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Saline Implants: The Dangers of Breast Enhancement Surgery

Women who are not happy with their breast size or who want to restore the shape and volume of breasts that have been affected by aging, weight loss or pregnancy are getting help from breast implants to achieve a well-defined body. A body with enhanced breasts helps women regain their confidence and also provides them with more fashion choices.

There are many forms of implants that are available to help women shape their body. One of the most popular procedures is saline implant surgery.

Are Saline Implants Dangerous? Here’s The Truth

According to doctors, saline implants are quite safe to use. But, contrary to what you may think, there are many drawbacks associated with this implant.

First, compared to silicone breast implants, saline breast implants don’t provide the feeling of real breasts.

Most women are not happy with saline implants as they just don’t feel them to be natural. There is more to it. Read below to find the truth.

Saline Implants Are As Risky As Silicone Implants

can be life threateningThe shell that is used to create saline breast implants is made of silicone. The only difference is that the implants are filled with saline water. Thus they are considered to be a safer alternative to silicone in case they get ruptured. However, as easy as it may sound, saline implants can be life threatening.

  • Growth Of Bacteria and Mold: Risky issues may arise when the valve that is used to fill the implant is damaged for any reason. A damaged valve can cause severe health disorders due to fungal and bacterial growth.
    Most women discover the valve is damaged when the implant becomes deflated. They can get the implant changed and prevent the potential health issues that can appear due to fungal growth.

bacteria, fungus and moldWomen are unaware that bacteria, fungus and mold are growing inside the implant and making them sick.

There are thousands of horrifying stories on the Internet of women who are suffering from bacterial and mold infections in their breast. They become sick and afflicted with numerous health issues because of the toxins produced by the growing mold.

mental cloudingThey only learn about it when they experience serious symptoms. One woman who had saline implants was found to have a mold called penicillium growing. Since the woman was allergic to penicillium, she became seriously ill.

There are other instances where women were found to be suffering from lupus because of the infection caused by growing mold and bacteria. Most women experienced mental clouding and were not even able to hold their heads up. These are just a few of the stories of women who suffered from infection caused by growing mold and bacteria.

Breast Implants May Cause Raynaud’s Syndrome

Raynaud’s Syndrome is a vascular disorder that is often caused by breast implants.

A chemical known as methyl ethyl ketone, which is present in the shell of breast implants, triggers Reynaud’s Syndrome.

This disease generally affects the fingers and toes, making them cold, blue and sore.

BreastfeedingDifficulty In Breastfeeding After Saline Implants

Most women lose the ability to breastfeed after getting breast implants, including saline implants. Breast augmentation is a surgery and can undoubtedly affect the functioning of the milk ducts.

  • Insufficient Milk Supply: Research has shown that any sort of breast augmentation affects lactation. Women with breast surgery will probably have an insufficient milk supply.
    Experts explain that insufficient milk production is caused by undue pressure exerted by the breast implants on the milk ducts. It can also occur if the milk duct was damaged by the incisions made during the surgery.
  • Psychological FearPsychological Fear: One more complication that may arise in women with saline implants is that they have a deep seated fear of nursing their baby.
    Due to this, they avoid nursing their babies and feed them formula instead.
    They are scared of the complications that may arise for the baby due to the implants. This in turn deprives their babies of needed nutrients.
  • Other Complications: Saline implants also result in several complications, including infections of the milk ducts, known as mastitis.
    Some women who are not pregnant experience milk production, a condition known as galactorrhea.
    Although rare, it is important that you are aware of these complications since they could affect lactation.

annualDifficulty In Reading Mammogram

Mammograms help to detect breast cancer when it is in the earliest stages. If detected early, breast cancer is fairly easy to treat.

Every woman should get an annual breast screening test in order to rule out the probability of cancer cells. However, breast implants, including saline implants, can make it complicated to read a mammogram.

Capsular Contracture

Your body easily recognizes when a foreign object is placed inside it. When a saline implant is detected, a sac, scar or capsule is formed around the implant.

surgeryThe capsule formed around the implant is naturally occurring tissue, which thickens and can squeeze your saline implants.

This condition causes displacement, pain and hardening of the breasts. Your surgeon may need to perform surgery, called as capsulectomy, in order to remove the hardened capsule. The implant is usually replaced during the surgery for best results.

Other than surgery, there are methods such as medicines, ultrasound and massage to soften the capsule.

Loss of Sensation

Many women experience loss of sensation in the nipple and breast area after getting saline breast implants. Loss of sensation is usually caused by damaged nerve endings in the nipples and breasts.

Other Complications

bloodThere are also complications with the use of anesthesia and blood loss.

The incision may cause an unsightly scar because breast tissues are extremely delicate and fragile.

Asymmetry is another side effect that may occur when the saline implants procedure is not done properly.

There are several other hidden complications that may occur with saline implant surgery and one should be very cautious before deciding to get these implants.

healthy bodyWhether silicone or saline, breast implants always come with risks. Saline implants may also develop mold and bacteria in the water. Don’t ignore this!

There are women who want to be in denial, but when it comes to their health, they realize its importance. It is better to have a healthy body than to have implants with lots of health issues!