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Silicone Breast Enhancers: 6 Simple Steps for Proper Use

Silicone breast enhancers provide multiple benefits to women and some members of transgender community. Apart from this, they are also a risk free option and an inexpensive solution when it comes to enhancing the size or form of the breasts.

transgenderSome women who undergo the mastectomy process can use this as a temporary solution before a reconstructive surgery takes place. Women and hormonal transgender who are not satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts often rely to silicone enhancers, as well.

For people who want to improve the appearance of their breasts without a risky operation, silicone breast enhancers are of a big help.

Breasts surgeries are expensive and the use of enhancers can help you save more money. The usage of this material is very easy and you can accomplish this with just a few simple steps.

Benefits Of Silicone Breast Enhancers

You can experience some major benefits with silicone-made breast enhancers. They offer a natural feel, shape and appearance. Apart from this, it can save you from the worry of financial strain and fear of cosmetic surgery procedures. Here are some other advantages:

  • Return To Normal Lifestyle And Appearance. As many people know, a mastectomy surgery can leave scars and big impact on someone’s self-image. Having uneven, deformed or decreased breasts can cause stress, frustration and low self-esteem for women.

With silicone-made breast enhancers, you can come back after an operation and feel good about yourself. Since it offers natural movement and appearance, women may also feel that they are whole again. It can also help recovering patients of breast cancer from the trauma that has impacted their lives and self-confidence.

  • people of transgender communityEnhance Your Look. Some women were born with smaller breast size.
    Some also possess uneven and deformed shapes of breasts. Silicone breast optimizers can help correct these flaws without the need for an expensive cosmetic surgery.
    Aside from women, people of transgender community can also benefit from the natural look and feel that it provides.
  • Safe and Effective. Apart from its natural movement, appearance and feel, silicone breast enhancers are proven safe and effective.
    This makes it an ultimate breast form choice for people who went under mastectomy.
    It comes from different sizes and shape that matches a patient’s build. These enhancers are long lasting, durable and fit for water activities.

Six Step By Step Guide on How To Use Silicone Breast Enhancers

The use of silicone-made breast enhancers is easy for most people. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • online shopsPurchase the silicone breast enhancers that you desire. They come in different sizes and you can find them in lingerie stores. You can also find those in online shops.
  • Remove the silicone breast optimizers from the packaging.
  • Wear a comfortable bra, which is a bit larger than your breasts. Leave an extra room for the enhancers, as they will fill up a huge space in your bra.
  • Lift one breast up with your hand while wearing the bra.
    Use your other hand to insert the silicone breast enhancer. Place it under your breast and make some adjustments.
    Continue to fix the adjustment of your breast and breast enhancer to find the most comfortable position for both.
  • Look at the mirrorDo step number four with the other breast.
  • Look at the mirror to see if everything looks even and natural. Feel the breast enhancer and make further adjustments if it isn’t comfortable.

More Tips On How To Use Silicone Breast Enhancers

Wearing breast enhancers made of silicone is an easy thing to do. There are various purposes for putting on this useful product.

Here are some additional tips on how you use them depending on your intent:

intensified volume of breasta. For Enhanced Volume

If you want an intensified volume of breast, you can obtain this feat with silicone breast optimizers.

By correctly wearing and adjusting the enhancer, you can make your breasts a cup size bigger than the usual.

  • Select the right size of bra. It should be a couple cup sizes larger than your true breasts.
  • Purchase silicone breast optimizer that can stay in your breasts for an improved size. You can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes. Silicone enhancers with nipple effect are also available.
  • Face a mirror while trying to wear the bra and enhancer.
  • Place on each breast enhancers in your breasts, inside your bra, beneath your skin. This will make your breast look intensified and attractive.
  • Make necessary adjustments.

Lift Up The Breastsb. To Lift Up The Breasts

For sagging breasts due to mastectomy or other causes, silicone-made breast enhancers can give it a fix.

  • Select the kind of enhancers that fit the curve underneath your breasts
  • Place one push-up silicone breast optimizer under the curve, the core of your bra, amid the skin.
  • Continue to adjust until it seemed to look good and comfortable

c. Improved CleavageFor Improved Cleavage

In order to bring back your lost cleavage or further enhance its appearance, you can also make use of breast enhancers made of silicone. Choose the kind of enhancers that you can attach under the breasts.

  • Face the mirror while trying to wear the bra and enhancer.
  • Place the enhancers in the lower exterior side of your bra. Put these between your breast and interior part of the bra.
  • Face the edge upward and it must also feel comfortable for you.
  • Look at the mirror to see if the cleavage created is enough.
  • Make necessary alterations until you came up with the best result.

get the right sizeSilicone breast enhancers provide convenience and multiple benefits to users. They come in a lot of forms, sizes, features and shapes to fit women of different sizes and preferences.

For you to be able to experience the maximum advantages, take your time to find the best ones for you. Make sure to get the right size bra to get the best fit for your breast enhancers made from silicone.