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10 Most Curvaceously Bootilicious Celebrities Today

Celebrities work strenuously hard to maintain the body that they have. Apart from their amazing talents, a wonderful body sits high with their priorities. You see, an audience-loving performance can get you far, but if you factor in a jaw-dropping body, that can get you farther.

It is without question that celebrities invest a lot in keeping their body in shape. They focus on their assets or what it is that they could flaunt, and flaunt they do. This is show business, after all.

Here are the 10 most curvaceously bootilicious stars who put the ass in asset.

1. Jennifer Lopez

When it comes to butts and celebrities, one person always comes to mind. So, it is without a doubt that Jennifer Lopez tops the list of the most curvaceously bootilicious celebrity of today.

Not only does she top the charts with her hits such as Jenny from the Blockand Dance Again, the singer-actress also boasts of her 27 million-dollar insured booty. Now, that’s a lot of money for a butt, but looking at Jennifer Lopez, it is all worth it.

When it comes to flaunting, Jenny does not disappoint. She knows what she has and she is proud to show the world what they don’t have. Jennifer Lopez has brought fashion back into women with big curves on the backside and because of this, her ass standards will live on for a long time.

2. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
Photo by Glenn Francis / CC BY-SA

Running a close second to Lopez is the most talked about socialite and TV personality, Kim Kardashian. A businesswoman, model and actress, Kim is around so many things you would wonder how she gets things done with all that booty behind her.

Kim’s backside has always been lauded by many, despite the controversies that she’s been in. Leave her ass alone, people.

Kim Kardashian’s booty is an envy of many women and has had many gentlemen dream about her, day and night. Add to that her other assets, like her perfect hair, make-up and fashion sense, but no doubt, Kim’s booty has helped her skyrocket to fame.

3. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj
Photo by Fer Morrell / CC BY-SA

Because his Anaconda don’t want none unless she’s got buns, hon – with the perfect ass song for her perfect ass, Nicki Minaj has wowed many people, not only with her rapping and singing skills, but with her seemingly too big to be true butt.

The singer, songwriter and rapper who madeSuper Bass and Star Ships top the charts for weeks on end has a chart-topping ass so big, you would think it’s fake.

In an interview with the New York Post, Nicki was asked if her butt was real or if they were implants or pads. She was proud to say no and added that people will always talk about anything that is out of the norm.

Although she claims that her booty is something of a special kind, she subjected it by saying that having a big booty is the “in” thing right now.

4. Beyonce


Beyoncé is the B: Brains, body, beauty and booty. Between that and her killer talent in singing the some of the highest tone songs known to man,
Beyoncé is a lady of perfection, so she can literally sing “If you like it then you better put a ring on it” and men would still stumble on each other, racing to grant her wish.

Beyoncé is a package, what with her singing, acting and song writing skills. Add to that is her wonderful body and booty, no wonder Jay Z is Crazy In Love with her. What else is there to say? This woman does not only put her Beyoncé is the Love on Top. Her curvaceous booty puts her on top.

5. Mariah Carey

Mariah CareyAh, the Mariah Carey.It would be a sin not to include her in the list. Mariah has set the bars in big asses from the time when big asses were not yet a thing.

Her career skyrocketed and brought her to the pedestal of fame with her singing and song writing. Seemingly not enough in showing the world of her talents, she joined the big screen and starred in many movies, the most popular yet being Glitter.

An award-winning and collecting many honours and achievements, Mariah’s legacy is her singing style and ability to whistle which became a great influence to contemporary music.

But of course, with all that comes her wonderful body and her blessed backside. She can do a concert with either her front or her back facing the audience and everyone with still be in awe. Mariah’s got men feeling Emotions, that’s for sure.

6. Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes
Photo by Nicolas Genin / CC BY-SA

The sophisticated and sexy Eva Mendes can create a mob scene anywhere if her backside is shown. Why? Because she’s Eva Mendes, that’s why.

The very talented actress and model has brought a new name to sexy with her little voluptuousness, her tanned skin and her curvaceous bootilicious butt.

The lady protagonist for the movies Hitch and Ghost Rider, among many of the popular films that she has starred in, Eva gave a new meaning the whole leading lady thing in the movie industry with her look that says “I’m not a damsel in distress.” With her funny wit, her awesome body and her made-from-heaven booty, Eva is definitely one fine woman that can turn your world around.

7. Halle Berry

Halle Berry
Photo by Alexander Horn / CC BY-SA

Halle Berry is the epitome of the theory that age is just a number, especially in the body and booty department. Berry is known for her roles in sci-fi movies, such as X-men as Storm, and Catwomanas the slinky Catwoman herself.

With these superhero roles are her tight superhero outfits that flaunts all the flauntable, Halle Berry has left little to men’s imagination and more to their fantasies.

Halle Berry holds numerous titles as Best Actress in many film and television festivals. With her charismatic, ageless beauty and her curvaceous, sexy body and booty, it is no surprise that she makes it to the top 10 list of the most bootilicious women.

8. Shakira

Photo by José Serrano / CC BY

Shakira’s hips don’t lie and neither does her booty. The singer of the world renowned Waka Waka, the theme for World Cup 2010, this bodacious belle has taken singing and dancing to a whole new level.

Known for her songs Beautiful Liar and Can’t Remember to Forget You, Shakira is a song and dance performance, shaking her booty and making the crowd go wild.

Shakira concerts are flocked for her great songs and her mystifying dances, together with her daring costumes, daring moves and her overall daring performances as she dances with, you guessed it, her booty. Ranked three in the voter poll for the world’s largest butt, she gives a deeper, fuller meaning to her song Underneath Your Clothes.

9. Fergie

Photo by Craig ONeal / CC BY

Big Girls Don’t Cry. But Fergie’s big butt will make any man cry for sure. Stacy Ann “Fergie” Ferguson of the Black Eyed Peas started the -licious trend for women all over the world with her song Fergilicious.

Fergie has the body and the booty and she knows that she does, which is why she flaunts it on her music videos and public appearances.

That is why Fergie is proud to claim that when she comes to the club, everyone steps aside – from the song London Bridge.Josh Duhamel is one lucky man for winning this one. Fergie is an overall package of a woman with a bonus of a sweet, sexy ass.

10. Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson
Photo by GabboT / CC BY-SA

Scarlett Johansson is Black Widow and a scarlet letter rolled into one, with her innocent but dangerous image in Avengers.To top it off is her leading role in the sci-fi movie Lucy.

Scarlett has a perfectly shaped and drool-worthy body with the curves in all the right places that could make any man sleepless.

Scarlett Johansson does not exactly have a huge booty like the others, but her booty is just perfectly sculpted for her body, her boobs and those oh so hot, red lips.Any man would be willing to sin with her and her angelic face.

These women live up to the image that they portray. Sure, there are women who shape the world with their knowledge and wit. There are women who turn other people’s wits with their shape, specifically the shape of their ass. There are women who have both the brains and the booty and it is no surprise that these women walk up the ladder of fame and success fast.

Some are gifted with a curvaceous backside, some may be not. Those who are gifted should make it their duty to flaunt what they have so the world can have more beautiful sights to behold. These 10 most curvaceously bootilicious celebrities of today paint a beautiful picture with their butt alone. Sure enough, these women formidably put the ass in asset.