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10 Bizarre Facts About Normal Breasts

It’s a known fact that people will always be fascinated with breasts, regardless of their age and gender. Men enjoy looking at them, babies love to get milk from them, and even your girlfriends are fascinated with each other’s boobs. They just can’t help but compare. Regardless of the taboo about your boobies, breasts will always be breasts, and they will always serve a special purpose.

The question nowThe question now is this: How much do you know about your breasts, aside from being an object of sensuality and a source of milk? Surprisingly, there is much more to the asymmetric pair of milk ducts, tissue and fat than you ever knew. In fact, there are countless studies dedicated to a woman’s breasts, some convincing and legitimate, while the others are quite bizarre but true.

Here are 10 bizarre facts about normal breasts:

1. Women With Breast Implants Have A Higher Chance Of Committing Suicide

mental conditionHold your horses right there. Breast implants alone do not cause suicidal tendencies.

The implants went through extensive testing to ensure their safety, especially in the end.

What causes the suicidal tendencies is an underlying mental condition, which led to choosing the augmentation in the first place.

Experts from the Laval University in Quebec, Canada conducted a 15-year experiment among women with breast implants and the likelihood of society. According to the said study, which was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, women with implants are 73 percent more likely to end their own lives than women who haven’t gone through augmentation, which is quite ironic. After all, the purpose of augmentation is to help you boost your self-esteem.

The culprit: mental issues such as depression, low self-esteem, body dysmorphic disorder or BDD. For them, they think getting implants would make them gain confidence and feel better about themselves. Apparently, these mental issues could breed suicidal behavior, no matter how much you love your new breasts.

2. Women Can Orgasm Through Breast Stimulation

women are able to climaxThere are two different ways you can orgasm – through your vagina or through your clitoris.

Did you know that you could get the big O simply by touching your nipples and breast area?

According to authors and sex educators Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller, about one percent of women are able to climax through manual stimulation of breasts. This means with the right tongue and finger movement, you or your man would be able to make you scream for pleasure by simply playing with your breasts.

3. Your Left Breast Is Bigger Than The Right One

Jennifer Lawrence
Photo by Mingle MediaTV / CC BY-SA

Here’s another fact: your breasts don’t have the same size. Even before Jennifer Lawrence openly talked about her asymmetric breasts during her interview with Jimmy Kimmel, women do have uneven breast size. It may not be too obvious, unless you stand in front of the mirror and look at them closely.

When it comes to asymmetrical breasts, your left one is usually slightly bigger than the other one. Believe it or not, there is no such thing as perfectly symmetrical breasts. If you notice that your left breast is bigger, then that’s okay. There is nothing to worry about.

Don’t be surprised if your implants aren’t exactly the same size either, just in case you decide to go for breast augmentation surgery.

4. Breast Fetishism Is A Psychiatric Disorder

psychiatric disorderThat is according to the American Psychiatric Association or APA.

By definition, a fetish is a strong and unusual need or desire for a body part, an object, or an activity to gain sexual excitement. Fetishes could go from acceptable to insanely weird

If you or your man gains sexual excitement from breasts, and it’s starting to get out of control, then you’re in big trouble. It turns out that breast fetishism is a psychiatric disorder. This refers to highly sexual interest, which is focused on female breasts.

There is nothing wrong with appreciating breasts. Yes, they are nice to look at and add to your sexual appeal. However, if the fascination is already affecting one’s way of life and is starting to get in the way of daily activities, then that could be a problem.

5. Men Who Are Not Yet Ready To Become A Dad Prefer Smaller Breast Size

women with smaller breastsWhat is it with men and breast size? Generally, a woman’s breast size does not matter in bed.

However, there are certain factors and characteristics in men that make them go for a specific breast size.

Take the case of men who are not yet ready to become a dad. According to a recent experiment, men who wish to remain childless prefer women with smaller breasts. It turns out that, although not necessarily true, men perceive women with bigger breast size as being more fertile and more capable to bear children, compared to women with a smaller bust size.

No one is stopping you from not having a child. If you belong in the smaller breast scale, then don’t be surprised to find men who share the same sentiments with you.

6. Men Can Breastfeed, Too

Men Can BreastfeedSurprise, ladies. Even your man is capable of lactating, in case you are not able to produce milk. However, lactating men is a rare condition.

This condition is caused by a drug hormone regimen, which is prescribed to treat an unrelated condition.

However, it’s not entirely the drug hormone’s fault. Keep in mind that men have mammary glands too, just like women. In case a guy needs treatment for cancer, he will need extra estrogen to help him get through the treatment. This is the reason why men who are getting cancer treatment are also able to lactate.

If you are wondering if there are wet nurses or dads who breastfeed their own children, there seems to be limited to no information about it. For purposes of peace of mind and maintaining balance, it’s better to leave the breastfeeding part on women, don’t you think?

7. Staring At A Woman’s Boobs Could Prolong A Man’s Life

Perhaps you heard of the claim on how staring at a woman’s breasts for 10 minutes everyday could extend a man’s life.

staring at a woman’s breastsFurther, this activity is also said to be the equivalent of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise.

This claim came from German researchers who visited three hospitals in Frankfurt, Germany, observed and compared 200 men for five years while staring at women’s boobs. According to the said experiment, men who looked at women’s breasts have slower pulse rates, lower blood pressure, and less likely to have coronary heart disease.

However, many experts dispute this claim. They say there is nothing to support that such a study happened in Germany. According to them, there is no truth to men living longer simply by looking at a woman’s boobs 10 minutes a day, every day. There are many surefire ways to live a longer life, and sitting around while staring at women’s breasts is not one of them.

8. Men And The Size Of Your Boobs

financially stable menSorry to break it to you, ladies. If you are a bit chesty, then you might be attracting men with lesser income.

According to a study conducted by two psychologists, how much money a man earns affects his breast size preference.

After studying 266 men who came from different socio-economic backgrounds, they found out that men with lower income or men experiencing what the experts call resource insecurity prefer busty women. On the other hand, financially stable men are more sexually attracted to women with smaller breasts.

The reason: one theory suggests that the breast size signals fat reserves, which connotes access to resources.

9. Squeezing Breasts Could Help Prevent Cancer

family history of breast cancerFact: breast cancer affects millions of women around the world. In fact, it is among the top killers these days, regardless if you have a family history of breast cancer.

The good news is there is a way to minimize that risk. All you need is your man’s hands and you are good to go.

According to the UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, there is something about squeezing that makes it life-saving.

a steamy sessionIt turns out that applying physical pressure and the mechanical forces that come from squeezing helps stop the rapid growth of cancer cells. At the same time, this activity helps prevent cells from turning malignant.

In other words, physical forces have their way of influencing your body in a good way. The next time you schedule a steamy session, make sure to tell your man to spend enough time on the breast area. It’s for your health, after all.

10. Wearing A Bra Could Make Your Breasts Sag

breast sagging
Photo by nikoretro / CC BY-SA

At least according to a study from the University of Besancon in eastern France. After 15 years, French experts found out that wearing a bra does not reduce back pain.

At the same time, the alleged chest supports actually increases the possibility of breast sagging.

According to the said study, bras have restrictive material, which prevents breast tissues from growing, and this can accelerate sagging. Going braless allows your boobs to breathe and move freely. Still, take note that the findings are not definitive, and they require more extensive research.

live a healthy lifestyleHowever, this doesn’t mean you should no longer wear a bra. The key here is to ensure that you are wearing the right size for your breasts.

What do you think? These 10 facts about the breasts may seem bizarre, but they are for real. Another reality is breast cancer. Lower your risks by making sure you do regular breast exams and live a healthy lifestyle. Get regular checkups and mammograms, according to your doctor’s recommendations.