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How To Get Bigger Breasts: 7 Ways to Prevent Problems

It is a common opinion that bigger breasts are better than small breasts. Many men are more attracted to women with big boobs. Full bosoms make many females feel more like a woman. It is no wonder that many are in pursuit of how to get bigger breasts.

papayaAs science and technology have already advanced, people are seeking ways to go beyond the normal limits. One would be the size of the chest. Some people prefer the natural way of getting bigger breasts. They perform routines like wall-ups, chair lifts and push-ups. They increase foods like papaya and wild yam in their diet. Others want to see results the soonest they can and settle for options that are more modern.

Understanding The Larger Breast Mentality

It is a common phenomenon that some women are flat chested, while others have larger breasts.

However, many humans have this innate tendency to stretch the usual limits, even to the point of defying natural laws.

Women like big boobs because they feel they are more attractive and sexy. Some are for more useful purposes, like the belief that they are better equipped to bear children and breastfeed.

There are also those who aim to get bigger breasts because of fashion reasons. They fill in clothes better. There is this illusion that the tummy is small or flat when there are large breasts offset the figure.

For men, the love for larger breasts is complex. Many men believe that they will have more sexual pleasure when their partner has big breasts. Some see this as a symbol of fertility. Others see large breasts as hints of high socio-economic status.

How To Get Bigger Breasts Instantly

arrange your boobs properly to create cleavageThe breasts take years to grow and develop. Enhancing their size can take even longer, especially when you do it the natural way. If you want your breasts to look bigger instantly, here are few tricks:

1. Wear a bra with underwire, and make sure to arrange your boobs properly to create cleavage.

2. Insert bra pads. If you can afford it, go for silicone gel-filled pads. They look and feel more natural than the usual foams.

3. Wear a dress, blouse or shirt that will flatter and not flatten your chest.

Modern Bigger Boob Alternatives

While many people are turning to the natural ways of increasing the size of the breast, many who are bold enough and who can afford it go for more advanced approaches.

Convenience And Results: Breast Enhancement Pills

made from natural ingredientsThere are breast-enhancing pills that made from natural ingredients like Wild Yam, Fennel and Dong Quai. However, some are available that center on supplying the body with progesterone and estrogen. Some doctors advise against their use because:

  • Too much estrogen or progesterone in the body can cause unwanted effects like mood swings and more stretch marks.
  • Although the said hormones can improve the size of the breast, they can make the rest of the body parts increase in size as well.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race: Breast Enhancement Creams

bigger boobsThere are many creams sold in the market that promise bigger boobs. Women often use them along with pills for bigger breasts.

However, some experts say that this approach is not as effective as it promises its users sometimes.

Both pills and creams require patience and consistent use and/or application for them to take effect. Otherwise, they will not help the woman in getting bigger breasts.

Effective And Noticeable Results: Breast Implants

There are two types of implants used in breast cosmetic surgery. It can either be the ones filled with silicone gel or the implants with saline solution. Silicone implants look and feel a lot better than the other type but they also cost more. The issues with breast implants include the following:

  • women who regret their decisionThey are more expensive than creams and pills for larger breasts.
  • It involves the use of knife and anesthesia. Some individuals are scared of the incision, while others do not want the effect of anesthesia to the person’s cognitive functions.
  • There are women who regret their decision of having breast implants as they become unsatisfied with the results.
  • Some people develop side effects like changes in the look and sensation of the breasts and nipples, pain and tenderness.
  • Some individuals who have breast implants deal with serious problems, like Ptosis, Necrosis and Toxic Shock Syndrome.
    They also may need a follow-up operation to repair unexpected complications.
    At least one percent of people who underwent cosmetic breast enhancement may develop severe complications.

How To Make Breasts Larger The Modern Way

not good for everyoneAlthough some people did not react well with pills, creams and breast implants do not mean it is not good for everyone. There are many cases wherein the surgeries are successful and the effects are great.

Here are some tips on how to get larger breasts without having to deal with undesirable outcomes:

7 Ways to Avoid Problems While Trying to Increase Your Breast:

  • Breast cosmetic surgeries are by nature priceyBreast cosmetic surgeries are by nature pricey. To make sure you are getting great breast implants, go to the most trusted surgeon, despite the higher price.
  • Make sure that clinic and the medical team doing the procedure are all duly licensed.
  • Look for previous customers and ask if they are happy with the outcome of their surgeries.
  • Follow all the advice from your surgeon concerning the care of yourself, especially right after the procedure.
  • For pills, always look for a genuine approval from the licensing agencies like the Food and Drug Administration. This way you are sure you are taking only the safest pills.
  • For creams, do a skin test before applying entirely on the chest. This will help you gauge if you will develop allergic or adverse reaction to the breast enhancement cream or lotion.
  • Take the pills and apply the cream or lotion only as directed.

Just because an approach on how to get bigger breasts may be the artificial type, it does not mean it will not work out. So long as you approach the procedure with care, you can get bigger breasts faster, minus the side effects.