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Breast Implant Costs: Safer and More Affordable Alternatives

Today, getting your breasts enhanced through plastic surgery does not need an introduction. More and more women want to feel and look attractive by having their breasts augmented. Of all the options that are available to make the breasts fuller, breast implant surgery is a procedure that has captured the attention of many women all over the globe.

You must be aware of the high breast implant cost. So, if you are wondering if it is worth spending so much money on breast implant surgery, read below.

What Are The Factors That Determine The Breast Implant Cost?

The total cost of breast implants is not limited to the price of the implants.

It includes a few more factors, which should be carefully considered before finalizing your decision to undergo breast implant surgery.

  • Expertise of the Surgeon: The skills, popularity and experience of a surgeon go a long way in determining the total cost for breast implant surgery.
    Your surgeon will have his own cost for doing the procedure. Many surgeons base their fee on the area and the type of facilities they provide.
  • cost of siliconeType of Implant: The average cost of breast implants varies in accordance with the implant used in the procedure. The breast implant costs from a thousand to few thousand dollars depending on the material of the implants.
    The cost of silicone is undoubtedly more than other implant materials. For instance, saline-filled breast implants cost less than other types. Only an expert surgeon can help you choose the type of implant that will work for you.
  • The Price of Each Implant: Some clinics offer a pair of implants while others price the implants individually. You should clarify the details in order to have a clear idea of the breast implants cost as well as how many are offered for a certain price.
  • includes anaesthesiaOther Necessary Costs: You should also determine if the breast implant cost includes anaesthesia, recovery medicines and other surgery charges.
    Some clinics only disclose the cost of the implants and charge extra for the medications.
    If these charges are not included in the total cost, you might end up paying more than you had anticipated. So beware!
  • Location of Surgery: You should be aware that breast implant cost is also determined by your location. The prices for implants will be much higher in bigger cities.
    Also, if you will be traveling to another city to have the breast implant surgery, you should add your traveling and accommodation expenses to the breast implant cost.
  • Extra Cost for Corrective Surgeries: Do not forget about injuries that can be caused by the breast implant surgery. You may need to shell out more money if you need corrective surgery. This fee cannot be calculated before the implant surgery.
  • Follow-up AppointmentsFollow-up Appointments: Even a few years after the breast implant surgery, you may need to visit your surgeon for follow-up appointments.
    An MRI can cost more than a thousand dollars. Some women may prefer to avoid follow-up appointments in order to save money, but they are absolutely necessary to keep you safe and healthy.

Do Insurance Companies Cover The Cost of Breast Implant Surgery?

cost of breast implant surgerySome women think that their insurance company will bear the total breast implant cost.

Unfortunately, most insurance companies only cover the cost of breast implant surgery when it is recommended by doctors as a recovery procedure after a mastectomy.

If you are getting breast implant surgery for cosmetic reasons, you are supposed to fund the cost from your own wallet. Moreover, insurance companies only pay for the main procedure, and any other related problems that occur will be left to you to cover.

Sometimes, insurance companies do not consider breast implant surgery to be a safe option.

‘They can increase your premiums suddenly if you plan to have a surgery of this kind.

Thus, you should be careful and do thorough research before going for a consultation with a breast implant surgeon.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Breast Implants?

Side EffectsYes, there are!

The most common side effect is loss of sensation. This occurs when nerves are injured during the surgery. Another common side effect is losing the ability to breastfeed. This may trouble you if you have planned to breastfeed your baby in the future.

Other risks associated with the surgery are changes in the nipples, formation of hard lumps around the implant, ruptured implants, breast cancer and ongoing breast pain.

Most women worry that after paying a high breast implant cost, they will still be at risk of experiencing side effects.

Let’s explore some natural options so that you can make a sensible decision.

Is There Any Other Effective and Safe Alternative?

Effective and Safe AlternativeUpon learning about all the aspects, risks and cost for breast implant surgery, many women forget about the idea of getting implants to augment their breasts.

Many women are now seeking help from natural treatments that are less risky and highly affordable compared to the cost for breast implants.

An effective natural breast enhancer works in combination to augment your breasts and improve your overall health.

scientific researchYou can find thousands of natural breast enhancers on the Internet. However, you should be careful when choosing one since very few of them are backed by scientific research and have undergone clinical trials.

When looking for a safe natural breast enhancer, ensure that it works internally as well as externally to help you achieve permanent results. Nowadays, you can find natural breast enhancers that are available in two forms.

Such enhancers contain a daily natural supplement composed of natural phytoestrogens that cause breast swelling. They also contain a topical gel that is applied to the breasts to provide firmness and stability.

The Final Recommendation!

A natural treatment for breast augmentation offered by Totalcurve is amazing, safe, affordable and reliable.

Many women have experienced remarkable results with this treatment.

experienced surgeonHowever, if you really want to get breast implant surgery, do not try to save money on it. Breast implant cost is high and you should be ready to spend this amount.

Only use a good and experienced surgeon from a reputable clinic, since going with a new and inexperienced surgeon may lead to further complications.

A poorly done augmentation job is only going to end up requiring a higher overall expense for the corrective surgeries.