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Boob Job Facts: Are You Right for Breast Enhancement?

Breast augmentation, which many people playfully call a “boob job,” is probably one of the most common procedures that women all throughout the United States are thinking about having someday. The reasons tend to be psychological in nature.

They vary from woman to woman. Whether it is to fill in their cup size or attract more men, no one can deny that this surgical procedure has risen in popularity. Although you may not understand why boob jobs increased demand for plastic surgeons throughout the years, you need find out what your plastic surgeon will not tell you regarding this controversial procedure.

What Is  A Boob Job?

surgeryA boob job, also called, breast augmentation surgery, is one of the top cosmetic surgeries performed in our day, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Depending on which type of boob job that you choose, it could be a major step for you. Many women contemplate whether they should talk to a plastic surgeon about getting a breast job.

Many studies have shown that boob job procedures could help boost a woman’s sexual satisfaction, body image and overall self-esteem. However, with positive results also come negative results, which will depend on the surgeon performing the surgery and other essential factors.

When you hear the wordWhen you hear the word “boob job,” the first thing that probably pops up in your mind is “a procedure that will make a woman’s breast larger.” That is actually close to the complete answer, yet you may be missing some vital information regarding this type of surgery.

Breast augmentation is the insertion of a silicone bag containing salt water under the chest and breast muscle. By filling the bag up with water, the prosthesis will expand the area of the breast to give it a larger size. It will also give it more contour and increase cleavage.

Where To Begin: The Initial Consultation

licensed plastic surgeonThe best person to consult about your interest in breast implants is a professional and licensed plastic surgeon.

Try asking friends or family members about surgeons that they trust for recommendation. Take note that you should choose a surgeon that fit in the following criteria:

  • Has a specialty that matches your needs for surgery
  • Is a board-certified surgeon
  • Belongs to at least one professional organization, such as The American Academy of Dermatology, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons or The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Who Is A Good Candidate For Boob Job?

guidelinesOnce you find a plastic surgeon that fits the criteria listed above, here are some guidelines to decide if you’re a good candidate for a breast enhancement:

  • Saline Implants –  A healthy woman, over 18 years of age
  • Silicone Gel Implants – A healthy woman, over 22 years of age

Take note that to be qualified, you should be 100 percent healthy. Your medical doctor can address this issue with you, as well. Make sure you consider talking to your surgeon about the following topics:

  • General health
  • Healing capacity
  • Vices, such as smoking and alcohol drinking
  • Current medications that you are taking
  • Bleeding tendencies
  • Recent infections
  • Previous breast surgeries
  • Other medical conditions that could affect the breast implants procedure

Where Are The Incision Sites?

breast enhancement surgery incision siteYou and your surgeon will choose the best area for your breast enhancement surgery incision site. This depends completely on what you and your surgeon agree on during the planning phase.

The first possible site is underneath the breast at the area of the breast fold. Another place to consider is at the edge of the areola, where the thinnest scar would form. Having the incision within the areola is another option, while the two remaining sites are at the armpit region or the umbilical area.

How To Choose Your Implant Size Options

What size do you want to be after your boob job? This question depends mainly on you.

Size OptionsDiscuss the cup size that you would like with your surgeon, so that they could have a better idea of how much larger you would like your breasts to be.

You could also help your surgeon by showing them photos of your desired cup size. The most precise technique for estimating the implant’s size is to fill up a plastic bag that has measured amounts of water and then place it in your bra to find out the desired cup size.

Your Boob Job: Know The Risks

Know The RisksEvery surgery available for patients has some minor and even major risks or complications. It will really depend on how the surgeon does the surgery. It will also depend well you take care of your incision after the surgery. Here are the following complications that could occur after a breast augmentation.

  • Infection – This may be a rare phenomenon, but it does happen in some cases of boob jobs. Signs of infections are redness, swelling, fever and discomfort that range from mild to severe.
  • Bleeding – This risk could occur at the implant pocket after the surgery. The wound needs surgical removal, washing out and replacement to help control the bleeding.
  • Capsule Contracture – The breast could harden and pain may occur.
    A surgical incision of the fibrous scar capsule is necessary.
  • Asymmetry Of The Breasts – If an implant slips out of its original position, surgical repair is required.
  • Mammogram Problems – The implant could possibly block some portions of the breast in a mammogram. If you have a risk for breast cancer, you might not want to consider getting breast implants.

knowledge is powerHopefully, you now understand exactly what you need to know about breast enhancement surgery. Remember that knowledge is power. Doing your research will increase your understanding about boob jobs.

You will also have a clear idea of the options to consider. If you have more questions regarding this topic, feel free to consult a health care professional that specializes in plastic surgery. They are equipped with the knowledge to guide you with your curiosity about boob jobs.