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The Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Breast Health

Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death in women every year. Breast problems and conditions are also common in women all over the world. This is why the great focus has been given to maintaining breast health and preventing breast cancer or other breast problems.

Just like other sicknesses, prevention is always better than a cure. So, it makes much sense that women go through the necessary measures in making sure that their breasts remain healthy and strong.

Keeping healthy goes a long way than just eating the right food. Sometimes, you have to go through certain routines to keep track of your health and your body functions. You will also be the one to reap the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle, so why not do it? It’s not really as hard as you think.

Keeping your breasts healthy is no different from keeping all other parts of your body and your overall being healthy. It’s plain and simple: avoid anything that can cause illness.

Of course, there are also other things that you need to do. Some things that are dedicated to breast health alone can keep track of the wellbeing of your breasts. But these are the necessary measures to take to make sure that you remain healthy.

informationThere are myths and beliefs, but this list will give you facts and further information about keeping your breasts healthy and in shape. So take note of these tips in maintaining your breast health.

1. Wear A Bra

While not wearing a bra may seem appealing at times, especially during the hottest months of the year, it is important that you wear one, and of the right size.

activities may be strenuousNo matter what your daily activities may be strenuous or idle, your breast moves with you every time.

Wearing a bra with the right size, can keep your breasts in place and avoid them from moving around too much and from bouncing up and down.

Too much movement can cause breast and muscle pains, chest and ribcage pains. Although this can be easily treated, you will have to go through some discomfort because of the pain. Plus, the long term effects would make your breasts saggy at an early age.

2. Massage Your Breasts

Just like your muscles in other parts of your body, the veins and muscles inside your breasts may tend to strain and tense up especially if positioned in ways that are not comfortable.

slowly and carefullyWhen this happens, massage your breasts slowly and carefully. This will allow the blood circulation and functions to normalize and cure any pain that you feel in them.

Massaging your breasts regularly will also keep the circulation and the muscles in place. It will prevent any muscle sprain caused by strenuous activities that can be painful.

3. Eat Dark Chocolate

Dark ChocolateFinally, a great excuse to eat chocolate. Dark chocolate is said to have many health benefits in contrast to other types of chocolates. More so, it is said to be good for the heart.

Great news: many studies show that dark chocolate has cancer cell-fighting abilities, which means it helps prevent the development and spread of cancer.

Although not really a cure, it is more about prevention from the dreadful sickness. So eating dark chocolate will not only keep your heart healthy, it will help prevent cancer cells from forming, and that is one less worry in the cancer-fighting department.

4. Do Self-Exams Regularly

Do Self-Exams
Photo by Gloria Bell / CC BY

You may have your annual or bi-annual check up with your gynecologist, but it still helps to keep track of your health on your own. Doing a self check on your breasts is something that you should practice regularly.

Checking your breasts for lumps is easy and fast, and it can be done while lying down.

Lie down flat on your back. Raise your left hand and use the right hand to circulate your left breast from the outside to the nipples. Press gently and look for any foreign lumps that should not be there. Do the same with your other breast. This procedure will help you keep track if there are any mass formations, and detecting it early can prevent it from growing into anything more serious.

5. Do Not Smoke

Do Not SmokeYour hormones are sensitive, especially to non-healthy habits we all have. One of the unhealthiest of these is smoking cigarettes.

Since your breasts also produce hormones, they are vulnerable to attacks from bacteria, viruses or anything life-threatening when you smoke.

Plus, it will affect greatly on your breast milk production, thus affecting your baby’s health, too.

Smoking is downright bad for your health. It does not only affect your lungs and your breasts, it will eventually affect all parts of your body until you deteriorate. So if you’re a smoker, you might want to cut down and quit on it before attracting any unwanted health conditions.

6. Take Folic Acid

Take Folic Acid
Photo by Jeffrey Beall / CC BY-SA

Folic acid is not only good for your reproductive organs, but it is good for your breasts. Since the breasts produce hormones, folic acid is responsible in keeping these hormones healthy.

It keeps your breasts healthy and in shape, especially when you start planning to have a baby. Healthy breasts are important, so you can produce plentiful amounts of breast milk that is also good for your baby.

Folic acid can also be taken regularly even if you’re not planning to have a baby anytime soon. Basically, it keeps your reproductive organ and breasts hormones happy and healthy.

7. Balance Your Weight

Balance Your WeightThis may be something that you always see on health forums and tips. But in truth, it really is important that you manage your weight.

Your body weight and the size of your breasts should at least be balanced. Not only does this look good on appearance, but it indicates that you are healthy and fit.

Although nothing is wrong with having big or small breasts, the comparison comes from your actual body mass. Basically, it all should be balanced out. If you have a body size that is just right for your breasts, then that means that your body is well toned.

8. Drink Tea And Eat Fruit

Drink Tea And Eat FruitTea and fruit promotes cleansing and keeps your body healthy and strong. It’s a package deal if you want your breasts to remain healthy.

Eating the right kinds of food will promote the circulation of blood and the functions of your body, as well as the functions within your breasts – in the right direction.

Basically, living a healthy lifestyle by eating a healthy diet, getting lots of rest and exercise will ensure that your breasts will also remain healthy.

9. Get Clinical Breast Exams And Mammograms At Least Once A Year

a view of your breasts insideKeep tabs of your breast health from within. Although self-examination is highly advised,

it may not exactly be enough to ensure that you are 100 percent healthy, especially if you don’t see what’s happening inside you.

When you have your annual check up with your gynecologist, aside from a pap smear, request a mammogram, too.

This will give you and your doctor a view of your breasts inside to see if everything is in shape and healthy. Do it at least once a year. It may be unconventional from your previous checkups with your gynecologist, but it can definitely help you feel secure, especially knowing that you are 100 percent clear of anything threatening.

10. Never Ignore Any Discomforts

discomfort or painYou might feel some sort of discomfort or pain that would go away after some time. You might opt to ignore these pains, since they’ve already gone away.

Breast pain, while they are normal if you have strenuous activities, are something that should concern you if it happens often, even if you have been idle.

Feeling any sort of discomfort in your breasts or seeing any lumps, redness or blotches that do not go away should not be taken lightly.

If you think that the pain, the lumps or redness are there for no valid reason and not caused by any recent activity,
consult your doctor immediately to check if there’s anything wrong or if it needs treatment. Remember: Early detection of any illness is the key to fighting it, and prevention is always better than cure.

familyBeing healthy means keeping an eye on all parts of your body. Each part of your body may require a special set of actions and routines to maintain their health, but all are necessary to keep your overall wellbeing intact and in shape. Maintaining your health is beneficial not only to you, but to the people around you – especially your family.

Don’t take your breast health lightly. Stay in shape and take extra care of your breasts. Not only will they be home to your future baby’s milk, but it will prevent untoward breast problems that can affect your life and your family greatly. Breast health is just as important as any other part of your body’s health.