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8 Reasons Why You Need a Bra that Really Fits

Did you know that most women are not wearing bras that really fit? Yes, a good number of women out there wear the wrong size of bra without even knowing it. You can easily spot other women who are not wearing bras that fit. So, are you wearing the right size? Let’s find out.

Do your breasts overflow your cups?

Does your bra ride up your back?

Are you comfortable in your brassiere?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you are among the women that are not wearing the right size bra. Approximately 80 percent of all women wear the wrong size brassiere.

You may not be able to know that you are also one of that 80 percent unless someone points it out to you.

breasts look saggyWearing an ill-fitting bra makes your breasts look saggy and flowing, and nobody wants to look shapeless.

Breasts are an integral part of any woman’s beauty. Thus, it is important that you wear the right bra size. Apart from making your breasts look amazing, it will also make you look more confident and comfortable.

Before explaining the reasons why you need to wear a bra that really fits, we will first tell you some signs that indicate that you are not wearing the right size of bra.

Signs That You Are Wearing the Wrong Size of Bra

  • Breasts Spilling Over the CupBreasts Spilling Over the Cup: The cup is meant to cover the breast without causing any pain or discomfort to the wearer. If the cups of your bra are not covering your breasts very well or if your breasts spill over the cup material, you are not wearing the right size bra. Such a bra will give you a rippled look.
  • Riding Up Your Back: If your bra does not fit very well, it can move upwards out of its proper position at the back.
    This will affect your general fashion, as it will create an ugly look from the back, revealing or even creating unappealing back fat.
  • Red Marks: Do you have red marks on your shoulders anytime you remove your bra? If so, then you are not wearing the right size bra. The red marks, which may sometimes be painful, are signs that your bra does not perfectly fit. The straps which dig into the shoulders cause the red marks.
  • make you look olderLooks Older: If you are wearing a cup size that is too large for your breasts, it will make you look older. A well-fitted bra enhances your appearance and makes you look sexy. You are not wearing the right size bra if it does not accentuate your breasts or bring out the woman in you.

Now that you know the telltale signs of a bra that does not perfectly fit, it is now time to explain various reasons why you should wear a bra that truly fits.

1. A Good Bra Makes You Attractive

highlights your sex appeal as a womanA bra not only provides support to the breasts, it flatters and enhances your overall beauty and highlights your sex appeal as a woman.

Basically, a bra is a fashion accessory that works to highlight the sexiest part of a woman. Even though your clothes cover it, it still brings out the beauty of your overall attire and highlights what you were born with.

The right bra provides a comfortable support to your breasts. Whether you are large breasted or not, you need to wear a bra that fits in order to provide support to your breasts and also make you feel at ease.

If a bra does not fit you very well, it will not make you sexy, appealing and attractive. It is important to note that your breasts must not spill over your bra, but that it should cover them properly. If you are unable to find the right size, it is best to consult a professional fitter to help you figure out your dimensions.

shop for your braSo, when it is time for you to shop for your bra, don’t hesitate to get help. Buy the bras that really fit and provide a firm hand-like embrace to your breast. The right size bras will not cause you any pain and will not allow your breasts to spill over the cup.

2. The Wrong Bra Can Alter the Shape of Your Chest

You may not realize it, but the truth is that your bra can alter the shape of your breasts if it does not really fit very well.

hoursImagine pressing firmly or squeezing your breasts on a daily basis.

If you continuously squeeze your breasts for hours, it will not only cause you pain, but it will also definitely disfigure them, as well.

Wearing a bra that is too tight is similar to squeezing your breasts. If the bra is too tight, the cup will press firmly on the breast. Since you wear your bra for a long time during the day, continuous pressing of the breast by the cup of your bra will definitely alter its shape and thus reduce its natural appeal.

3. The Right Bra Fixes Saggy Breasts

Right Bra Fixes Saggy BreastsBreast sagging is not only caused by aging or breast-feeding. Wearing a bra that does not perfectly fit can also cause drooping breasts.

Continuous pressure or weight on the breast is one of the causes of breast sagging.

A tight bra puts undue pressure on your mounds and slackens their muscles. Also, your breast will become loose and flappy if your cup is too large. So you must ensure that your cup holds your breasts very well without pressing them tightly. The right-sized bra lifts up the breasts and holds them firmly.

Even though sagging is unavoidable with age, you can make your breasts look stable for a longer time by wearing the bra that is your perfect match.

4. You Need the Correct Size for That Appealing Cleavage

Appealing CleavageWe have already stressed this multiple times – wearing a bra that really fits enhances your beauty and makes you look tempting, attractive and sexy.

However, we have not yet mentioned that the right sized bra also creates that captivating, sensuous and appealing cleavage.

That space between a woman’s breasts is sculpted perfectly when the breasts are given the right support. If your cups are too large, it will cover up the entire breasts without creating any valleys. And, if your cups are too tight, it will squeeze the breasts, close up your cleavage, and make your breasts spill over the bra.

The right sized bra adheres directly to your breasts, providing them with the required support, and helping you get the perfect cleavage. If you are looking to flaunt your cleavage in a low-neck gown, you may go for a specifically tailored cleavage-enhancing brassiere. What if your mounds are not full enough to create the right cleavage? Just shove a sock in the cup of your bra and see the magic.

5. Reduces Bouncing Movement During Physical Activity

athleteIf you are a sport lover or an athlete, it is necessary that you put on a sporty bra during your workout. It can be very painful to perform physical exercises without wearing a nice bra that fits very well.

If your bra is too large or loose, then the breasts will flap or move up and down inside the cup. This can be very embarrassing and uncomfortable during physical exercise. If your underclothing is too tight, it will also be painful.

The right-sized bra will fit you very well and will reduce that bouncing movement.  Also, it will minimize breast strain in the inner region of the breasts. With the right bra, whenever you jump during exercise, you will only concentrate on your workout and not on your splashing cups.

6. Bras for Large Busted Women

Are You Big On Top?

There are women with generous bosoms who are unable to find the perfectly fitting bra.

Large Busted WomenSellers have misinformed many bustier women about their right bra size. This is simply because they don’t stock a full line of bras.

Sellers have spread the notion that the largest possible cup size is ‘D’ and bigger cup sizes than this are just some kind of freak show. Thus, bustier women usually buy small-sized bras that make their breasts look unshapely.

However, the fact is that reputable stores carry sizes from D to K. It is important that you get yourself measured by someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.

7. Your Bra May Irritate You

Physical activitiesYour badly fitted bra can result in irritation and chafing. This is true of any bra that is too tight.

This type of bra will constrict the rib cage and compress the breasts against the chest.

If you wear a wired bra, you may get red and sore where the underwire sits. More likely, your skin may start to break down. Physical activities may further worsen the condition of your skin and cause further chafing.

8. Your Boobs Can Be Lethal

greater percentageOne of the reasons why you should wear the right size of bra is to avoid the constriction of the lymphatic system. It is said that more than 85 percent of the fluid of the lymph flowing from the breast will drain at the armpit lymph nodes.

The greater percentage of the remaining fluid will drain at the nodes along the breastbone.

The performance of the lymphatic system is therefore inhibited if you wear a tight bra that constricts the lymph, as this will affect the flow of the fluid throughout the system.

If the flow of the fluid, which includes waste and toxins, is inhibited, the compressed tissues will also be affected.

As a woman, it is important that you wear a bra that really fits you in order to look fabulous and feel good. It will also help to eliminate pain arising from the aforementioned up and down movement of the breasts during physical activity. A good bra also provides an attractive base for the rest of your outfit; thus enhancing your fashion.

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