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Breast Augmentation Through Belly Button: Everything You Should Know

There are many methods of breast augmentation today, and one of the latest and popular methods is breast augmentation through belly button. Also known as the TUBA technique, it is the unique style of enlarging breast size. Discovered in 1991, the technique claims to offer quick and great results to patients.

What Is Trans-umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA)?

This therapy is a breast enlargement technique where the surgeon inserts breast implants through a hole in the belly button.

Breast augmentation through belly button is specifically an endoscopic procedure where an endoscope is inserted into the body.

It has a camera that helps the surgeon see video images on the screen. With the help of these images, the surgeon performs the surgical work without actually making an incision.

TUBA:  The Belly Button Breast Augmentation Technique

The TUBA procedure begins with the insertion of an endoscope through a tiny incision in the natural folds of the belly button. The doctor gently guides the endoscope up towards the breast, while creating a track for inserting the implant into its proper location.

Photo by Phalinn Ooi / CC BY

The surgeon then makes a pocket in the breast area in order to fit the implant properly. They carefully roll and push an empty saline implant through the belly button incision up towards the breast pocket. They fit the breast implant properly into the correct location. Then, the surgeon fills it with saline through the naval incision itself.

After filling the implant, it is sealed. The surgeon also repositions the pocket. Once the surgeon is satisfied with the positioning of the breast implants, he closes the incision on the naval area. The entire procedure of breast augmentation through belly button takes thirty to forty-five minutes.

Breast Augmentation Through Belly Button: Recovery Time

requires patients to have complete rest
Photo by mark sebastian / CC BY-SA

TUBA breast enhancement surgery requires patients to have complete rest.

Patients are required to take time off from their daily routine, including work. The patient may experience pain because of the stretched muscles, bruising, tissue, and swelling.

However, the pain usually subsides within just a few days after the procedure. Surgeons may prescribe pain medications to manage your pain and discomfort during the early days after the procedure.

The tracks that created from inserting the endoscope are visible under the skin for some weeks after the TUBA breast augmentation incision technique. However, in rare cases, the tracks may remain visible permanently. This happens when the skin loses the ability to stick to the fatty tissues again.

Breast Augmentation Through Belly Button Benefits

The method of breast augmentation through belly button is becoming exceedingly popular among women who want to enlarge their breasts. A few of the benefits of this procedure are mentioned below:

  • anesthesiaPatient is under anesthesia for significantly less time.
  • Less discomfort due to smaller incisions. Only a small incision is on the rim of the navel.
  • There is a rare probability of losing the sense of touch in the nipple.
  • No scars around the breast area.
  • You can have larger breast implants, because there is no incision on the breast area.
  • It is safer to position the bigger implants, since there is no risk of a breast incision pulling open from breast skin tension.
  • Recovery time is quicker than other forms of breast augmentation surgery requiring larger incisions.

Disadvantages Of TUBA Breast Enhancement Surgery

Although quicker and with fewer side effects compared to breast augmentation surgery, there are some down sides of getting a boob job through the belly button.

  • womenThe surgeon can insert only the saline-filled implants through the belly button. They can’t use the silicone-filled implants.
  • Not all women are suitable candidates for this procedure.
  • It is not easy to find a skilled professional who is experienced with this kind of procedure. Most surgeons avoid attempting this advanced type of surgery.
  • If there are difficulties with the positioning of the implants through the belly button, it is likely that your surgeon may create another incision.
  • In this technique of breast augmentation through belly button, the surgeon will be working at a distance from a breast; therefore there is less control over the situation.

These are some of the disadvantages of breast augmentation through belly button that you should be aware of before you make a decision. However, if you still want to give this technique a try, your best bet is to look for an expert surgeon in the field.


several risks to the patientEvery technique has its pros and cons. Thus, there are positive, as well as negative aspects of having breast augmentation through belly button. Although this technique does not involve making a large incision in the breast area, it may also pose several risks to the patient.

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