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The .70 Ratio: The Math Behind Men’s Hourglass Attraction

For all women who believe they need to be thin to be attractive: boy, do we have news for you. The results are in and men are not into beanpoles. Contrary to popular belief, more and more men are claiming there is something else they look for, but what exactly is it?

If one looks at all women throughout advertising, such as models, actresses, and even some pop stars, then weight appears to be the determining factor of attractiveness. However, studies are proving it is the .70 ratio that does the trick for most men.

So, What Exactly Is the .70 Ratio?

For those of you afraid of any mathematics, have no fear. We have made it relatively easy for you. The size measurements of all women are measured using bust, waist, and hip size.

A measuring tape measures the circumference of each area and the numbers are recorded.

The bust line is measured underneath the breasts, the waist is relatively below the ribs, and the hips are calculated around the hipbones.

The .70 ratio can be calculated once the measurements are done. In order to have the .70 ratio, the width of the waist must be 70 percent of the hips. Still not getting it? The hips should be larger than the waist. And, if there is approximately a 70 percent ratio from waist to hip, then the perfect hourglass figure is reached.

Scarlett Johansson's figure
Photo by Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA

Take for example a woman who measures at 34-23-35. These measurements measure to approximately 67 percent, so the woman should be pretty curvy. Wondering who measures up? This is the math of Scarlett Johansson’s figure.

Looking at the history of the .70 ratio, the logic makes sense. While Playboy models used to be larger than those today, think back to the days of Marilyn Monroe, the .70 ratio is still there. Many Victoria’s Secret models and actually fit the .70 ratio, despite being remarkably thin.

If you are still having trouble understanding the ratio, think about this. Most men have a 90 percent waist to hip ratio, since they tend to have less shape and figure than women.

How Do We Know It Works?

physically attractiveAs always, there is a scientific study to back up this phenomenon.

Researchers wanting to know what men look for when they “check out” a woman, or essentially size a woman up to see if they are physically attractive.

Researchers showed men pictures of naked women who were all posed the same way: upward from the front or back. Most importantly, all of the women spanned different waist-to-hip ratios. The results were astounding. Men ranked women who were closest to a .70 ratio the highest, despite weight.

In addition to these ratings, researchers also studied the rapid eye movement of the men to see where they were looking and to what extent they were focused. The results were separated for front and back facing pictures.

For the rear facing pictures, men fixated on the midriff and derriere for the entire time. Front facing pictures proved the myth that breasts do matter. But, interestingly enough men studied the breasts for a short time before moving on to the midriff section.

Researchers notedResearchers noted that men observed the midriff area for a longer time than the breasts.

And that they were in that exact order: breasts first, and midriff after. It is almost as if it was just a check to make sure the breasts were there before moving to the curves.

The most astounding find is that the men did not pay much attention to breasts, as we all would assume. Instead, they moved rapidly from breasts to waistline and hips. Therefore, stressing the importance of an appealing waist-to-hip ratio.

After this study, scientists then moved on to look into why it is that men are attracted to a voluptuous figure. Researchers have noted that waist-to-hip ratio denotes sexual behavior. Women who have a more voluptuous figure have had a greater number of partners in the bedroom and have intercourse earlier in life. Moreover, they are more likely to explore beyond their relationship – ah hem, become unfaithful, if you catch our drift.

women who have a more curvaceous figureIt seems outrageous, but the studies have proven it all to be true. In addition to these statistic-based findings, scientists have also taken an evolutionary stance.

Throughout history, women who have a more curvaceous figure are more fertile and therefore likely to have children with great ease.

Rewinding to a few centuries ago, reproduction was key to a lasting relationship. So, these “child bearing hips,” would be extremely attractive to any man. In fact, reproduction is innately embedded into our brains as something to look for in a mate. So, essentially men are programmed to be interested in a flattering figure.

What Does This Mean for Women?

Now that we know that this .70 ratio can help to make us more appealing. Let’s talk about what this all means for women. Are we telling you to diet and become thinner? No.

Are we telling you to go to extreme measures to fix your natural figure? No. Well, then what is it that we can do to achieve this .70 measurement?

overweight have more curvesFirst and foremost, it is important to note that weight has absolutely nothing to do with the ratio. In fact, women who tend to be deemed as overweight have more curves than those skinny minis. So get it out of your head that you need to lose weight.

If, of course, you are trying to lose weight, then go for it. If you think you should lose some weight around your waistline to make it more pronounced as compared to your hips, then yes. But please know that the .70 ratio has nothing to do with weight.

If you measure yourself and realize that your ratio is larger than you would like, remember that above .70 means a more narrow figure, similarly to most men, then we have a few steps that you can consider. Also, remember that if your ratio falls below the .70 ratio then this means you are super curvy and should not try to drastically change anything. You’re attractive enough; leave some room for the rest of us.

Here is our list of what you can do to improve your waist-to-hip ratio. Do remember that this will be different for everyone. Some would like to minimize their waist while others may want to build their hips:

The Waist1. The Waist: The first order of business is to measure that waistline.

Ask yourself if you believe it is where it should be. If not, then diet will play a key role in losing weight around your midline.

Consuming large amounts of sugary foods and drinks allows for a buildup of tummy fat.

Sugar includes fructose and glucose, and the intestines cannot process the fructose fast enough. Instead, it is converted to fat and forwarded to the belly. And, this is absolutely what we want to avoid.

Therefore, if you are looking to slim your waist down, analyze your diet first. Believe us when we say that any other measures will not have the appropriate effect if you do not first examine what you are eating. A diet rich in proteins, healthy fats, and necessary carbohydrates will yield a healthy body. Drinking plenty of water boost metabolism. So, be sure to hydrate adequately.

Cardio exercises are greatIn order to lose weight, the body has to consume fewer calories than it is burning. This is why working out plays a role in weight loss. Once you have your diet in check, it is important to look into what physical activity you can partake in.

Cardio exercises are great. But, you do not necessarily have to run marathons to lose the weight. In fact, new studies are showing that a balance of cardio and strength training optimizes weight loss. If the diet and exercise is not enough, then there are other products out there, such as fat burners or waist trimmers.

You wear them around your belly and they are said to melt the fat right away. Make sure to do your research and invest in a reputable company before purchasing right away. Also, remember to be sure to look at diet and exercise first.

The Hips2. The Hips: The waist may not be the only thing you would like to alter. In addition to slimming the waist, you can always work on enlarging the hip area.

Of course we are not suggesting you to make your hips wider. But, there are actually a few things you can do to make your body much more curvaceous down there.

Gluteus Maximus exercises are all the rage now, yes, that’s right. We are talking about building a butt. Strength training exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and lunges can all help to build a bigger booty.

By the way, this will be a nice, firm booty, not some squishy, fatty thing. Everyone can benefit from these exercises. So, get to squatting today.

If strength training is not exactly your forte, then you can hop on some cardio machines and target your hip area. For example: a stair master can give you a great butt workout if you set it on a difficult level so that it is more of a muscular challenge than cardio.

A treadmill can be set to an incline, which works wonders for your legs in general, and you can perform sideways lunges on a treadmill. Just be careful.

herbal supplement3. More Help for You: If these options seem to do nothing for you, then there are other means to become curvier. Perhaps your ratio is already there, and you are still not satisfied with your figure.

Companies such as Total Curve are there to help. Taking the natural, herbal supplement from will help you achieve that flattering figure you have always dreamed of. There is nothing to be ashamed of when seeking outside help for your body. So, buy a natural, effective supplement today to find yourself feeling sexier than ever.