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14 Reasons Why It’s Great to Be a Woman Today   

Every woman knows that at one point or another, she has uttered the desire to be a man instead. From childbirth and monthly bleeding, to makeup and high heels, amongst other expectations of women, ladies do have it pretty difficult in life.

Yet, Shania Twain was on to something in her song, Man, I Feel Like a Woman. Women might think they have the worse end of the gender deal, but there are so many fantastic reasons why it is wonderful to be a woman. Let’s go over some of the main ones, and perhaps you’ll be happier about being a part of the fairer sex.

1. Women Deal With Pain Better

Ever wonder why it seems like a man can be a huge crybaby whenever he stubs his toe or gets sick? The truth is that women can deal with more pain and discomfort than men. We are sure that dealing with pain is not exactly one of your priorities, but it should be.

Women are the majestic unicorns of dealing with pain. Menstrual cramps and childbirth are nothing to scoff at. And, we all know that if men had to deal with these pains then they would be laid up for a long time. It’s only the women who are strong enough to deal with these pains and carry on with their regular routines.

2. Women Get To Be A Wife

Women Get To Be A WifeOne of the perks of being a woman is that they get to become a wife one day.

We would say having a husband is the reason why being a woman is preferable, but you do not necessarily have to be a woman to do that. However, you have to be a woman in order to become a wife, and being a wife is amazing.

Becoming a wife means that your partner has instilled in you their most inner thoughts, emotions, and desires. You become entrusted to become someone’s rock and strength, yet you are also the feminine and sensuous partner in the relationship.

wifeCertainly, you might feel like too much is expected of a wife, but remember this all depends on your partner, not the fact that you are a woman. If your partner is making you feel like you have to act a certain way or meet other criteria to be a good wife, then they are setting stereotypical standards for you.

The truth is that being a wife can be everything that you want it to be.That can beturning into a homebody who cooks and cleans, or remaining an independent woman who works full time and balances home duties evenly with her partner.

3. Women Have All Of The Organizational Skills

Women Have All Of The Organizational SkillsMen might say they don’t need them, but organizational skills are essential to one’s overall well-being.Most women certainly have organizational skills.

They are more than likely the one sorting, color coding and basically gathering everyone’s junk together for them to sort through. It’s in their nature. Actually, scientists have proven that it’s the side of the brain that women tend to use, but you catch our drift.

Women are expert organizers and multi-taskers. Research claims that any human can only hold five pieces of information or things to do in their brain at once.And, you bet your bottom dollar that a woman fills all five of those slots repeatedly throughout her day.

4. Contrary To Popular Belief

women's driving abilitiesEven though men like to put down women’s driving abilities, they are actually the better drivers of both the genders.

Insurance companies have proven this fact by admitting the truth that insurance is cheaper for women than it is men due to their stereotypical immaculate driving skills.

Thankfully, parallel parking did not count in this statistic.

5. Their Quirks Make Them Cuter

Quirks Make Them CuterAs women, they have the uncanny ability to magically become more adorable as their personality quirks increase.

It’s true – women can easily get away with liking and doing the most bizarre things.

Women can admit to liking the most embarrassing of things. But, if men were to do the same then they might be ridiculed. It is far less likely for a woman to be ostracized for, say, her My Little Pony collection.

This goes the same for doing silly things, as well. A woman who is socially awkward or clumsy will be labeled as cute or adorably awkward. But, a guy will just simply be weird.

Women can be the goofballs they naturally are, without fear of not fitting in. The best part is that if you play it off and smile a little bit, then more people will actually approach you and be nice to you.

6. Makeup Is Actually Awesome

MakeupMakeup can sometimes seem like a chore, and some women would love to never wear any. The best part is that men actually prefer less makeup.So, it’s not like anyone is expecting you to make yourself look like a clown doll.

However, the option of having makeup is one of the best reasons why women are better. What do guys do when they have a zit or bags under their eyes? They just have to wear it, whereas women can cover it up. Concealer and foundation are phenomenal.

7. Women Last Longer

Women have a much longer life expectancyWomen have a much longer life expectancy than men, with some studies ranging as high as seven years longer.

Did we mention that all of the factors that allow women to live longer also are additional benefits for being a woman?

Women tend to take fewer risks, and they make sure to really think their actions through. As women, they also look after themselves a little better than most men do. So, they are likely to see a doctor if something is bothering them. Men avoid help from all people like the plague.

8. First In Class

Another benefit to being a woman is that they have been proven to perform exceedingly better than their male cohorts.

Studies have suggested for quite some time now that women generally receive better marks in school.

finish collegeCertainly, the guys can have some categories and areas where they excel. But, as a generalization, women are more likely to succeed in school.

Women are also much more likely to finish college. Perhaps this goes back to their organizational roots. But, when paired with their ability to excel in school, their likelihood of graduating college vastly increases.

Other experts claim that women are more likely to finish college because they are much more determined. And, they usually do not leave or fear when things become a little challenging.

9. Women Get The Dresses

Women Get The DressesSome women can sit there and say that they hate wearing skirts and dresses.But, nothing compares to the feeling of getting dressed up and throwing on a beautiful little cocktail dress.

Summer dresses, long maxi skirts, and so much more – there are so many fashionable options for women.

Women certainly have the advantage when it comes to fashion. Even women who appreciates all the different styles can enjoy an array of patterns, colors, fabrics and overall looks to choose from.

 10. Women Are Bad In The Right Kind Of Way

Crime rates for women are much lowerWomen possess the finesse to be bad if they want to, without the harsh rep to follow. Crime rates for women are much lower.

When surveyed, the crimes that women were committing are way less severe than those of men.

Perhaps, this is due to the fact that women are more likely to solve their problems verbally before resorting to physical means.

This is not to say, though, that women aren’t badass, because they are totally down to open up a can of whoop ass if need be. They just might ask politely first.

11. The Awful Truth

more sympathyThis is going to sound a bit shameful, but let’s be honest. Women can manipulate the waterworks.

Anyone who has ever been pulled over knows that a woman in distress is much more likely to get out of the ticket, unless of course the cop has no soul or zero tolerance for whiney women.

The truth of it is that women tend to garner more sympathy then men. If a woman is in the middle of a subway in distress, more people are likely to help her as opposed to if she were a man.

If you are one of those women who feel too good to try this one, then by all means skip to their next reason. Don’t worry, we have plenty left.

12. Women Can Wear Guys’ Clothes Without Looking Weird

Women Can Wear Guys’ ClothesIt’s actually becoming more of a trend for a woman to wear the boyfriend cut jean or a flannel shirt that might be a little too big.

This get up is perfect for a lazy day, and it can surprisingly help a woman feel pretty sexy. There’s nothing better than wearing their man’s t-shirt with nothing under it.

Think about it. Guys can’t work this the other way around. Seriously, how would you feel if your man borrowed your heels and jeggings for the night?

13. Boobs

Do we need to say more? Having boobs is awesome and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can dress them up, you can dress them down, or you can leave them au natural – they enhance your looks and just like Shania says, make you feel like a woman.

14. The Other Lady Lumps

Lady Lumps
Photo by theDragonKing100 / CC BY

Besides boobs, the overall feminine physique is something to marvel at. Women are beautiful in all shapes and sizes.

And, they always have the option to improve their curves if they want. Men simply do not have that luxury.

Reliable companies such as offer women an affordable and safe way to improve the appearance of their feminine curves. Women have boasted of the effects, including a natural breast lift and an increase in breast size from using Total Curve products.So, what are you waiting for?

No matter how you look at it, being a woman continues to improve. Women are no longer expected to bow to the demands of their male counterparts. Women are far more choices, too, from careers to whether or not to bear children. Yes, we have a way to go when it comes to equality in the workplace, but life is much better than it used to be for women nowadays.