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10 Booby Trap Myths about Breasts That We Actually Believe

From the time you first slipped on a training bra, chances are that you were inundated with myths about breasts. Some of these myths are silly, some are scary, and some are a little of both. When it comes to your body and your health, it can be hard to separate fact from fiction. And, because breasts are regarded as something of a private topic, you may be scared to ask for the true facts.

We have compiled ten of the biggest rumors about breasts that many women believe to be true, in order to bust these myths. So, hang up that push up bra and take a look.

1. Your Boobs Grow When You Gain Weight

Many women think that when you gain weight, your breasts grow. This myth comes from the fact that boobs are primarily comprised of fat.

And, when you gain fat on your body, it will automatically contribute to growing breasts.

While sometimes this actually is the case, it is certainly not guaranteed. When you gain weight, it spreads all over your body, although it may accumulate more heavily on some areas such as your thighs and stomach. This is also something that is passed through genetics and is highly individual from woman to woman.

And if you are flat chested and think that gaining 10 pounds will help you to have a larger bosom, you need to think again. Your health should be a much higher priority than your cup size. And adding weight to your frame for vain purposes is a very unhealthy thing to do.

2. Puberty Is A Red Light For Breast Growth

PubertyWe remember one of the top myths about breasts is told when you have finally “become a woman” after entering puberty and begun to menstruate.

The myth being that as soon as you are in the midst of puberty, that you are stuck with your cup size and your breasts will no longer grow.

A similar myth is that your boobs stop growing after you have stopped growing height-wise during puberty.

Luckily for the late bloomers, this isn’t the case. Your breasts can continue to grow until your twenties, and can fluctuate depending on hormones.

So, if you are still in your teens, hold out some hope that you can continue to expand in the front for a few more years to come. If you are in your childbearing years especially, expect to see changes in your breasts during pregnancy or after giving birth. This is because many women’s breasts grow larger during this time.

3. Only Busty Girls Get The Guys

Busty Girls Get The GuysAnother myth about breasts is perpetuated by Hollywood in particular, being that men only go for women with large breasts.

Watching clips from Baywatch for ten minutes will seem to confirm that.

Men come in all shapes and sizes, and women come in all shapes and sizes too. Sure, there are some men out there that look for large boobs as a factor in their dating decisions. But, there are an equal amount of men that like their women to have mid-sized or even small breasts.

To be honest, if a man is so fixated on shallow things like your bra size, then chances are that he’s not worthy of your time and attention anyways. So, take it as a blessing in disguise if some of these guys won’t give you the time of day.

4. Breasts Are Identical Twins

symmetrical and matchingLike with any pair, many people feel that breasts are symmetrical and matching. You may want to see a doctor if there is a drastic difference between your breasts.

However, we can assure you that having asymmetrical boobs, or one that is larger than the other, is completely healthy and normal.

Often the difference is so slight; the only person that could possibly notice is you. Photos of women’s chest areas are often photoshopped. So, if you are comparing your own with the things you see in magazines or online, then stop right there. Accept the uniqueness of your body, even if it’s the slight difference in your own breasts.

5. Lumps = Breast Cancer

in the showerYou are in the shower and you feel a lump. Your mind starts to race, as now you are absolutely sure that you have got breast cancer. Examining your breasts regularly is an important practice for a healthy woman.

And, if there are any lumps, they should be brought to your doctor’s attention immediately. But, you first need to take a deep breath and not jump to conclusions.

Statistically, only a small amount of women that come in with breast lumps find out that the lumps are cancerous. Be proactive, but not over the top. Checking your breasts each day in the shower or at some point in your day is never a bad idea.

Keep track of changes to your body and seek medical care before reaching a medical diagnosis on your own and it could very well save your life.

6. Sleeping on Your Side Will Stunt Your Growth

Sleeping on Your SideAmong the many myths about breast growth, or the stunting of your breasts growth, is the idea that sleeping on your side will keep your boobs from growing.

While you do apply pressure to your chest when you sleep on your side or your stomach, this does not have any adverse effects in terms of breast size.

There is blood constantly circulating through your whole body, along with other hormones, and as long as your blood is circulating, your breasts will continue to grow. The pressure from lying on your side is not severe enough to cut off circulation. So, feel free to lay in whichever position feels the most comfortable for you.

7. Only Women Have Breasts and Breast Cancer

men do not check their chest for lumpsThere are still many people out there that believe the myth that only women can be diagnosed and suffer from breast cancer.

While women’s breasts may be larger and more developed, men still have breast tissue on their chests. And, breast cancer is something that can affect them as well.

More than 2,000 men each year are diagnosed with breast cancer, and about 400 of them die each year from it. This myth has propagated and become a stigma.

So, many men do not check their chest for lumps like many women do. And, this means that the cancer is often caught in the later stages. Thus, show some solidarity for men with breast cancer as well.

8. Stretch Marks Are Forever

cocoa butter
Photo by Nina Nelson / CC BY

As breasts grow, like any part of a woman’s body, sometimes stretch marks result. Women often regard these marks as embarrassing and unattractive.

And, there has been a persistent myth over the years that once a woman’s breasts grow and create stretch marks, then they are stuck with the marks forever.

While they may bother many women, there is hope. Over a period of time, the stretch marks will begin to heal. Also, when they heal, the bright color of them will fade away to skin tone and become flat until they are barely visible.

If you are looking to take excellent care of your skin and speed up the fading process, use cocoa butter. Using cocoa butter will help with stretch marks.

9. Work Out For Perk Out

exercisesWhile , figure and self-confidence, there is no truth to the myth that certain exercises will help to make your breasts perkier.

When you are doing workout moves like pushups, you are toning muscle. Pushups are one of the exercises people often recommend for breast development.

Nevertheless, since your breast tissue is comprised of fat, and not muscle, there’s nothing to perk or tone. Doing chest exercises will help invigorate and tone your figure. However, there’s no proof or guarantee that it will expand your bust. So, you can lay off the pushups if your only incentive is hoping that your breasts will grow larger.

10. An “Average” Sized Bust

average breast sizeEvery woman is different, and so are her breasts. While there has been misinformation circling around for some time about the average breast size being a 34B and then moving up to a 36C, there’s no real truth to that idea. An average can be loosely calculated based on the sizes of bras being sold across the United States.

Women should embrace their boobs, big or small, and not worry about fitting in with the average. The same goes for women that are striving to have ultra large breasts.

There are many different myths perpetuated over time about women and their breasts, and these are just 10 of the main ones out there.

Whether it’s about their growth, perkiness or dating appeal, a woman’s breasts are her own and it’s important that accurate health and beauty information be spread, and rumors squashed.

Make sure to take care of your body, and it will continue to take care of you. And this includes maybe splurging just a little bit on some lacy bras in the near future.

surgeon's knifeRegardless of the various myths about breastfeeding that we actually do consider to be true, it is a fact that most women wish to have bigger and firmer breasts. Some even decide to go under the surgeon’s knife to achieve their dreams. The majority of doctors still consider such measures to be a bit drastic.

However, if you are really obsessed with your boobs, it is in your best interest to try less-invasive options like supplements and firming gels for breast enhancement. We recommend the all-natural supplements from to make things easy for you. After just a few weeks of using this therapy, you will be able to have curvier and fuller breasts.