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Evolution and 3 Reasons for Man’s Quest for Bigger Breasts

It is no secret that breasts are enjoyable. Men and women alike agree that breasts are an important physical feature on a woman. Men love to play with them. And, women love men to play with them. What is there to lose?

The issue begins when women feel like their breasts are inadequate. After all, aren’t all men interested in bigger breasts?

Studies are beginning to prove that it is not size that matters. Men are simply interested in breasts in general. However, there need to be a few common characteristics in these attractive breasts, not necessarily a DD. Here are the facts on what men love about breasts:

1. Men Like Perky Breasts: They do not really need to be huge, but rather perky and active. Studies show that it is this perkiness over size that really matters. This is because larger breasts tend to flop—think of the physics, people.

grapes or tangerines2. Men Like A Handful: While size may not matter per say, they still need to be a handful.

Do you remember the old fruit comparison?
Some breasts are oranges, some are grapefruits, and some are melons.
Size is not too important, so long as you are not dealing with grapes or tangerines. Get it?

3. Men Like Sensitive, Titillating Nipples: Men like sensitive, titillating – no pun intended, nipples. Large, fake breasts tend to result in the losing of sensitivity.

the question that arisesAnd, the results show that men simply do not dig this. Therefore, instead of rushing to consult plastic surgery, it is advisable to find another means to enlarge those breasts.

Now the question that arises is – why are men fascinated with breasts? Why is it that the breasts should be a particular size? Remember, no grapes, ladies.

Here’s Why Men Love Healthy, Decently Sized Breasts

Scientists Larry Young, a psychiatry professor at Emory University, chose to study social behaviors, particularly men’s fascination with larger breasts.

evolutionHe had a feeling that evolution played a primary role in this love for breasts. So, he sought to prove it.

His findings proved that men’s love for breasts compares to an infant’s obsession with their mother’s breasts. The mother-infant connection created when breast-feeding translates to couples as well. Therefore, men, similarly to babies, simply love boobs.

Don’t worry. There’s no need to be freak out. Young claims that this analogy is created from the circuits within the brain. It’s not like all men are acting like babies or creeps purposely. Their genetics allow this desire to form.

Blame it On Evolution, Baby

Specifically, nipples of a woman get activated when she feeds her baby.

This causes the drug oxytocin to floods her nervous system and allows for her to connect on a completely foreign level with her child.

Similarly, when a man stimulates the same response from a woman’s nipples, the oxytocin still flows. There may be a whole new foundation to calling your lover your baby.

researchIn addition to this study, Young has furthered his research by proving that nipple stimulation links to genital stimulation, as well. When the nipples are stimulated, this oxytocin is released and as opposed to a connection with an infant, the woman is now focusing on her partner and becoming more sexually bonded with them.

Therefore, nipple activation leads towards sexual attraction when it is performed by a sexual partner, not a baby.

The attraction to breasts, according to Young, is stemming from evolution. Due to this consistent positive effect, evolution has allowed for this brain organization in men to make them drawn to breasts for sexual context. This is similar to a bug that is drawn to light.

partnershipWith the end known result being a sexual connection, men know that the breasts are the key to unlock this partnership. Breasts, according to Young, are the key to the female bonding circuit. It is the behavior to use the breasts that has evolved and allowed for men to know they have sexual outcomes.

Other Animals Have Nipples… Why Don’t They Use Them Then?

Interestingly enough, most animals have nipples. But, you never see those using nipples as a means for sexual connectivity.

most animals have nipplesYoung claims that this is due to the fact that humans are really the only form of mammals to create monogamous relationships.

Approximately 97 percent of mammals do not form these bonds. So, there is really no need to be sexually attracted to the partner. Sex is a means of reproduction, and that is it.

In addition to this fact, there is also the issue that we have sex differently than most mammals. Humans, usually, have sex facing one another, which allows for nipple stimulation much easier than any other position.

Any mammal performing a doggy-style type position, or others, so go ahead and take a minute to think creatively, cannot have direct access easily to the female’s nipples. Young claims that the history of sexuality within our species has caused a greater attraction and access to breasts.

In fact, this attraction to breasts occurs in all straight males as they progress through puberty. Men are automatically drawn to breasts because evolution has deemed breasts to be this magnet for sexual content.

So, Do the Breasts Have to Be Big?

Now, that we know according to Young and the rest of the world that the breasts are important.

using his theoryHowever, the question arises how large do they need to be? Young claims that the argument of larger breasts cannot stand using his theory.

Young states that men prefer larger breasts due to his theory. Remember his theory basically states that men are attracted to women through evolutionary reasons. However, the fat that would fill the breasts would do nothing to help reproduce. Men have no need to be choosy if they are having sex solely for reproduction, which is the basis of Young’s argument.

Other researchers disagree with Young, however. For example, Fran Mascia-Lees states that not all men are attracted to breasts. There are cultural differences. For example, women in Africa sometimes bare their breasts, and men are not staring at them all day long. Therefore, the culture and society influences how men view the breasts, as opposed to an evolutionary influence.

The Non-Believers

petting a dogNaturally, with research comes a dissenter. Some people out there claim to believe that this is all just a bunch of hooey.

For one thing, oxytocin is released through many different activities such as giving birth, petting a dog, even enjoying watching a movie can release oxytocin.So, what is so special about oxytocin and men loving big boobs?

There is no exact proof in the pudding. Some men love butts more than bosom while others love big fake boobs. This is what makes us unique human beings. However, what is undeniable is that a nice pair of breasts is something to marvel at regardless of their size.

Tell Me What I Want to Know: What Can I Do To Have Bigger Breasts?

Regardless of the argument, some women would simply like to have fuller, voluptuous breasts without the plastic surgery.

Here are some of our tips for naturally larger breasts:

gain larger appearing breasts in the gymPectoral Exercises: That’s right. You can gain larger appearing breasts in the gym.

The pectoral muscles are not a part of the breasts.But, they do situate nicely behind the breasts.

Think of this as adding some padding behind the breast. In enhancing your pectoral muscles, your breasts will appear larger.

Some great targeted pectoral exercises include push-ups, fly lifts, and wall presses all aim to enhance the chest area, and for women this is ideal for making breasts appeal larger.

perform a classic, effective push up
Photo by Mike Baird / CC BY

To perform a classic, effective push up: start with your belly on the floor with your hands immediately below your shoulders. Push your body up into a plank position slowly until you strengthen out through your arms and rise onto your toes.

Now lower yourself to the ground without letting your knees cave in or your stomach to touch the floor. If push-ups are too difficult at first, you can always keep your knees on the floor to start. You will still feel the burn in your chest without the weight of your entire body on your arms.

food and drinks you consumeDiet: The food and drinks you consume do actually affect your breast size. Eating more estrogen and phytoestrogen can help breast size grow.

Actually eating and gaining weight in general can help improve cup size. Avoiding things like coffee, caffeine, and birth control pills can also help your booming bosom efforts.

Phytoestrogen is present within many nuts, fruits, green beans, and even wine. Estrogen is present in foods such as dairy products, fenugreek seeds, beets, carrots, cucumbers, Lima and kidney beans, and chickpeas, and even some spices.

  • A Little Stuffing: There is, of course, the old fashion way of deceit. Push up bras, chicken cutlets, and boob tapes are all readily available over the counter or even online. For an affordable price, you can pay to have larger looking breasts.

Where is the problem with this? Well, once you get naked of course. The truth comes out a little at a time. And, we hope he was not only with you for the boobage you do not have.

  • drug storesOther Additional Support: Believe it or not, there are many natural supplements available for you online and in drug stores that can help you become curvier. We highly recommend as Total Curve offers an affordable, natural pill to help your bust size grow.

So, it’s clear now. Most men love boobs, and women love for men to love our boobs. Regardless of the logic or reasoning, breasts play a major role in our society. So, let them out and do everything you can to take care of those puppies. We guarantee no one in your life will be sorry you did.