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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation: 6 Reasons to Think Twice

Ladies, be honest. Have you always been contented with your breast size? If not, are you trying to look for ways that can make your size go from cup A to B or even C? If yes, do not be ashamed. Many women just like you feel the same way and they would do the same just to get a bigger cup size.

The good news is fat transfer breast augmentation may be the answer to your breast size problems. Learn everything about breast enlargement fat transfer – from how doctors do it, to the benefits and risks involved. This will help you to decide whether if it is the right option for you.

What Is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation with fat transfer emerged in December 2009, with 25-year old British Emma Harding as the first patient.

Since then, fat transfer breast augmentation, also known as fat grafting or autologous fat transfer has become the answer to every woman’s quest for bigger breasts.

This is because the procedure uses liposuction techniques to get fat from certain portions of your body. The surgeon then injects it into your breasts to make them appear fuller and larger.

In other words, this procedure hits two birds with one stone: you will be able to increase your cup size while taking inches off your tummy.

How Does It Work? 

local anesthesiaBreast augmentation with fat transfer is a simple process. Here is a step-by-step explanation of how surgeons perform fat grafting to the breasts: The surgeon injects a local anesthesia to numb your body.

They then remove excess fat, either manually or by machine from certain portions of your body, usually from the stomach or thigh area.The harvested fat will go through centrifugation process to separate and remove unwanted components such as blood, water or oil.

At the same time, the doctor will remove 50 milliliters of blood from your body.They place the 50 ml of blood in a centrifuge to separate the platelets containing stem cells.

The surgeon then combines the stem cells combined with the harvested fat.Then the doctor injects the harvested fat in your breasts, giving you a natural look.

Note: It takes two and a half pints of fat to make your breasts bigger by one cup size. Each of your breasts can only hold up to one-and-a-quarter pints of fat, so keep your expectations reasonable. 

Why Should You Go For Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer? 

The question nowThe question now is what makes fat transfer breast augmentation different from the traditional breast augmentation that uses silicone implants? If you are unsure of whether to go for this procedure or not, here are some reasons why fat grafting is the best choice for you:

  • You Can Get An Instant Liposuction And Bigger Cup Size Both At The Same Time. It’s a win-win situation – bigger breasts and smaller waist.
  • It Is A Safer Alternative To Silicone Breast Implants. At the same time, you are sure that there are no foreign objects staying inside your body.
  • It Gives Your Breasts A More Natural Look. Again, the reason for bigger cup size is the transplanted fat grafts in your breasts.
    Extra volume makes the breasts move and look natural.
  • There Are Only Small Openings From The Liposuction And Injection Procedures. This reduces the possibility of scarring.
  • your own body's cellsThere Is No Risk Of Rejection Or Allergic Reaction. Thanks to its small incisions, of course.
  • Preventing Nodules Of Hardened Fat. This procedure includes mixing with your own body’s cells, which lessens the occurrence of rejection and hardening of the injected fat. 

Is It Worth It? 

choose a certified surgeonYes. This type of cosmetic procedure is worth it, as long as you choose a certified surgeon for fat grafting breast augmentation. It is important to who keeps up with the latest procedures and advancements in the field.

They should also have extensive experience in doing this type of procedure. Ask for a portfolio of his previous clients with before and after photos before you schedule the surgery. If possible, try to contact the former patients to ask them about their experience with the same doctor.

Despite taking certain precautions, there are still fat transfer breast augmentation risks and downsides. This includes:

The 6 Reasons to Ponder:

  • decreaseYour Breasts Can Only Hold Certain Amount Of Fat. If you are hoping to be at least two sizes bigger, then this may not be the right option for you.
  • Your Body May Reabsorb The Fat. This will make your breasts decrease in size over time.
    This is why the doctor takes the time to combine your platelets with the harvested fat.
    This will slow down the re-absorption process and make it last up to two years.
  • The Need For Further Fat Injections. If you want the harvested fat to last for a while, then injecting fat grafts on occasion is your best option.
    The good news is that your fat can stay in refrigeration for up to two years.
    This gives you enough time to enjoy your fuller boobs without repeating the whole procedure.
  • Surgical Risks Exist. Risks such as sagging, redness, bruising and even saggy skin can happen.
  • There Is No Guarantee Of Breast Symmetry. In terms of size, shape and appearance, your breasts may not be perfectly symmetrical.
  • CostThe Cost. Fat transfer breast augmentation can be too much for the average Jane to afford.
    In fact, the cost of this procedure can range from $5,000 to $10,000.
    Since your body will reabsorb the fat in time, this means additional $5,000 to $10,000 for repeat surgeries.
    If you ask your plastic surgeon to store your fat from the first one, this may reduce your costs, however.

Are There Any Other Options?

Other OptionsOf course, there are many other options. You will never run out of choices when it comes to enhancing your breasts, or any other part of your body.

You can try different breast enlargement exercises and massage technique to get a bigger cup size. However, this may take some time, so patience is an important factor.

If you have something extra, you can also go for the traditional breast implants that use silicone. However, there are risks and possible complications that come with it.

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  • two simple stepsDaily Supplements – It contains safe and natural phytoestrogens that naturally mimics the estrogen to lift your breast and give you a firmer look.
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You can get better, bigger and fuller breasts with these two simple steps. Why would you want to go through fat transfer breast augmentation when Total Curve is there to help you?