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Feminine Persuasion: 10 Ways to Love Being a Woman

 Menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth menopause; these are only some of the many things you have to endure all your life as a woman. Aside from that, there is pressure to have kids and juggle different equally important responsibilities such as being a mom, wife, daughter, friend, worker and colleague, all at the same time. In other words, you have to play different roles using one body, which can be frustrating and exhausting at times.

Yes, you have a home, a decent , a loving husband, smart kids, enough money to help you get by and food on the table. In other words, you have everything you need in life, even if it does not amount to what the Kardashians have. Yet, at the end of the day, many women don’t feel connected with themselves and feel that there is a big, empty space to fill.

If you are one of them, then here are 10 tricks to help you connect to your inner self and bring back some self-love, and eventually bring your life balance back.

1. Emphasize The Positive, Toss The Negative

How easy is it to look at the bad side of things, instead of focusing and reminding yourself of the good things? It’s really easy, right?

Emphasize The PositiveIn fact, as humans, we often focus more on the negative and feel guilty about the things we didn’t do, or on our mistakes. If you constantly do that, then don’t expect to love yourself anytime soon.

The first thing you need to do is stop picking at your mistakes and remind yourself of the good things you do each day. Everyone on this planet has good and bad qualities. Therefore, make a list of the positive things about yourself and make aitmantra to appreciate those qualities. Recite it every time you feel down.

Also, learn how to emphasize your assets. Wear clothes that make you feel good, give yourself compliments and don’t stop challenging yourself. Always look at the bright side. You don’t want sad or worried wrinkles on your face, do you?

2. Work Out More

A workout targets two things: it helps you keep at a healthy weight, and at the same time, makes you feel better. The type of workout will depend on your preference, though. If you love a particular sport or into dancing, then sign up for classes.

Work Out MoreYou can also join your friends every time they go to the gym. Look for a variety of activities that you enjoy doing, and at the same time, something you can dedicate your time to regularly.

The point is, working out to regularly gets you motivated to look better, become more disciplined, live healthily and become more confident about yourself.

Not only that, exercise releases endorphins, aka those happy hormones. This means even without shopping for new clothes, eating ice cream or munching out on chocolates, the simple act of running or swimming could already make you happy. It’s a lot less expensive than snacks and fashions, as well.

3. Treat Yourself Once In A While

get a makeoverSplurging is not advisable; however, there’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a treat once in a while, especially for a well done.

Buy those shoes you’ve been eyeing for months, watch a movie, get a makeover, or go out with some friends on Friday night. If time and permits, go on a nice vacation.

Treating yourself and allowing yourself to experience the good things in life will make you feel better. At the same time, you will learn to love yourself more.

4. Learn New Skills

get your diplomaWho says you can only learn in school? Apparently, learning doesn’t stop in the four corners of a classroom or as soon as you get your diploma.

One of the best things about being a woman and a human being in general is that there is always room for improvement.

This means the possibilities are endless. You can start with cooking or baking. If being in the kitchen is not your forte, then you could learn a new language, craft, sport or musical instrument.

The important thing is to go outside of your comfort zone from time to time. It makes you smarter, more open-minded and more interesting. It opens up a lot of possibilities, too.

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Feel The Pain

Don’t Be Afraid To Feel The PainMost people, especially women, are not fond of pain or getting hurt. However, pain and other feelings are informational.

This means you may not get them at first, but all feelings are meant to teach you something.

Therefore, learn to embrace all sorts of feelings, including the bad ones. Staying away from them and refusing to face them won’t make you feel better about yourself.

Pain, regrets, disappointment, frustration and negativity are not there to tell you are weak. They are supposed to help you become a better, stronger person.

Take responsibility of your feelings. Don’t run away from them.

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Share Your Accomplishments

When you achieved something, being arrogant means putting the spotlight on yourself even if others are no longer listening. That’s not the proper way to do it.

Share Your AccomplishmentsThere’s nothing wrong with talking about your accomplishments, especially when you have worked hard for them. When someone asks you how you lost weight, got promoted or nailed that presentation, answer them.

But be careful, especially in your manner of answering. People might think you are overconfident. Maintain that honest, but humble tone as much as possible.

7. Help Other People

Helping others is more than just extending a helping hand. Take the case of Chris Pratt and Chris Evans, who recently visited a hospital in Seattle.

Help Other PeopleAside from dressing up as their hero counterparts, they made the sick kids happy and forget about their conditions even for a few hours.

That doesn’t end there. When they get home, they will surely feel good knowing that they helped someone and made others happy.

The same goes for you. It won’t hurt if you take some time off to help others. It could be helping an older lady cross the street, giving food to a stranger, or watching over your neighbor’s kids while they’re away. When you help others, you learn to appreciate the good things about your life and remind you how blessed you are. In return, this makes you feel good about yourself.

8. Don’t Let Others Invade Your Brain

In life, you will meet two different people: those who will encourage you to do better, and those who will constantly look at your mistakes and bring you down.

Don’t Let Others Invade Your BrainDon’t surround yourself with people in the second category. Unfortunately, they are everywhere. No matter how fast you run away from them, they will always find a way to come knocking at your door.

If that happens, don’t mind them. They will do nothing but discourage you, tell you to give up and say bad things about you.

It’s up to you now if you will listen to them and let them take over your brain. However, this won’t get you anywhere. In that case, get rid of these people. Don’t let them get you down and feel bad about yourself. You deserve better.

9. It’s All About Acceptance

You know what they always say, you have to love yourself first before you can learn to love others. Start by accepting yourself.

love yourselfYou are who you are, and no one can change that. You may tweak it a bit, get rid of bad habits, improve on your good qualities,but at the end of the day, it’s all about you.

Hence, accept yourself. Accept your past, your mistakes, regrets and failures. No matter how bad it seems, they are part of who you are as a person. These helped you shape who you are today. The reasons why you did something may not be acceptable to other people, but the important thing is you learned from your bad decisions and mistakes.

Once you start accepting yourself, including the bad things about you, it will be easier for you to love yourself more than ever.

10. Don’t Stop Believing, Hold On To That Feeling

Journey made this song famous for a reason. This may not be the real intent of the band, but the song, particularly this line tells you to never stop believing in yourself and working on your goals.

achieve that dreamEveryone has a dream. The question now is, what you are doing in order to achieve that dream? Take small steps to achieve those goals. Have faith in yourself that you can do it. Don’t let those humps get in the way.

You will meet people who will constantly let you down and tell you that you can’t do it. Don’t mind them.

Life is too short. Don’t put that into waste. Chase your dreams while you still can.

Pope Francis once said, “Women can see things from a different angle to us, with a different eye. Women are able to pose questions we men are unable to understand.” When you are feeling down and you need an instant boost to make you feel better, remember those lines – and these 10 tips – and you’ll learn to love yourself again.