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12 Smart Ways to Dress to Enhance Small Breasts       

Listen up ladies: are you wishing you were a little more endowed up top? Would you like to appear bustier without spending thousands of dollars on plastic surgery?

First of all, take the time to appreciate your smaller breasts. Seriously. Women with really large boobs suffer from afflictions, such as boob sweat and back pain, to only name a few.

Small breastsSmall breasts are not the end of the world. In fact, we tend to admire model-esque figures, such as all of those Victoria’s Secret models and celebrities like Keira Knightley and Ariana Grande.

Most of these women are sporting nothing more than a B cup, if that.

Still, if you simply cannot stand to look at your small breasts any longer without wishing that they were bigger, then we have some great news for you. There are some guaranteed techniques for you and your breasts to be happy with their appearance without invasive measures.

So, don’t sweat small breasts. From posture to bandeau tops, there are many ways to perk those puppies right up.

1. Work What You’ve Got And Take Advantage

backlessBelieve it or not, there are actually some particular styles that women with larger breasts simply cannot pull off, but guess who can? That’s right, you. You can wear certain things that well-endowed women simply can’t.

For example, some tops or dresses come with a backless option. For fashionable clothing such as this, you might want to go braless. Taking the free bird route and opting for the no bra look is perfectly doable for anyone with smaller breasts.

In fact, you might even be able to just put some nipple tape over your nipples to prevent poking through, and be just fine.

Sometimes, opting for no bra can actually look much more chic and fashionable.

2. Forget The Straps, Too

strapless top or dressWhile you are enjoying having your freedom with no bra, try wearing strapless options as well. You do not necessarily have to go bra-less when you wear a strapless top or dress, but it is definitely preferable.

Even if you decide to wear a strapless bra, you still have the upper hand, since they tend to fit better on women with smaller breasts. In fact, many fashionistas claim that strapless dresses and tops are ideal for women with small boobs.

Smaller breasted women never look tacky in strapless options, and they have less to worry about overexposure and a little nip-slip.

3. Draw The Right Attention

arms and shoulders are exposedIt might seem counter productive, but in order to make your breasts appear larger, you actually have to draw more attention to your upper body. However, you want to focus on your arms, shoulders and neckline.

The shoulders and forearms are actually quite sensual. Your appearance will automatically become sexier when your arms and shoulders are exposed. Look for tops and dresses that will reveal and accentuate your topline. Remember that the bra is always optional, and that this might open up the door for a few different styles.

petite women with smaller breasts4. Band Up With The Bandeau

Styles such as the bandeau top are perfect for petite women with smaller breasts. These little tops offer the most support while also pushing the breasts up to help your boobs look bigger.

Many people assume that bandeau tops require you to show your stomach.But, you actually can pair them with a blazer and wear them in a professional setting.

5. You Can Wear Manly Clothing 

Manly ClothingIt might sound a little ridiculous, but you can totally get away with wearing androgynous clothing. Since you more than likely do not have large curves to work with, you can take advantage of your slim figure.

Celebrities such as Emma Watson rock this style often. Men’s jackets and suits, fitted t-shirts, and jeans are ideal for women who are on the slimmer side. This style can be relatively chic and trendy when worn correctly.

6. Wear Pops Of Color

color selectionThe same rule of drawing attention applies to color selection, as well. You don’t want to dress like a clown.But, wearing pops of color can help draw attention away from your breasts.

It’s true that dark colors have a slimming effect, but wearing too much can actually make your breasts look smaller. Instead, experimenting with some random pops of color can work wonders for your boobs. You can add some little pops of color on your shoes or other accessories to complete the look, too.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Embellish

RufflesRuffles, frills, pockets and zippers are excellent embellishments that can work to enhance your breasts. Be careful, though, because sometimes they can also hinder your bust if worn improperly.

Use these textures and embellishments as an illusion for the size of your chest. Patterns and textures that work includes horizontal stripes, horizontal ruffles, or even a high waisted belt can all create the optical illusion of larger breasts.

8. Wear The Boot Cut

boot cut style pantsSometimes we want to avert from the boot cut style pants, but this look can actually enhance curves while maintaining your slim appearance. Boot cut pants allow for a slimming appearance, and this in turn allows for your upper body to appear larger.

Boot cut pants range in style and sophistication. You can find boot cut jeans, and you can also find boot cut suit pants. Pair these pants with a loose shirt. If you are feeling adventurous and confident, then tuck the shirt in and wear a colorful belt.

In addition to some fashionable tips, there are also a few other miscellaneous things you can do to help your breasts appear larger.

9. Ensure Your Bra Is Helping And Not Hurting Your Boobs

Ensure Your Bra Is Helping
Photo by Cheon Fong Liew / CC BY-SA

Believe it or not, your bra might actually be making your breasts appear smaller than they really are. Here are some easy ways to find that your bra fits you properly.

  • Check The Underwire

The underwire of your bra should connect to the cups of the bra. All underwire will be different, but making sure that the underwire is running properly to both cups and flat against your body can guarantee that the fit is correct. If your bra fits properly, then this wire should not move regardless of how much you are moving around.

  • Check The Straps

The straps of your bra should not be too tight or too loose. If you cannot seem to get the straps to fit right, then this style bra might not be right for your body type. Most of the time, women with very narrow or petite shoulders have difficulty finding straps that fit.

  • Check The BandCheck The Band

The band of our bra should line up right against the middle of your back and parallel to the floor. This should be just below your shoulder blades.

So,check that it is not too high or low. Also, find that the band is not too tight. If it is, then you will need a larger bust size.

  • No Bulge

Your bra should not have bulging areas, even if it is a sexier more revealing style of bra. Showing off the top of your chest the wrong way will only cause your breasts to look awkward and possibly uneven.

10. This Little Change Can Make Them Look Bigger

graceful posture Analyze your posture. Believe it or not, but standing and sitting with a straight back can immediately work wonders for your breasts.

Obviously, you do not want to over exaggerate. But, practicing graceful posture can help enhance your breasts with hardly any effort.

Take a ruler or straight and narrow object. Hold the object flat against your back with both of your elbows keeping it in place. Feel how your shoulders have to move back and your chest pops out in order to keep yourself comfortable. This is the posture that you should practice at all times. Your back will actually thank you for it, in addition to your newly enhanced breasts.

11. Don’t Sweat The Wet

bathing suitsWet bathing suit, that is. Just because bathing suits tend to be a little skimpier in material doesn’t mean that they cannot be flattering to your smaller breasts. The same fashion tips apply. Look for bandeau or strapless tops and fun styles.

You can also find bathing suits that are catered to women with smaller breasts. Some bathing suits are styled similarly to a push up bra, and this can work wonders for you, even on the beach.

12. There’s No Shame In The Padding Game

No, we are not exactly telling you that you should stuff your bra like a teenage girl. However, adding a little extra material to work with can work wonders for your breast size.

Even though it is a temporary fix, you are sure to fill out tops and dresses much more effectively with a little extra padding.

bra with paddingFind a bra with padding that accentuates your breasts. Some bras have a bit of a lift from underneath. And, others you might find that you have to lift your breasts up in order for them to sit in a perky manner.

If padding simply doesn’t cut it, then you still have a few options. Of course, you do not need to jump to the highly invasive surgical option, unless of course you want to. You have plenty of other less invasive options to try, though.

One of the safest yet most effective ways to increase your breast size and shape is by purchasing a trustworthy breast enhancement pill. Companies such as are known for using nothing but the highest quality, most natural ingredients to allow for a successful, natural breast lift. Try it out for size today, and you will certainly love the changes you see in your breasts.