there are things you should be aware of.

  • Infection is one of the most serious risks, which can even lead to loss of a breast.
  • Capsular Contracture is condition where the implants become very hard, misshapen or painful.
  • Hematoma can occur when a large amount of blood collects in the surgical area.
  • Deflation of The Implant
  • Necrosis occurs when the tissues surrounding the implant start to die, making it difficult for the body to heal.

Scary, right? It is essential to realize the complexity of breast implants. It can be a rewarding or a traumatic experience, depending on various factors. If you are open to other options, it is better to consider safe alternatives such as natural breast enhancers before going for surgery.