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10 Ways to Care for Your Lovely Lady Lumps

Every woman loves to flaunt her bosom. Beautiful and uplifted breasts are the ultimate desire of ladies. A nice pair of lifted boobs provides a woman with a feeling of superiority and makes her more confident.

However, due to lack of adequate care, breasts eventually lose their cleavage and tightness. Thus, it is important that women take care of their breasts in order to prevent diseases and signs of aging.

Below you will find some basic self-care tips to help you manage your lady lumps in the best way possible.

1. Moisturize Your Assets

Your breast area has sensitive skin, which is very tender and thin. Make sure that you moisturize your breasts with a thick lotion, just like your night cream.

When purchasing the right moisturizer, find the one that attaches water to the skin such as cocoa butter or hyaluronic acid.

Moreover, to cure pigmentation and sun damage, consider getting a photo facial. And don’t think that your breasts don’t need sunscreen. Sunscreen provides protection to the skin of the breasts from cancer. It also prevents the breakdown of elastin and collagen, which in turn inhibits sagging.

When out in the sea, experts recommend slathering sunscreen of SPF 60 liberally on the breasts before heading out to sunbathe.

2. Break A Sweat For Fuller Breasts

Exercise does wonders for your lady lumps. Exercise in any mode or form is beneficial for your bosom.

It is scientifically proven that regular exercise helps to prevent breast cancer in women.

Break A SweatExercise reduces the amount of body fat, and in turn minimizes the reserve of estrogen. It is important to note here that estrogen is responsible for triggering some forms of breast cancer.

Exercise tones the upper pectoral muscles of the breasts and make them fuller and perkier. Inclined chest presses and push-ups are a few of the best exercises for toning your breast muscles.

There are many other exercises for breast enhancement, but you should choose those that concentrate a lot of weight around the breast area. Dumbbell bench presses, pushups, and dumbbell flies are some of the few that you can consider taking up.

Apart from exercising your breasts regularly, you should also maintain your weight. When you gain weight, your breasts also gain a few pounds and cause the skin to stretch. So, when you shed weight, the overstretched skin doesn’t always fall back into shape. And this leaves your breasts looking saggy.

3. Massage Your Boobs

Women’s breasts are devoid of muscle tissue, so breasts need regular massaging to enhance circulation through them.

coconut oilBreast massaging is an important practice for women as it helps to support their lymph and blood circulation, as well as reduce the accumulation of toxins and hormones in the fatty tissue of the breasts.

You can keep your breasts perky by massaging them regularly. A good massage promotes the blood circulation in the breasts and tones up the ligaments to reduce sagginess.

Massaging breasts with nourishing oils can also restore the dead cells and repair any damage. You can use natural cold-pressed oils such as jojoba, almond, and coconut oil. Adding pure essential oils, such as jasmine and rose to your massage oil makes it even more effective. You may consult an expert to learn some particular massages that may help to even enhance your cup size.

4. Stand Up Straight

postureBad posture is the enemy of your sexy breasts. When your stand straight, you allow your breasts to remain lifted and look bigger.

The right posture provides the right support to your boobs.

If you have problems with posture, go for exercises that strengthen the ligaments and muscles in order to support your breasts. Ensure that you exercise regularly. Furthermore, try seeking help from a chiropractor. They often run high-quality fitness programs that aim to give you a healthy body.

5. Right Bras For Amazing Boobs

be very choosy when picking the right braThe size and shape of your bras can have a great impact on the overall health of your breasts. That is the major reason why you should be very choosy when picking the right bra. Uncomfortable breasts can lead to back pains and many other health complications. It is unfortunate that some women have worn the wrong size of bra for their entire lives unknowingly.

Remember, gravity is not a friend to your breasts. According to experts, breasts are connected to the chest wall with fibrous tissues and ligaments. When breasts are not provided with the proper support, the ligaments overstretch and droop.

Furthermore, the bigger your breasts are, the more critical it is to support them.

When your breasts bounce, the ligaments are stretched. Thus, you need a bra with cups that fit you perfectly.

The right bra should be able to hold the breasts in the proper position without allowing them to sag down or get squeezed too tight. Well-fitted bras hold your boobs high and make them look firm.

surprised to knowIt also helps to shape your breasts and keep them packed against the chest wall. You may think that your bra fits you well. But you would be surprised to know that eight out of ten women wear bras of the wrong size. Usually, a bra that does not fit properly has a band that is overly large around the rib cage. If you didn’t already know, let us tell you that ninety percent of the support comes from the bra band.

A poorly fitted band rides up in the back and causes the straps to droop down. Thus, you should purchase the bra that fits you comfortably when clutched on the loosest hooks. When you buy the right size of band, it remains firm around your rib cage.

If you think you are wearing the wrong size, visit a professional fitter to get the right measurements. Also, consider changing your bra size if you have recently given birth or gained or lost weight.

6. Self-Examine Your Breasts For Lumps

Experts encourage women to self-examine their breasts in order to look for lumps. The best time to assess your breasts is after your menstrual cycle.

find particular dates in a monthYou can find particular dates in a month and stick to the same dates at all times.

When you are ready for self-examination of your breasts, raise one arm and with the other softly massage your breast in a circular fashion, making the shape of the number eight.

When examining your breasts, you should pay close attention to any lump that feels hard and doesn’t move around. You should also be careful of the lumps that do move around and persist for more than one or two menstruation.

In order to detect any signs of breast cancer early on, you should make a mammogram appointment after you reach the age of forty. Your first screening test should be scheduled at 40, and then further appointments should be made regularly during your forties. Remember, early detection is the best medicine for treating breast cancer, so don’t avoid this important test.

7. Use Beauty Products Cautiously

Beauty ProductsMost women are not aware of the dire effects of the ingredients contained in cosmetics. But the fact is that the ingredients present in cosmetics can have effects that are more than just skin deep. Nowadays, cosmetic industries are using thousands of chemicals in their products, in everything from lotions and potions, to shampoos and lipsticks.

It is shocking to know that most of these chemicals are used in industrial manufacturing processes to clean industrial tools and equipment.

And we can all agree with the fact that any ingredient which is used to clean a floor may not be the best product for our skin.

Numerous studies have indicated that certain harmful chemicals that linger in the environment have increased the risks of various forms of cancer, including breast cancer.

perfumesPhthalates are a group of chemicals that are usually present in perfumes and nail polishes. The excessive exposure to phthalates has been associated with early puberty in girls, which becomes a threatening factor for breast cancer.

Triclosan is yet another chemical that is present in deodorants, antibacterial soaps and toothpastes, which works to inhibit the growth of mold and bacteria. This chemical is categorized as a pesticide and can affect the hormonal system of the body. When the hormones are not regulated effectively, the normal development of the breasts is disrupted.

One study conducted worldwide recently showed that over 90% of breast cancer cases had parabens in the tumors. Parabens are preservatives used in beauty products and that is the only way they got into the breasts of the affected women. You should not just pick any beauty product to use, but always check for the safety guarantee as well.

8. Eat Healthy for Healthy Breasts

Eat HealthyYou should eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet for your overall health, as well as for the health of your breasts. Apart from eating healthily, you should be sure to avoid certain foods to prevent you from getting breast cancer.

Walnuts, plums, salmon, olive oil, peaches and coconut oil are some of the food products that you should include in your diet for the health of your breasts.

Moreover, limit your alcohol consumption. Although moderate consumption of alcohol is good for your health, excessive drinking can increase the production of estrogen. Estrogen is one of the hormones that can increase your risk of breast cancer.

use supplementsYour breasts may sag with time, but diligent care and a healthy lifestyle can turn the clock back a few years and keep your breasts looking fuller and firmer across their lifespan. Apart from taking good care of your lovely busts, you might like to use supplements and firming gel from

These supplements help to augment your breasts and make them look sexier. The best thing about these breast enhancing products is that they are free from harmful chemicals and safe to use.