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9 Busted Beliefs About Men and Their Love for Big Boobs

Breasts, and those who have the larger ones wish they were a little smaller and perkier. And, those with small and perky wish they were larger and more voluptuous. When it comes to women, the grass is always greener on the other side of the boob pasture. However, for men, it is supposedly pretty clear: the bigger the better.

For years, everyone has assumed that all men love bigger breasts. After all, why are there so many breast implant surgeries, then?

Why is it that women are spending thousands of dollars and seeking out the various options to enlarge their busts? Well, because large breasts are naturally associated with sex appeal, of course.

Yet is there any truth to this concept? Do all men love big boobs? Or are there any busted beliefs behind the love for a booming bust? Men and women alike may be shocked to hear some of these busted facts about bigger busts.

Follow us as we discuss ten busted beliefs about men and their love for big boobs.

1. Factors Influencing Your Choice

Myth: Guys have a choice of what size breast to like.

Truth: There are many factors that can affect a man’s choice in breast size. For example, a man’s level of what some researchers claim as “resource security” has to do with their choice in breast size.

Scientists claimScientists claim “resource security” to be the man’s level of comfort for their ability to survive in the wild. This means that a larger, curvier figure denotes the ability to reproduce.

In contrast, scientists found that men who make a considerable amount of money and men who had just eaten find breasts of a smaller size to be more attractive. It is proven in the study due to the “resource security.”

The hungrier or more broke, a guy was, the more likely he was to select larger breasts. No food? Awesome, find resources in breasts.

2. Beyond a Sexual Attraction

Myth: Men love big breasts because they are sexually attracted to them.

Truth: If there is a reason for a guy to be super into your boobs, then perhaps there is another reason other than a sexual attraction. Many men claim it is more of an admission for bragging rights.

Many menNaturally, most men want to have what other men want. Whether they admit it or not. Guys want to brag to their buddies about their partners.

And, whenever they are out, they love to feel like they can say, “Yeah, she’s with me,” even if no one is asking. It’s more of an unspoken rule.

A man can casually check out a woman, and he then immediately looks to see what her partner looks like. Guys love to be that partner.

So, perhaps there is more than sexual attraction to explain his boob obsession. Typically, larger boobs attract more attention. So, the more physically attractive your partner is to everyone, the more others will stare and be envious.

3. A Woman’s Breast Friend

Myth: All women want larger breasts.

Truth: Within a few sections, we will discuss the complications of larger breasts. But, let’s stick to the smaller bust size for now.

Women with smaller breastsWomen with smaller breasts tend to envy larger breasts and wish that they had them. However, many smaller breasted women do not opt to enlarge their breasts.

The most common breast size is around a B cup. So, smaller endowed women have strength in numbers. It is not as if all women are lining up at the doors of all plastic surgeons offices. Sure, there are many women who would wish for bigger breasts. But, when actually given the opportunity, women tend to change their minds due to all of the complications associated with larger breasts.

4. Bigger Does Not Equal Better: For Him

Myth: Bigger breasts are more fun for him.

Truth: Many men complain about large, fake breasts. While that might sound ridiculous at first, it will make sense within a matter of minutes.

with fake breastsWhen asked what is so awesome about breasts, most men will say one of a few things. They are fun to play with and nipples are fun.

Moreover, they love watching their woman get turned on by nibbling her nipples. However, a problem arises with fake breasts.

Fake breasts just do not have the natural jiggle that real breasts do, and truly nothing is better than watching a bouncing pair of breasts. Another issue besides the lack of jiggle is that breast augmentation runs the risk of causing the patient to lose sensation.

Most men will say that they would choose natural and saggy breasts over huge perky breasts if they run the risk of losing any sensitivity.

5. Bigger Does Not Equal Better for Her

Myth: Women enjoy having large breasts.

Truth: As if losing nipple sensitivity were not enough, larger breasts have a few downsides for women, as well. For starters, women with larger breasts have the choice to either flaunt them or try to hide them. But, unfortunately it is easier to flaunt them, whether they intend to or not. Buying outfits like professional work clothes or business suits can become a disaster when trying to hide the ta-tas.

Women with larger busts
Photo by Ed Van-West Garcia / CC BY

Looking professional is difficult, let alone finding a suit jacket that fits. But, dressing down can pose an issue, as well.

Wearing strappy tank tops or halter-tops is an absolute disaster, unless looking a little revealing is not an issue. Women constantly complain that they feel they cannot wear tank tops or halter-tops without feeling like a hoochie.

Appearance is not the only issue. Larger breasts also tend to cause women pain. Women with larger busts typically have back issues. Do you want to walk about with five to ten pounds of extra weight on your chest?

Reportedly, breast reduction surgery is becoming more and more prevalent, and this is mostly due to the fact that larger breasts are not all they appear to be. Last but not least, daily activities can become a chore with an exceedingly large rack. Running, working out, fastening a seat belt, and even bending over can all appear unwillingly sexy with a larger rack.

6. The Eye Catcher

Myth: Breasts are the only body part a man notices first about a woman.

Truth: While some women may find it corny for a man to say he noticed her eyes first, there is some relevance to the fact that there are other body parts that men take into consideration.

eye movementScientists conducted a study using rapid eye movement and preference to see the types of body shapes that men preferred. Men were shown images of naked women from the front and back in the upright position.

From the back position, most men went from the mid-section directly to the derriere. However, from the front side, while men started staring at breasts, they rapidly moved on to the mid-section and spent the majority of their gaze there.

What this means for us all is to acknowledge that most men are interested in the entire body’s curvature. It is not just about breast size, it is the hour glass shape that appears to be ideal.

7. Evolution is Involved

Myth: Men would love for everyone to have large breasts.

EvolutionTruth: Scientists are pointing out the fact that while we are an intelligent species, we are still mammals after all.
Because evolution has played a major role in our development, our history with breasts has evolved, as well.

However, the basic principles of evolution still ring true. Sex is an act for reproduction. And, at the evolutionary root of it all, it is important to have a diverse range of options. Too much competition for any one partner can cause problems.

Therefore, keeping everyone looking different is key to keeping the evolutionary playing field the same. There are more matches. More men meet women with the breast size of their choice.

8. Men Are Not Biased

Myth: All men love large breasts.

studiesTruth: While many may assume that every man will always select a larger bust compared to a smaller pair, this is not necessarily true. Scientists used specific eye-tracking measures to determine the amount of time. And, the studies have shown that when given a range of breasts to look at, men stare at all breasts, whether large or average, for the same amount of time.

Therefore, men are not breast biased. In fact, most men agree that they love all breasts the same.

Men from these studies have been quoted as saying that they love their woman’s breasts more than any others, regardless of the size.

9. Breasts Can Be Enlarged Without Surgery

Myth: Plastic surgery is the only option to enlarge breasts.

exerciseTruth: There are many ways to enlarge breasts using natural yet effective means. For starters, there are actually exercises that can be performed that target the chest area. The pectoral muscles and other chest muscles are seated underneath the breast. But, if these muscles are enlarged then the breasts appear larger.

Some great exercises to increase the appearance of breast size include: push-ups, dumbbell flies, and pull ups.

In addition to exercises, there are many natural and safe supplements that can be taken to increase female curvature.

If you are looking for a reputable company to purchase a supplement from, then we recommend Total Curve for your female curvy supplement. offers safe, affordable products that are proven to help your breasts increase in a very natural way.

men and womenThere are many myths when it comes to large breasts. In this day and age, do not let your bust size become bunked with all of these busted beliefs. The fact is that men and women alike love breasts of all sizes. Never become self-conscious of your figure. Instead, be happy with your curves, and shake what your mama gave you.