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10 Herbal Helpers for Fuller, Firmer Breasts

For a wide variety of reasons, a lot of women out there would love to change the shape and size of their breasts. Surgery is the obvious option, but it can be expensive, stressful and can potentially lead to some troublesome side effects.

This is why many women today are considering more natural and safer alternatives to surgery, including the use of herbal extracts. It’s true that some herbs do exist with the ability to boost the size and shape of your breasts.

Estrogen is the feminine hormone that is primarily responsible for the development of a woman’s breasts.

The teenage and pubescent years of young women trigger the release of this hormone in huge quantities. And, its production gradually decreases as women get older.

Certain herbs are actually able to boost your production levels of estrogen.Thanks, to the phytoestrogens they contain. Phytoestrogens are types of estrogen found only in plants. Thus, by consuming these plants, you can enjoy the benefits the phytoestrogens provide.

The major benefit of phytoestrogens is that they encourage your body to produce more of its own estrogen, as well as mimicking the effects of every girl’s favorite hormone. When you have more estrogen flowing through your blood, your body can undergo several positive changes, including the enlargement of the breasts.

Let’s look at 10 of the best herbs to take to make your boobs bigger.

1. Fenugreek For Fuller Boobs

Photo by Thamizhpparithi Maari / CC BY-SA

Fenugreek is used as a flavoring in Indian and Asian cookery. Fenugreek is the native to western Asia and southeastern Europe. This herb is especially popular in India.

Indians use fenugreek to add a unique flavor to various curry dishes produced in the country. However, over time people began to notice the various health benefits offered by this miraculous herb.

Fenugreek is now widely used as an herbal supplement to treat inflammations, stomach pains and more. In addition, fenugreek is able to boost your breast volume, as well as making boobs firmer than ever before. This is because of its high photoestrogen content.

Mechanism Of Action

new mothersSince fenugreek contains high levels of photoestrogen, it is able to mimic the effects of human estrogen and boost breast size. It is also great for new mothers as it helps to encourage the release of a hormone known as prolactin, which is essential for breastfeeding.

How To Use

curry dishesWhen it comes to taking fenugreek, you have a few different options. You can simply follow the Indian way and eat plenty of curry dishes or other meals containing fenugreek powder or seeds.

You can also go for a more direct approach and try massaging some fenugreek oil onto your breasts. You can also make your own fenugreek paste by mixing a bit of fenugreek powder with water and then apply this to the breasts. Leave it there for 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

2. Saw Palmetto Can Boost Your Breasts

The saw palmetto is a type of palm tree that can be found all around the United States.Native Americans used it for various forms of healing, particularly to treat urinary infections. Besides, it can help women who want larger breasts.

Mechanism Of Action

saw palmettoHormonal imbalances can interfere with various processes in a woman’s body, including the development of her breasts. If you have too much of the male hormone testosterone flowing through your bloodstream, this can actually negate the effects of your female hormones like estrogen. It’s therefore vital to cut down on the levels of testosterone in your blood, and this is what saw palmetto is able to do. It blocks the production of too much testosterone.

How To Use

You can purchase saw palmetto extract in various forms such as tablets and capsules from your local health store. You can take such supplements regularly for fast result. Alternatively, you could give saw palmetto tea a try. A few cups of this each day will help to lower the amount of testosterone in your body.

3. Wild Yam Gives You More Size

Wild yam
Photo by Dave Bonta / CC BY-SA

Wild yam is a plant that present in both Eastern and Western countries. One can encounter the plant in the U.S., but it is most abundantly found on the other side of the world in China.

It is therefore unsurprising that wild yam has been used in Chinese medicine for many years. Chinese use it particularly for the treatment of morning sickness, stress, exhaustion, asthma, and more.

Mechanism Of Action

pregnancyWild yam’s effect on a woman’s breasts is based around its high level of progesterone content. Progesterone is a female hormone involved in various processes to do with pregnancy and menstruation, but it is also important in the production of other sex hormones like estrogen.

Wild yams, therefore, boost the body’s progesterone levels, which helps to regulate the rest of the body’s sex hormone levels.

This means that it helps you have the right amount of estrogen flowing through your body and makes breasts fuller and firmer.

How To Use

You can take wild yam in capsule form. A couple of tablets per day will help to regulate your body’s hormones. Otherwise, you can also make use of wild yam cream. You can apply wild yam cream generously around the breasts, or even to other areas of the body like the thighs or neck. Regular use of this cream will lead to visible results after several weeks of treatment.

4. Fennel Seeds For Extra Volume

Fennel SeedsFennel seeds are ingredients in many popular cuisines all over the Mediterranean regions.This is because the fennel plant grows abundantly in this region. It also has various beneficial effects for health and well-being.

One can use fennel seeds in skin creams and lotions as a treatment for PMS and the symptoms of menopause. It can even help with digestion and various other bodily troubles.

Mechanism Of Action

Fennel seeds contain flavonoids which are extremely beneficial for the body in a variety of ways. They also have estrogenic properties, which mimic the effects of estrogen in women. This quality helps to increase breast dimensions and firmness.

How To Use

teaA simple way to enjoy the benefits of fennel seeds is to add them to your meals. In addition, you can also try drinking fennel tea.

You can prepare this tea quite simply by steeping some fennel seeds in boiling water and leave them to a rest for 5 to 10 minutes. For a more direct option, heat some cod liver oil with fennel seeds until the seeds turn red. Use this oil as a massaging lotion on the breasts and let it rest for 10 minutes before washing it off.

5. Red Clover Can Develop Your Breasts

Red CloverRed clover originated in Europe, but has actually been more popular in the U.S. after it was brought over by colonists several centuries ago.

This plant is a fantastic natural remedy for high blood pressure and heart problems. You can also use it to treat skin conditions. It is beneficial for women looking for larger breasts.

Mechanism Of Action

Red clover contains various types of phytoestrogens, which all mimic the effects of estrogen on the body and help to boost breast volume.

How To Use

take it in the form of teaThe best way to use red clover is to take it in the form of tea. You can buy dried red clover petals from your local natural health store. You can then add a couple of spoons of these flowers to a cup of hot water and allow the flavors to i

This tea needs a lot of time for the phytoestrogens to seep out into the water.So, you’ll need to leave it to steep for about 30 minutes. Strain the mixture to remove the petals and drink two or three cups of this tea per day.

6. Dong Quai Can Give You Fuller Breasts

blood pressureDong Quai is an immensely popular herb in China. It has been popular for countless years as a form of natural medicine.

It works to treat various sexual disorders, blood pressure problems, constipation and more for a long time in Eastern cultures. It is especially adept at balancing the hormones in our bodies.

Mechanism Of Action

capsule formDong Quai helps to balance out the body’s hormone levels and encourages the production of progesterone. It is a vital hormone for the development and growth of breasts.

How To Use

Dong Quai is available in various forms. A simple way of taking it is in capsule form,
but you can also find this miraculous herb in the forms of fluids, teas, infusions, candied stems and more.

7. Pueraria Mirifica Helps Your Breasts Grow

This is another miraculous Asian plant, most commonly found in Thailand. Eastern cultures have made use of Puerarie Mirifica for many years as it has many beneficial health effects.

Mechanism Of Action

Puerarie Mirifica
Photo by RoyalSiamBeauty / CC BY

Studies have shown that Puerarie Mirifica helps to boost breast size thanks to the phytoestrogens it contains.

They help to balance out the hormones in the body and replenish any low levels of estrogen. This helps women to stay healthy and feminine as they grow older.

How To Use

Puerarie Mirifica is available as tablets that one can take orally. You can use creams of this herb to massage into the breasts each day. You will need to wait a couple of months to see visible results, but persistence and patience will lead to larger breasts over time.

8. Black Cohosh Boosts Boobs

Black CohoshBlack cohosh is becoming more popular for its fantastic effects on the female form. This plant is now grown all around Europe as more popular seek to make use of its extracts.

Mechanism Of Action

Black cohosh is usually involved in the treatment of women with menopause. This is because it can help boost estrogen levels. More estrogen in the body leads to larger and fuller breasts.

How To Use

Black cohosh extract is available at your local health store. You don’t need to take much, as excessive amounts can lead to some negative side effects, so be sure to follow the instructions to see the best results.

9. Water Cress Is A Fantastic Breast Enhancer

Water cress is commonly found all around Europe, but is arriving in the U.S. in grand quantities as it becomes more and more popular.

This perennial plant has heart-shaped leaves and is actually one of the oldest green vegetables that mankind has ever encountered.

Water Cress
Photo by Masparasol / CC BY

Mechanism Of Action

Water cress can help to boost milk production in new mothers. And, this is why it can help with breast development as well. It helps to boost levels of progesterone and estrogen in the body. Both of which contribute to an increase in breast dimensions and firmness.

How To Use

Water cress is a delicious accompaniment for your sandwiches or salads. It is easily available in most supermarkets. You can also add it to a wide range of other dishes. However, if the taste of water cress isn’t your cup of tea, you can take it as part of various other tablet-based supplements.

10. Blessed Thistle Makes Your Boobs Get Bigger

Blessed thistle has been used for centuries around Europe and Asia. Monks, who used it to heal all manner of ailments, originally cultivated it. Fortunately, it is still around today and can help girls get some size.

Blessed ThistleMechanism Of Action

Blessed thistle works by boosting the blood flow around the body. More blood flows to the breasts, providing them with the nutrients they need to stay healthy and grow in size.

In addition, the herb also contains plenty of phytoestrogens, which help women to develop and maintain their feminine attributes.

How To Use

You can add a bit of blessed thistle to a cup of tea. Drink a couple of cups each day for best results. This herb can be dangerous when combined with other medications. So, be sure to check with your doctor before taking any blessed thistle.

dangerousHere we have shown you 10 of the top herbs to boost your breast size. With time, patience and persistence, these herbs will give you the affects you desire; however, in the modern day with hectic lifestyles and careers to worry about, it can be hard for many women to keep track of their herbal supplements and follow such strict regimes.

If you think it might be difficult to buy and take these various herbs in all their different forms and quantities, you might be looking for a simpler solution.

breast enhancementFortunately, the breast enhancement gels, such as those from is the answer.

You can massage this gel gently into the breasts regularly. This technique will result in a visible increase in size within the first two months of usage.

Breasts are comprised mostly of fat.So, this gel works by encouraging the body to deposit any fatty cells around the breast area, making them larger and fuller.

Many women worry about the size of their breasts. But, with this enhancement gel and the herbal remedies listed above, you don’t need to turn to invasive and dangerous forms of surgery. You can get the larger breasts you want safely and cheaply by following our advice.