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Breast Reduction Before and After: 3 Alternatives to Surgery

Having large and disproportionate breasts may be quiet a struggle for many women. Those who opt for surgery can talk about breast reduction before and after. Large breasts can cause chronic back pain, neck pain and other physical symptoms. The constant discomfort may lead you to opt for methods to reduce your breast size.

If you have done your research, you may have a good idea of your options. You may have also talked to your health care provider about your choices, which is clearly a smart step for you to take. Most women who get breast reduction surgeries are usually quite satisfied with the results.

The breast reduction before and after stories of many women are just the encouragement women need who are having difficulty with their naturally large breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is under the category of plastic surgery for reducing the breast size. It re-establishes a functional bust that modifies the proportion of the breast size to fit the woman’s body.Women who choose to undergo this procedure have the following three main factors to consider:

  1. The physical, psychological and aesthetic effects of bust restoration
  2. Your healthy self-image
  3. Your mental and emotional health

What Happens During Breast Reduction Surgery?

making incisionsThe surgeon will remove skin and tissue from the breasts by making incisions to the region. After the excess skin and tissue has been removed, the skin is the closed by stitches.

The surgeon pays special attention to the nipple and areola because of complications that might arise from those areas. There are situations wherein the surgeon will also do some liposuction, along with the breast reduction surgery, especially if there is more fatty tissue compared to skin.


A mastopexy, also called a breast lift could also be done to woman with large, sagging and droopy breasts.

A breast reduction and lift are quite similar to one another except for the fact in a breast lift, only the skin is eliminated.

This is a common procedure that woman with sagging and heavy breasts consider. It could also lift up the placement of the nipple and areola region.

What Happens After Breast Reduction Surgery?

aid in healingAfter the surgery, the doctor places gauze over the incision sites to aid in healing. The breasts are also wrapped with elastic bandage and supported by a special bra.

There are some cases that the surgeon might attach a small tube to each of the breast, so that it can drain blood and fluid for the first few days. You should expect to have the stitches removed after a week or two.

Breast pain is expected during the first couple of days after the surgery. After a week or two, the mild discomfort should disappear. Medicine is available to relieve the uneasiness you feel, but make sure not to take it too frequently, because the body might learn to tolerate the drugs. Bruising and mild to moderate swelling may last for several weeks, but should lessen with time.

sports brasYou can go back to work and other physical activities after two to three weeks. Consult your surgeon about when you can continue your normal activities, so that you have proper medical advice. Stay away from heavy lifting or strenuous exercise, because it could cause complications. Make sure to wear a bra for support, such as athletic or sports bras.

It is normal to have visible scars around the breast area after breast reduction surgery.

Like other scars on the body, you could expect them to fade over time, but your scars may not disappear completely and permanently, because of trauma to the skin.

The placement of the scars is usually in areas that you can cover with a bra or swimsuit, so you can still hide them.

What Can You Expect From Breast Reduction Before And After Results?

90 percentWith the many women who have undergone breast reduction procedures, more than 90 percent have been satisfied with their before and after results. The surgery could lessen the weight of their breasts, which could also decrease the strain on the neck and back.

It could also make the breasts firmer, smaller and more proportioned. The part about the entire operation is that it alleviates any physical pain or discomfort caused by a woman’s large breasts.

pregnancyThe results that breast reduction surgery may provide bring permanent results. Although, there are some factors that could alter the size of the breasts once again. Some of the most common factors are weight gain, weight loss and pregnancy. Consult your physician if you notice a drastic change or abnormal symptoms with your body, especially your breasts.

Are There Natural Breast Reduction Methods?

If you are not too sure about the actual surgery for breast reduction, you could try out natural breast reduction techniques that have worked for women.

These methods are safe, because they do not consist of taking in chemicals into the body. Some of the common natural breast reduction methods are the following:

The 3 Alternative Methods:

  • healthy weight lossWeight Loss – Since the breast also consists of fat, going on a diet that focuses on healthy weight loss could help in reducing breast size.
    Aim for eating foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins.
    Stay away from eating foods high in calories and sugar.
  • Aerobic Exercise – This goes hand in hand with your diet.
    Eating right is the first step to maintaining a healthy diet.
    Aerobic exercise has the capability to reduce the breast size, because it will increase your heart rate and help you burn excess fat stored on the body.
  • Pectoral ExercisePectoral Exercise – It is actually possible to tone the breast muscles. You can accomplish this by doing chest exercises, which focus on your pectoral muscles.
    Incline and decline presses can strengthen your chest.
    This gives your breasts a more athletic and toned appearance.
    Bench presses and push-ups could also tighten the muscles around your breasts, which will increase your overall muscle mass.

If your aim is breast reduction, then you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Talk to your physician about your alternatives, so that you could have the best of both worlds. Start with natural and non-invasive procedures to reduce your breast size before turning to risky surgery.