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10 Ways Women Drive Men Crazy with Their Breasts

Boobs – a powerful ammunition for women in terms of sexuality and attracting men. That is a fact that has long been observed in the world of the sexes. If you want to get his attention, unbutton your blouse just enough for him to see hints of your breasts. If there’s too much tension or argument, flaunt your twins to move his tension elsewhere. If you want to seduce him, wear a tight-fitting blouse that dips just right on your boobs.

There are just so many ways that you can use your two bouncing buddies to your advantage. Add to that is the fact that men are not hard to attract, especially if you give them a visual.

Curious creatures that they are, they will yearn and double their efforts just to see more. That’s not sexism, that’s just how the nature of men and women work.

So imagine how we go crazy over men’s six packs and that v-shape on their hips where their cling to and multiply that by four – that is how men feel when they see the twilight of your boobs.

Don’t be coy and feel guilty about using your body to get a man’s attention. That’s how it works. And if you want to attract or seduce someone and don’t really know the ins and outs of Flirting 101, this list may just be your best buddy. So sit back and take notes. When you finish reading, you’ll know how to use your breasts so well, he’ll have a hard time looking you in the eye.

1. If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

tiny part of your cleavageRule number one in using your boobs: flaunt, flaunt, flaunt! Your size really does not matter.

As long as you wear the right push up bra that can give you that cleavage that men always stumble for, you’re good.

What’s especially good about this technique is that you can always adjust the “flaunt” capacity based on what you are comfortable with.

Meaning you can show half of your breasts out of your dress, if you are that bold, or you can just push out a tiny part of your cleavage, just enough to make him see a hint of your boobs. This long used technique works so well, he’ll have a hard time looking at your face.

2. Do The Boob Grind

Want to drive him crazy and drag you home fast? The boob grind technique will work best for you. This technique can also be used as foreplay.

touch your boobs with any part of his bodyPicture this: in a crowded train or bus or any public place where it’s elbow to elbow, move closer to him and touch your boobs with any part of his body.

It could be his arms, his chest or his back, as long as he gets the feel of your softness.

The action will drive him crazy with the knowledge that there is not skin friction because you have your clothes on. That and the fact that he can’t do anything about it at the moment, since you’re in a public place and all that. The idea that he will have to wait until you get home, so that you can boob grind him skin to skin will have him dragging your home in no time.

2. Dress To Impress

Wear sexy lingerieYou know how you wear nice clothes to look pretty? Well, it’s the same thing with your boobs. Men appreciate it if you take extra effort in adding adornment to your boobs.

Wear sexy lingerie – those lacy, see-through, innocent-looking lingerie are something that men know how to appreciate like a Picasso artwork.

Wearing lingerie that is especially made for your intimate moments is a major turn on for him. The silky and lacy fabric just has something about them that men find sexy and hot. Seeing you in a slinky, silky set of lingerie would tease him and drive him crazy that he will have a hard time to decide whether to undress you or keep your lingerie on while he makes love to you.

4. Put Your Boobs Under Glass

showers that have glass partitionsThis can be perfect if you have showers that have glass partitions or glass windows. Give your partner a little show of your boobies by pressing them against the glass and calling his attention. Your boobs will be in perfect display in all its glory for him to see.

The action is so insanely hot and sexy,you’ll have him kneeling in front of the glass and worshipping your boobies. You might even encourage him to join you in the shower to have a little shower fun.

5. Bounce Them Up And Down

Jumping upJumping up and down the bed or a trampoline makes his eyes twinkle, not because of how pretty you are when you jump.

Although that may be true, it comes in second to the fact that your boobs are bouncing up and down while you jump and that is what is really getting his attention.

It’s not really a secret that men love boobs. He loves them even more if he sees how plump and bouncy they are when you bounce them around, giving him ideas on just how plump and full they can be when he gets his hands on your boobies. So, add a little bounce to your walk or act all cutesy when you are on a bed and give your boobs a little shake to turn him on.

6. Straddle And Muffle His Face

sit on his frontYes, with your boobs. This is an absolutely hot and bold technique to do, but the benefits are just great, you’re crazy to pass up an opportunity.

While he sits on a chair, straddle his lap and sit on his front. This position will give him a parallel angle with your boobs to his face and will give him full access to plant his face on your breasts.

This is also great when you are doing the deed in this position. You’ll pleasure him not only down there, but also up to his face where he can do whatever he wants with your boobs.

This action will drive you both crazy and will turn you both on so hard you won’t be able to see straight.

7. Do The Slow, Sexy Dance

Sexy DanceAsk any man and he will tell you that a slow, sexy striptease is a big yes for him. In the art of seduction, slow dancing will give him the perfect view of your curves and just how flexible you can be when he finally makes love to you.

When doing your sexy strip tease, put emphasis on your boobs as well. Touch them, move them, caress them, any way to give him an idea how you want to be touched while you sway your hips left and right. This technique will have him hot and bothered so fast, you won’t finish your whole dance without his hands all over you.

8. Use Your Boobs To Get Him There

Use Your Boobs To Get Him ThereYes, that was a euphemism of the action of making him orgasm by using your boobs to get him off. Sure, the whole sex is always great with the sex organs, but sometimes you need a little twist to spice things up.

So apart from your vagina and your mouth, your boobs can also be his glorified gems that can get him to the brink.

The action is so hot and intense it will blow his brains out with pleasure. He’ll just be thankful enough to give you an orgasm that is equally earth-shattering as how you did him.

9. Go Braless Once In A While

Go Braless
Photo by Fashionby He / CC BY

Once in a while, surprise him by going braless during a casual day out or a dinner date. When a breeze catches your blouse and you give him a little peep show of your breasts, it will drive him crazy just enough for him to take you home right away.

Add to that is the idea that you don’t have anything underneath your clothes will have him hot and bothered fast.

10. The All-Time Technique: The Wet T Shirt

A subtle and innocent yet very bold, hot and sexy technique in showing off your boobs and driving him crazy is going wet and wild with a wet shirt on you.

Basically, a wet shirt –the unprinted or white ones – will show everything underneath it.

wet shirtSo if wet hair looks fresh, a wet t-shirt showing everything inside it just drops the hot bomb for being sexy and sizzling, especially if you have nothing else on underneath.

You don’t need to have large or small boobs to execute the tips you’ve learned here. It’s plain and simple: men have loved breasts since the beginning of time, and they like them even better if you use them to your advantage to drive them crazy. Just like with men and their tools, size does not matter. It’s how you use your boobs to tease him and to pleasure him that matters, and that is exactly what you will do.

So, pull out that push up bra. Stand up or sit down with a chest-out posture. Flaunt whatever you’ve got. Give your man some boob-action and blow his brains out with pleasure. He will love and thank you for it.