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10 Exercises to Perk Your Boobs Up

Are you looking for ways to perk your breasts up? Are you worried about the size of your breasts? Do you want to increase your boobs without taking any breast enhancement pills? If the answers to the above questions are yes, then there is no cause for alarm, because you are not alone.

There are a lot of women out there who are not happy with the size of their breasts and they are looking for ways to enhance them.

Fortunately, there are natural methods you can employ to perk up your boobs. Breast enhancement exercises are veritable means of increasing your breast size without taking any medications.

If you perform a Google search on breast enhancement exercise, you will definitely get numerous results. But these exercises differ in their effectiveness. When it comes to breast improvement, pectoral exercises have no match.

Here, we will talk about 10 effective pectoral exercises that you can do in order to improve your boobs. Read on to know more about these exercises.

1. Boost Up By Pushing Up

Pushing Up
Photo by Crossfit girl / CC BY-SA

The push up is one of the pectoral exercises that you should do on regular basis if you wish to boost your breast size.

It can be difficult, but if you do it repeatedly, then you will become used to it and it will no longer be painful.

It is easy to learn. Lie straight on your exercise mat with your stomach looking downward.

Now, straighten yourself and come up to a push up position by supporting your body with your hands. Ensure that your hands are standing straight as you raise your body supporting it with the hands. Elevate your hips so that you will remain in a straight line. Lower your entire body by bending your hands.

few monthsAs you are bending yourself, make sure that you still keep your body straight. Lower your body completely so that it will be at parallel to the floor. Now raise it up again with your hand. Keep your feet together and your body straight as you raise yourself up. Your feet should form an angle with the ground. Repeat the exercise many times until you are no longer able to continue.

Do it regularly or at least every other day. You will be surprised to see how busty you will become within a few months of starting the exercise. One good advantage of push-ups is that they do not require any exercise tool in order to do them.

2. Chest Press Exercise With Dumbbells

Exercise With DumbbellsThis type of breast enhancement exercise requires the use of dumbbell weights. It is effective in perking up the breasts.

But, the major problem with it is that those who do not have two dumbbells will not be able to do it.

The exercise is not complex to do. Just lie flat on the floor or on your exercise mat with your back.

Stamp your two feet flat on the floor and keep your knees bent, so that they form an angle between the legs and thighs.

Keep your elbows bentHold the dumbbell weights with your hands, one with each of your hands. Keep your elbows bent at a right angle. Try lifting the weights with your chest muscles as you raise your hands up.

Now, after lifting the dumbbells, bring them together. Do many reps until you are no longer able to continue. You have to repeat the exercise on a regular basis in order to beef up your breast size.

3. Wall Push-Ups for Firmer Breasts

This is another pectoral exercise that will not only increase your breast size, but it will also make your breasts look firmer.

It is very easy and does not require any other exercise tools except the wall of your home. It is performed in a similar manner with the conventional push-ups.

Wall Push-UpsThe major difference is that the wall push-ups are done on the wall rather than on the floor. Face your wall standing upright with your two feet.

Place your two hands on the wall and move back until your hands are straight with the palms placed on the wall. The hands should be parallel to the floor and be at the chest level.

Ensure that your fingers point upward. Now bend the elbows exerting pressure on the wall as if you are pushing it. Your heels should be raised. Maintain balance with your toes in such a way that your toes and the floor should form an angle.

Continue exerting pressure and remain in the position for five seconds. Now push backwards so that you will come back to your original position. Do about 10 reps or continue until you are tired. If you want a quicker result, then you should perform this exercise twice a day for four consecutive days.

4. Tone Your Boobs With Chest Flys

This is very similar to the chess press and it requires the same exercise tools.

Chest Flys
Photo by GeorgeStepanek / CC BY-SA

With this exercise, you will not only define your breasts but also tone and strengthen the pectoral muscles. Get your exercise mat or bench and two dumbbells weights.

Lie down flat on the mat or on the bench. Keep your knees bent with your two feet stamped firmly on the floor. Ensure that your legs, including feet, knees and thighs, are together. If you maintain a good position, then your knee should point upward.

Stare at the ceiling as you take three deep breaths in order to get your body relaxed before lifting. Now, carry each of the dumbbells with each hand. Your elbow should be bent but a little bit spread so that a large angle will be formed.

take a day rest after several days’ exerciseBring the dumbbells back together over the chest as you exhale. Do the exercise 10 times, take few seconds rest and continue until you are tired. Note that in chest press, you lift the dumbbells and bring them together while keeping your hands upward and straight.

If you do this exercise regularly, you will achieve impressive results. Always take a day rest after several days’ exercise in order to give the muscles the time to recover and grow.

5. Use Dip Bars for Happier Busts

register with a local gymThis exercise, known as chip dips, will need bars. If you don’t have any bars, then you can register with a local gym. They are sure to have a pull-up bar. Chip dips can be difficult, but if you continue with it on daily basis, you will begin to find it easy.

Position your exercise dip bar well. Then hold it firmly with your two hands. Try to pull yourself up so that your chest touches the bar. Lower yourself down, maintaining the initial upright position.

Do 10 repeats if you can and keep doing it until you are tired. This will help to build up your pectoral muscles as well as perk up and tone your breasts so that they will become firmer.

6. Make Them Bigger With Elevated Push Ups

This is a variation of push up that is also very effective. It is more difficult and energy consuming than some other variations of push-ups.

a bench for this variation of push upThey will require a bench for this variation of push up. You can also do it on a step.

In this variation of push up, your palms will be on the floor while your feet will be on the bench or step. Maintain balance with the hands keep it straight with the palms being parallel with the floor. Now lower yourself and come as low as possible. Then raise yourself up again bearing the weight with your hands.

Continue pushing backwards until your hands are straight again. Repeat the push-up for several times or until you are tired. It can be tiresome and difficult, but it gives quicker results. It is more suitable for advanced exercise buffs.

7. Rotation Push-Ups Help, Too

Rotation Push-UpsThis is almost the same with the standard push up, except that a more challenging task is added.

When you complete any push up, remain in the same position, and then raise any of your hands touching the chest with the push-up motion.

Then raise the other hand and touch the chest with it. Do about 10 reps or continue until you
are no longer able to do it. It is very effective but it can be more challenging than the traditional push-ups.

8. Medicine Ball Push Up to Lift Your Saggy Breasts

on the floorThis is another variation of push up that you can do in order to perk up your breasts.

The major difference between this push up and the standard type is that rather than keeping your two hands on the floor.

You keep one on a medicine ball and the other on the floor as you come into a push up position.

Don’t worry, the ball will not burst because it is strong and tear and bust resistant.

9. Chess Pass Makes Your Assets Firmer and Perkier

medicine ballYou will also require the medicine ball to perform this exercise. Lie flat on the floor with your face upward.

Keep the feet flat on the floor and your knees bent. Use your two hands to hold the medicine ball at your chest at the same time.

Ensure that your lower back is pressed on the floor and your abs are engaged. Throw the ball up to any extent that you can. Make sure that you give it a straight throw so that you will not leave your position in order to catch the ball.

Try catching the ball with your arms raised as it falls down. When you catch the ball, lower your arms immediately to its starting position and then repeat the throw and catch exercise. It can be fun, but it also helps to perk up those boobs.

10. Give Your Boobs a Lift With Single-Arm Chest Presses

Lie with your back on a Swiss ballYou will require a swiss ball and a dumbbell in order to perform this exercise. Lie with your back on a Swiss ball keeping your two feet flat on the floor.

Your hips should be raised in such a manner that an angle of 90 degrees will be formed between your body and your knees.

Use your hands to hold the weight at the chest. Lift up the weight, keeping your hands straight and then bring the weight back to the starting position. Repeat the moves about 10 times or until you are not able to do any more.

give your muscles time to recover and growThese are some of the exercises you could do in order to improve the size of your breasts and also make them firmer and perkier. You can combine several of these exercises. However, always take a day’s rest in order to give your muscles time to recover and grow.

You may find many other methods of breast augmentation today. However, a few of such methods are way too invasive. As we all know, surgery has many dangers and prescribed oral supplements have numerous side effects.

Breast enhancement exercises are one of the effective means to get your boobs in shape. Other than this, you can opt for the safe, natural and effective treatment to enhance your bust line. The treatment prescribed by work wonders to your assets. The combination of a daily natural supplement and gel is more effective and less invasive than many drastic treatments for breast enhancement.