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Silicone Breast Forms: 5 Innovations for Women in Need

Silicone breast forms are nearest to the real ones. This is the most popular kind, due to its lifelike appearance and quality. They come in a variety of size and shapes to suit people of different chest size or breast structure. Apart from this, a silicone breast form, which is of great quality, can shield you from perspiration, making it quite comfortable to wear.

The silicone forms have a great ability to replicate a natural breast. They also are a good fit, as they mold to the chest wall perfectly. With many sizes and shapes available in the market, you can surely find something that you can use for whatever purpose it may serve.

What Is A Breast Form?

Breast forms have important uses when it comes to the overall appearance of an individual. It simulates the breast for different purposes.

One of the known benefits of breast prostheses is that it helps breast cancer patients to restore the posture of their chest. It has two types, which are silicone and non-silicone.

Popular Silicone Forms

people have different kinds of skinIt is recommendable for everyone to try different brands of silicone forms in the market. What works for other people may not work for you. Since people have different kinds of skin, you may end up with something that will be irritating to your body. Testing a variety of silicone breast forms will help you discover what is best for you.

Many companies are producing silicone breast forms. Amoena, Classique, Nearly Me and Silique are a few of the many silicone manufacturers around. Check the popular products of silicone forms below:

  • lightweightAmoena Contact Brought by new Comfort+ technology by the company, the Amoena contact is lightweight. Apart from this, the Amoena’s contact form has an adhesive back feature. Powered by little pearl-shaped protrusions, you can attach the silicone form without the help of tape.
    Though the stickiness will lose after a long time, it remains sticky enough especially if you will be using a safe pocketed bra.


This silicone form product has two big advantages. This is a light form, as some part of the pressure will be shouldered directly by your chest.

Aside from its weight, Amoena contact feels more like it is a part of your body due to its ability to stick.

  • temperature-equalizing featureAmoena Natura This silicone form on the other hand has a temperature-equalizing feature that controls body heat.
    With this special layer, perspiration on body parts wearing the form will be reduced. It is recommended by some women, due to their improved skin comfort.
    They specifically design Amoena Natura for women to wear with a regular pocketed bra. It comes in a lot of shapes and projections.
  • TLC’s Comfort – Lite Form This silicone form is a combination of three layers made up of silicone gel, hypoallergenic fabric backing and polyurethane beads. This is another lightweight silicone form that looks natural and soft at the same time.
  • solve the problems with perspirationTrulife BodiCool This product is a specialized form to solve the problems with perspiration. As it name implies, it is equipped with cooling cushions to keep the body comfortable and fresh.This silicone breast form is available in oval and triangle shapes.
  • Trulife Silk Connect This particular form shares the same benefits with the Amoena Contact. Silk Connect is also attachable and lightweight but this is much gentler.


Silicone breast form plays an important role for people who went under the process of mastectomy. With this, breast cancer patients will be able to restore their breast temporarily before surgery can permanently solve the problem.

TransgenderBenefits For Transgender

Cross-dressers and pre-hormonal transgender women make use of silicone breast form to display a feminine breast perfectly. They can partner it with cleavage enhancement for a flawless illusion. Cleavage tops are also available, which are distributed to the Transgender community.

Disadvantages Of Silicone Breast Forms

Though silicone breast forms have tremendous advantages, they can still cause an inconvenience at some point.

A wearer will can notice those upon fitting or while they are in the middle of their day. Here are the following complaints that may arouse with the usage of silicone forms.

  • uncomfortable to wearSome forms can be heavy and tiring to wear. Larger sizes of silicone forms are uncomfortable to wear and may cause pain on your shoulders.Too much weight can cause big problems to your overall health and posture.
  • Warm weather and too much physical activities may cause too much perspiration. This can also happen even though you are wearing a comfortable pocketed bra. Some products, especially the bigger ones are prone to more heat, which produces sweat. It can cause the attachment agents to wear off.

New Versions Of Silicone Breast Forms

New VersionsManufacturers are listening to women and other users of silicone breast forms. Companies are working its best to come up with the more a comfortable and lifelike form. Because of this, some enhancements were done and the latest versions of silicone forms may have the below upgrades.

  • Major silicone breast form producers have already came up with a technology that would make the new versions ultra-lightweight. This promises a reduction of 20 to 50 percent in silicone forms, adding comfort to every user.
  • Perspiration issues in wearing silicone will be resolved with cooler forms. Teaming it up with lightness will ensure a positive impact on every silicone breast form wearers.
  • feminine physiqueMakers are constantly performing upgrades to the quality of the silicone form attachment. Companies are coming up with something that will support the body from carrying the weight of the silicone breast form.

Silicone breast form is a practical way to create an illusion of a perfect feminine physique. There are many brands silicone form to choose from, and everyone should test each product to find what is best for them. Users must also understand that companies are still finding ways on how to produce a better silicone form to eliminate or reduce the minor disadvantages.