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Breast Reduction Surgery: Is It Really the Best Choice for You?

Large breasts may cause a lot of inconvenience. Minor reasons include its massive and distracting look. It also causes serious health conditions such as neck pain, back pain and more. Breast reduction surgery is a good way to resolve many issues.

Breast reduction surgery involves the removal of some tissue and skin from the chest area. This will reshape and reduce the size of the breast to the right dimensions. It can also make the areola look smaller.

Licensed surgeons perform breast reduction surgery in a hospital or surgical center.

General anesthesia is necessary, as this is an invasive kind of operation. The surgeon can also do liposuction alongside the breast reduction process.

Breast lift on the other hand is another form of breast reduction course. With this process, the surgeon removes only the skin to fix drooping or sagging breasts.

What Happens After Breast Reduction Surgery?

After the surgery, the doctor will place gauze over the incisions. An elastic bandage wraps around the breasts. A specialized surgical bra provides additional support. Some cases the doctor will insert a small tube in each breast to collect and drain the blood or fluids.

Pain relievers and antibioticsExpect some level of breast pain after the operation. Swelling and bruising will take place as well. Pain relievers and antibiotics will be helpful to the recovery. Surgical bra also decreases the swelling and aids the breast while they are healing.

You can resume your normal work and regular activities two to three weeks after the breast reduction procedure. Heavy lifting and other intense physical activities are exceptions.

Cost Of Breast Reducing Surgery

Cost Of Breast Reducing SurgeryDue to equipment, general anesthesia, doctor’s fee and other tools needed to complete the process, the cost of breast reduction may be high.

Apart from the actual operation, you may want to include other expenses to your budget.

Pain relievers, antibiotics, hospital rent and other needs will add up. Overall, breast reduction cost may be around six thousand dollars.

Advantages Of Breast Reduction Surgery

modify the size, firm, weight and shapeThe main purpose of breast reduction surgery is to modify the size, firm, weight and shape of the breasts. A woman with large breasts will experience the following advantages if they decided to undergo this procedure.

  • Adds comfort to your daily activities. Large and heavy breasts can cause stress to some parts of your body.
    You may experience neck pains, skin irritation, back pains and posture problems. Breast reduction resolves the above issues.
  • Do more things easily once your breast size and weight are under control.
    Huge breasts may put limitations on your movement.
    It may be very hard to run, duck or walk for long distances.
    Some physical activities are also awkward and painful for women with huge breasts. Undergoing breast reduction process can solve all of these problems.
  • embarrassmentChange your look. There are times when huge breasts can cause embarrassment. It may cause self-consciousness especially when wearing swimsuits and other clothing types.
    After the operation and recovery, it will be easier for women to find clothes that would fit them.
  • Reduction of the areola size. Large breasts cause the dark area around the nipples to grow bigger.
    With the help of breast reduction process, can stop and reduce this growth, creating a better appearance.

Effective Relief

hundred percentMost women who go under the procedure are extremely satisfied. They experienced relief from physical discomfort and they can do things easier now that their breast size and weight are smaller.

Breast reduction surgery guarantees a hundred percent change when it comes to the size, firm, appearance and weight. However, breasts can be larger again due to pregnancy and weight gain.

Preparing For The Surgery

The first thing that you can do is to consult a surgeon or make further research about the procedure. Here are the following steps and suggestions that a surgeon would provide.

  1. Review your overall health and medical historyReview your overall health and medical history.
  2. Explain to you about the effects of breast reduction surgery.
  3. Discuss about the expectations for the breast size and its appearance.
  4. Take pictures of your breasts for record purposes
  5. Explain about the anesthesia they will use in the operation.
  6. Explain about cost and insurance coverage.

Prior to the operation, the surgeon may ask you to do the following things.

  1. Complete required laboratory examinations.
  2. Acquire a mammogram result.
  3. Abstain from smokingAbstain from smoking for some period.
  4. Avoid intake of aspirin, medical supplements and anti-inflammatory drugs.

It is important for a patient to understand everything to manage their expectations. It will also help them to decide on whether they want to continue with the breast reduction surgery.

What To Watch Out For After The Surgery

possible risksBreast reduction procedure may have the same risks as other kinds of major surgeries. You may experience bleeding and infection. Other possible risks include the following.

  • Numbness of nipples and areolae
  • Scars may be visible, but this depends to the kind of incision made by the surgeon.
  • Loss of nipples and areolae
  • Breast-feeding difficulties
  • Unequal size and shape of breasts which may require further surgeries
  • Awkward position of breasts. This also requires further surgeries to improve the appearance.
  • Allergic reaction to materials used on pre and post procedure.
  • Negative reaction to anesthesia
  • Excessive bleeding while undergoing the operation
  • Blood clots which happen rarely
  • Poor recovery from wounds. Women with higher body max index are more likely to experience this condition

may take timeIt may take time for a patient to get used to her new appearance. Weighing its benefits and understanding the above risks will help you finalize your decision.

Breast reduction surgery may cause convenience to women with large breasts. Other than health reasons, women has the option to undergo such procedure in order to change their appearance. Though most of the surgeries are successful, it is still important for women to understand its effects, risks and requirements fully.