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Natural Looking Breast Implants: 2 Types for Women to Choose

Ask yourself the following questions: Are you tired of shopping for bra in the pre-teen department? Do you feel embarrassed with your bra size every time the sales clerk asks for it? If yes, are you considering getting a breast implant? Don’t worry, many women, even celebrities, want and have gone through a boob job.

The problem is you don’t want your boobs to look fake. The good thing is there are natural looking breast implants that can make your breasts look as if you didn’t even get a breast implant.


Don’t fall prey to surgical mistakes. Here are tips and things you should know about natural breast implants.

2 ChoicesBreast Implants: The 2 Choices

You will never run out of choices when it comes to breast enhancement, or any other cosmetic procedures.

And for breast implants, the choices can be confusing too. Here are two types of breast implants you can choose from:

  • Silicone – This is the preferred implant choice of most surgeons. Silicone breast implants are pre-filled with elastic silicone gel to give you a more natural feel.
    Since it is pre-filled, the incision will be longer, depending on the size of the implants.
    It is also made of a textured surface that is much thicker, minimizing the chance of ripping, wrinkling and hardening of the implants.

Today, experts have presented a variation of silicone implants: gummy bear breast implants. From the name itself, this type of implants resemble a gummy bear candy because of the silicone gel’s consistency. This means it just sits there and jiggles, leaving a small room for leaks.  

  • Saline – This type of implants go inside your body as an empty shell. The doctor fills them with saltwater solution, depending on your determined size.
    They are firmer and feel less natural than silicone implants. Further, saline implants have higher risk of ripples, shell leak and visible folds.
    In case of leaks, no need to worry.
    The solution is made of salt and water, so it resembles your body’s normal fluids. The body can expel it easily.

soyaAside from these two, other types of implants are available, such as soya oil, which contains purified soy oil and is radiolucent, and hydrogel implants that contain hydrogel fillers. These two are no longer available in the market, because of the risks and possible complications they pose.

Fake Boobs vs. Natural Looking Breast Implants 

fake boobs or the natural onesIf you could choose between the two, which would you rather have – fake boobs or the natural ones? Most women would go for natural looking breast augmentation. However, there are women who still fall for the “fake look.”

Many women think that the “fake look” is normal, thanks to Hollywood celebrities and their unnatural boob jobs. The fake look breast augmentation refers to round, bubbly breasts where you can easily see the outline of the implants. Other characteristics of the fake looking implants are:

  • The implants and breast sit up high on your chest.
  • The cleavage is tight.
  • Your breasts look like you are wearing a permanent push up bra.

The fake look is achieved when the implants are placed over the muscle, like high profile implants.

Overfilling saline implants or using implants that are too large for your chest can also create a phony look.

natural breast implantsOn the other hand, the natural breast implants is when a natural slope takes off from your chest and projects forward towards the nipple. Other characteristics include:

  • Most of the breast volume is in the lower half.
  • The breast has a gentle droop to it.
  • The breast sits at the mid-level of the arm.

If you want to have a natural look, then the implants must fit your chest, be proportional to your body and go under the muscle, not over it. 

Choosing The Best Natural Looking Breast Implants 

Breast implant technology has already established that natural looking breast implants are possible. The question now is what are the criteria in choosing the most natural breast implants for you?

every woman is differentKeep in mind that every woman is different, especially in terms of her preferred size. Still, the criteria remains the same. Here are the things and factors you should remember when you go looking for natural looking breast implants.

  • Silicone Over Saline – Silicone implants are more preferred and look more natural than saline.
    Saline implants only feel like you have a big water balloon inside your chest.
  • Breast Implant Profile – The profile refers to how much a breast implant protrudes forward.
    A low profile means the implant is flat and wide.
    A medium profile has smaller diameter, but projects further out from your body. Lastly, a high profile is narrow in diameter and projects forward the most.
    Also, high profile implants have the most bubble-like appearance to them.
  • take your measurementsBreast Implant Size – Breast implants come in different sizes, which surprisingly, have nothing to do with your desired cup size.
    The implant size is the most difficult decision you have to make.
    Before you go through the surgery, your doctor must first take your measurements to determine which implants fit your chest.
    Therefore, if the size of your implants goes too far your measurement, your boob job will look less natural.
  • Over Or Under The Muscle – This is also another crucial factor especially when you want to have natural breast implants look. At the same time, the placement of implants affects the shape and overall look of your breasts. 

natural look with less visible implantGoing under the muscle gives you a more natural look with less visible implant on top.

This is because the muscle provides extra layer of tissue to hide the edge of the implants.

There is also a lower risk of breast implant hardening or the implant bottoming out. Unfortunately, this type of implant placement is more painful and takes longer for your breasts to “settle down” to its final position.

On the other hand, going over the muscle means it is less painful and allows you to recover quickly. However, it has nothing to do with giving you a “natural look,” because the implant is more visible and easier to feel and it has a bubble-like, rounded look. There is also a higher chance of hardening and rippling is more visible on top, too.

  • Qualified Plastic SurgeonQualified Plastic Surgeon – This is another important factor to consider if you really want a more natural look.
    There are a lot of horror stories from women who went through breast implant surgery from someone who is not well equipped and unqualified.
    So before you go under the knife, always check the doctor’s credentials.
    Ask for his portfolio and if possible, contact his past patients and ask about their experience.

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