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Surgical Breast Augmentation: A Close

Surgical Breast Augmentation

Today, surgical breast augmentation has become a popular and widely used method to increase bust size. It is completely understandable as results are immediate and can be dramatic; however there are a few very large downsides to surgical breast augmentation.

Chief amongst them is the fact that breast implants are not permanent. However shocking this may seem, it is completely true.

implants entirely removedNearly every woman who undergoes elective breast implant surgery will end up having her implants entirely removed or replaced at some point in her life. This means reliving the pain and side effects and having to pay another small fortune.

Further, the side effects are many including: chronic breast pain, hard lumps around the breast, changes in sensation around the breast and nipple, implantation rupture, displacement of the implant, breast cancer may become harder to detect, and the woman may then become unable to breastfeed.

Breast Enhancement Methods

It is understandable why many women who wish to increase their bust size shy away from elective surgery. However, the options outside of surgical intervention have historically been very minimal. Performing an internet search for natural breast augmentation will yield hundreds of results, most of which are selling products that have no actual effect on breast size.

However, now there is a new product on the market that has been clinically proven to increase breast size in a safe, effective and non-costly way.

Recently the effects of a plant based compound named sarsasapogenin has been making headlines across the medical and scientific community. For years, sarsasapogenin has been used to treat a variety of dermatologic issues but recently it has been discovered that sarsasapogenin can effectively increase lipid uptake in tissue. Applying this knowledge with the desire to increase breast size, scientists have proven that with the right concentration of this compound, breast size can be naturally increased in as little as 30 days.

helps promote breast healthPerhaps the only product on the market today that utilizes the amazing effects of sarsasapogenin is the Total Curve system. Utilizing an unprecedented 3% Volufiline solution—the industry’s leading sarsasapogenin formula—breast size has been clinically proven to increase as much as 8%! Total Curve also makes use of an amazing daily supplement that helps promote breast health, making Total Curve the ideal choice for natural breast augmentation.