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Target the Causes: 5 Pointers for Preventing Saggy, Droopy Boobs

As if the other myriads of negative effects of aging were not enough, women have saggy boobs to worry about as well.

Aging tends to cause a decrease in libido, the drying of vaginal walls, and gray hair, among many other things. Wouldn’t it be great if women could at least keep their perky breasts?

Well, do we have some great news for you. No longer should you simply accept and look down upon your aging, droopy breasts. Instead, we have some pointers for you to follow in order to prevent the sagging that we all always thought was inevitable.

Why Is It That Women Have Saggy Breasts In The First Place?

Before we delve into some preventative measures against these gravitational pitfalls, let’s discuss the cause behind the tragedy that is also known as sagging boobs. There might be more reasons than you think for sagging breasts.

  • The One We All Knew About

Of course, aging is synonymous with sagging breasts. We all know this fact, but we wonder why it rings true. The truth is that as women age, their connective tissues soften, which allows for a stretching.

dropThese tissues are responsible for keeping their breasts firm and perky. So, naturally when they begin to weaken, so do their youthful looking bosoms.

This is also the cause for a slight change in breast shape as well. Since the elasticity is beginning to fail within the tissue, one area might sag a little more, and thus create an unequally droopy boob.

Menopause, that age-old term associated with aging women, plays a major role in the appearance of breasts as women age. During menopause, estrogen levels plummet. This drop in estrogen causes the connective tissue’s glands to shrink, and the tissue becomes more fatty. This added weight allows for a sagging appearance to the breasts.

  • Blame It On The Universe

shoot into spaceAh, gravity. One might assume that gravity is a necessary joy, seeing as without it we all would shoot into space. However, gravity is also the evil culprit behind women’s sagging breasts. Still like this whole gravitational pull business?

Gravitational forces are consistently weight us down, quite literally. This constant pulling proves to be one of the many causes for the tissue softening that we previously mentioned.

This incessant pulling also negatively affects the skin in a similar way. The inundation of pressure and pull causes the skin to soften and weaken. So, pair that with weak tissues and you have the result in wrinkles and sagging.

The worst part is that the bigger bags you have, the more you have pulling against them. And thus, the more likely they are to head the floor.

  • You Can Also Blame It On Your Parents

your biological parentsOur apologies in advance if you already have enough family issues on your plate. But, unfortunately your biological parents have a hand in your sagging breasts as well.

Genetics truly affect all of our health conditions. Our hair, teeth, body weight and even breast size can all be thanks to our parents.

Some people are blessed with impeccable genetics. You look at the mother in her 60’s and she still has fantastic breasts, and therefore the daughter’s aren’t so bad, either. However, then you have another mother daughter duo, both of whom start to sag in their 20’s. The connective tissue formation and development is genetic, as well as the original appearance of the breast.

  • Or Perhaps You’re Knocked Up

PregnancyPregnancy also has a tendency to affect your breasts for the worse. Certainly, breasts fill up with all of that lactation goodness.

But, after all of this skin stretching and engorgement has come to an end, the breasts tend to shrink back to their size. Sometimes even smaller than their original size, and thus the droopiness ensues.

Unfortunately, the more pregnancies you endure, the more likely you are to have sagging breasts, even if they pump up during the pregnancy itself. It is important to note though, that breastfeeding does not affect this outcome. One way or another, your saggy breasts will find you, whether you breastfeed or not.

  • No Butts About Droopy Boobs

SmokingSmoking has many adverse effects on our bodies. So, it should come as no surprise that smoking proves to be detrimental to our skin.

Many people who smoke frequently have wrinkles and stretchy or poor quality skin. This in turn affects the breasts negatively.

As if the loss of strong connective tissue was not detrimental enough, this weakening of the elastin and collagen within the skin ramps up the process. Essentially, smoking revs up the aging process. Women will experience a breaking down of connective tissue. However, if they smoke then the process will be fast-forwarded.

  • Too Much Fun In The Sun

Too Much Fun In The SunBasking in the sun is splendid, yet not so much for our breast health. This UV exposure is damaging on many different levels. And, proves to cause the same effects as smoking. Therefore, if you are a chain smoker who really loves the beach, then get ready for those puppies to drop any day now.

  • It’s All About The Bra, Baby

Your choice in bra also affects the droopiness factor that your breasts will have later in life.

First and foremost, it has been proven through numerous different studies that a bra can actually prevent a woman’s breasts from developing correctly.

woman constantly wears a braIf a woman constantly wears a bra, then many scientists claim that this prohibits certain breast tissue from fully developing. Without this breast tissue, the sagging process is now sped up a bit.

Opting to go bra-less is also detrimental in certain contexts. For example, when exercising it is pivotal to have the appropriate support. Physical exercise often causes the breasts to bounce. So, without the proper support to lessen this movement, the tissues and ligaments involved can become damaged. This tissue damage, as we now well know, is highly detrimental.

Some of these causes are life decisions that we make, yet others are unavoidable. Therefore, it is vital to educate yourself as to various preventative measures. Let’s talk about a few.

5 Pointers To Prevent Saggy Breasts

1. Keep An Eye On The Scale

Keep An Eye On The ScaleNone of us enjoy our trip to the scale. But, it is actually quite necessary for women if they want to avoid sagging breasts. Body weight, of course, adds to their amount of body fat, and their breasts are no exception.

When their body weight increases, their breasts increase. While this might seem like a good thing, it actually works to stretch the tissues and skin that they need to have perky and firm breasts.

Diet and exercise are two essential factors when trying to keep your breasts forever young. Remember, though, that while keeping body fat to a minimum is the goal, any yo-yo dieting and drastic weight changes are just as detrimental as being overweight.

The constant stretching and shrinking of the tissues and skin negatively affects the breasts. Therefore, when you reach a fat percentage that you are happy with, try your best to maintain it.

2. Find Adequate Support

Wearing the appropriate sports braWearing the appropriate sports bra while exercising will work wonders for you and your breasts.

Even if you are not running a marathon, you still might require a sports bra. Any activity that causes excessive bouncing of the breasts will require a sports bra.

The sports bra should not be too tight, but not too loose, either. Make sure that the breasts are comfortably supported both underneath and around them.

3. Exercise, But Avoid The Sun

Avoid The SunWhile you are finding an appropriate sports bra, do your best to avoid the sun’s damaging rays. No, we are not recommending you to become a lone recluse.But, you should definitely monitor your sun exposure.

Remember that the sun affects the skin’s elasticity and collagen makeup. And, both of these are essential for perky, firm breasts.

4. Give Up The Butts

Quit smokingQuit smoking. As if sagging breasts are not enough of a reason to quit smoking, there are myriads of other health problems associated with the habit as well.

Once you kick the butts to the curb, you will find your overall health vastly improves.

5. Free Bird It For A While

A sports bra is necessary while exercising. But, during all other times it is actually beneficial for your boobs to opt for the braless option.

sports braSure, wearing a bra helps to prevent against the gravitational pull, and some might even believe that the wiring of bras helps to keep bras perky.

However, the truth is that a bra prohibits the healthy growth and development of tissues. It is actually much more beneficial for you to go without a bra whenever you can. Some opportune moments for this include while you sleep, lounge around the house, or wear a loose top or dress that can still look the way you want it to without a bra’s support.

These preventative measures might not be enough for you. Perhaps it is too late, or maybe they just are not strong enough to resist gravity.

While it is not possible to stop some sagging from happening, it is possible to reverse some of the nasty side effects.

feminine figureAny woman who wants an effective and proactive measure against her aging breasts should visit for a safe yet proven way to enhance the feminine figure. Not only will products from Total Curve work to prevent the sagging of breasts, but these products also enhance the size of the breasts.

You will experience a natural lifting in addition to an overall enhancement in size and appearance. Truly, what could be better? No matter what you do, adopting a healthy way of living is your best bet against saggy boobies. Watch out for dangerous vices like smoking and drinking alcohol, and take care of your body. Eat right, exercise, and make sure to get plenty of rest. Your boobies will stand up tall and thank you for it.