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Top 10 Style Tips for Flaunting Those Curves

Curvy and hour-glass bodied women sometimes find it hard to decide what outfits to wear. If you’re a curvy woman, the truth is, you struggle because you want to flaunt what you have, but not all styles of clothing fits you well.

Every woman, in fact every person, has a right to feel good about themselves. In fact, it should be a passable law that even those women with curvy bodies should be able to flaunt what they have. Imagine how more beautiful the world would become.

Showing the world what you have (in a subtle, decent way) means that you are confident and comfortable with your body. Studies show that women who wear outfits that show their curves and figures are happier and more confident about themselves.

See? But then again, you find it hard because what you wear sometimes does not really compliment what you have. Other times it even deflates what you want to display, which is worse. Who would want that?

You want to be sexy, fierce, confident and comfortable, wherever you go. If you got it, you should irrevocably and definitely flaunt it. So, if you think nothing in your wardrobe is going right and the world is out to get you, go back to the basics and take note of these 10 fashion tips to flaunt those sexy curves:

Tops and Blouses

Avoid wearing blouses that cover just about anything. Show a little skin; give men something to think about. For the best tops, here’s what you can wear:

1. Plunging Necklines Or Tight-Fitting Tops

Plunging NecklinesNothing says “I mean serious business,” for flaunting your curves more than wearing plunging necklines or tight-fitting blouses.

The most visible curve on your body that men first look at are your boobs, so it is just right to push them up and let the guys see only a peep of what they are missing.

For a subtle, sexy yet wholesome approach, wear  that are not too low. Tight-fitting blouses shape your hour-glass figure and your curvy top body in the right places. Be careful not to make it too tight, though, and consider just the right tautness to trace the contours of your figure.

2. A Belt Or An Empire Waist Blouse

Empire Waist BlouseThis fashion style is best for those women with a little tummy. Choose a blouse that flares at the bottom. When wearing a blousy top, use a belt and position it around your ribcage.

Of course, choose a belt color and style that matches your blouse. Or you can choose an already empire waist blouse.

This style will emphasize your breasts and make them look bigger. At the same time, it would cover up your tummy and make it look small and flat, thus highlighting your curvy cleavage more.

Coats and Jackets

You can go from wearing a coat to a complete a business attire, or a jacket or even a cape, to protect you from the cold. Wearing items that add to your style and fashion sense, as well as flaunting your curves more. That said, you should avoid wearing coats with too many pockets in them. You’re not a reporter, for crying out loud – no offense to reporters – unless you are, in which case, you should still follow a sense of style.

3. Be Sure To Get The Correct Size Coat Or Jacket

JacketYou can practically wear any type of coat or jacket, except the aforementioned, above, over a blouse. It’s chic and sophisticated, but of course, you need to choose a coat that is the correct size.

If possible, use a custom-made suit jacket or coat that fits your figure perfectly. Some women wear the wrong size coat and this kills the sense of style and hides what they want to flaunt.

The best coat designs are the ones that add shape your upper body adding emphasis to your curves, and also adds a bit of flare to bottom part. The same goes for cardigan or long sweaters. Instead of going for baggy and bulgy, opt for sleep and form fitting, instead.

4. Coat Length Matters, Too

just the right length for your torsoWhen choosing a coat or jacket, go for the ones that are just the right length for your torso. Coats that are too long will make your overall appearance focus on your length.

With this style, the highlight will be given to your width, rather than your height, especially if you are short in stature. Petite women have an extra challenge, but it is not impossible to look sleek and sexy, even if you are petite.

Pants and Slacks

Sweatpants are only good for rest days and days of bumming around the house, so quit wearing them everywhere. Also avoid baggy jeans that shout “I could care less”.

5. Black Is Still The New Sexy

Dark and tight-fitting jeansBlack can make you look slim and oh so sexy. Dark and tight-fitting jeans will shape your booty and give emphasis to your top more.

Wearing tight-fitting jeans will outline your curves and highlight your butt. Also, tight-fitting jeans will outline your legs, another one of your curvy assets.

Wearing tight-fitting dark jeans can go with just about anything and you can wear them anywhere. You can wear them for a night out on the town, or day trip.

Also, wearing tight jeans coupled with stilettos or high heels will give you that “runway model out for a day to shop” vibe. Sounds tempting, right? So, if you have a big booty to show, wear the right fitting jeans.

6. Straight Cut Pants Work, Too

Straight Cut PantsChoose straight cut pants that have the right fit on you and that hang casually from your waist. Straight cut pants may be too plain for your tastes, but they actually help you look curvy because they emphasize your shape, rather than the emphasis being placed on the pants.

This choice of trousers will shape your butt curves, just like tight-fitting jeans do. However, your legs may be a little hidden, so the highlight is with the curves of your booty.

Any top can go with any type of tight-fit or straight cut jeans, as long as your jeans are not a print pattern. The right top and the matching jeans can definitely shape your body figure from top to bottom.


Just like with pants, avoid using skirts that are too baggy. Unless you want to hide all that, in which case we totally disagree. Look for skirts that hug your curves instead.

7. Hip-Hugging Pencil Skirts Flatter Your Womanly Figure

Pencil SkirtsOf course, you must know the ones, those hip hugging pencil skirts that you see on businesswomen of the executive and professional world.

And why not? Pencil skirts, especially the dark ones, exude a sense of sophistication and authority. Not to mention the “hip-hugging” part, which traces the shapes of your legs, thighs, butt and hips.

As if that is not sexy enough, other colors of pencil skirts are something that you should also take a look at, as well. Don’t be afraid of color. Pair a pencil skirt with the flattering plunging neckline top, a business jacket and a pair of stilettos.You will definitely get second glances and questions like “business or pleasure – or both?”

8. Have Some Flirty Fun With Flare Miniskirts

MiniskirtsChic and stylish, flare miniskirts are good for a fun day out at the mall or a walk in the park. It would make you look fresh, light and bubbly. Plus, subtly sexy and alluring. Flare mini skirts would make your legs look firmer and longer, too.

A printed mini skirt should be paired with a plain top, and vice versa. Your blouse and skirt should complement each other so as not to lose focus on what you really want to showcase. This choice of skirt combined with a blousy top and that would place you in the category of innocent and sexy.


Dresses are the glorious and sophisticated way of showing off your body. Hooray for the one who invented mini-dresses. On that note, avoid wearing a dress that covers too much skin. You wore a dress for a reason and that is to show your curves. A large, oversized dress will overwhelm your look, and again, this goes especially for short and petite women.

9. Choose A Tight-Fitting Mini-Dress

Tight-Fitting Mini-DressThis may be a little biased to say, but tight-fitting mini-dresses should hold the crown for the best and sexiest wear for women with the right curves in all the right places. Why? Because they show off all of your curves from top to bottom, that’s why.

If you have little curves, a tight-fitting mini dress can also help you with that. With its ability to push up everything that you have, it can shape your body and make you look curvy. Have you thanked these types of dresses yet? They work for any size and shape of womanhood.

10. Try A Wraparound Or Empire-Waist Dress

Empire Waist DressA wrap around is held closed with a belt that you tie tightly at your waist. This makes your waistline look smaller, giving you an hour glass figure.

With a wraparound, you can showcase your cleavage and your waistline. That’s hitting two sexy birds with one stone – or wraparound dress, in this case.

An empire waist dress pretty much follows the same style for empire waist blouses, except that they are longer. So the highlight is on your breasts, covering your tummy.

But with a dress, your legs are exposed and the dress falls behind you, shaping your backside curves. This choice of dress will also make your legs look longer, too.

Your body is a gift, and like any other gift you receive, you have the right to boast about it and showcase it to the world. In a subtle, sexy and decent way, and by all means, show the world that you have all the right curves and are perfect from the bottom to the top. With these fashion tips, you’d be ready to flaunt all that and leave the male population drooling behind you.