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Breast Lift Surgery: Your Complete Guide

A well-contoured body and firm breasts are a sign of femininity and beauty for all women. Saggy breasts can have a huge negative impact on the overall personality of a woman. The shape of women’s breasts changes with time. Factors such as aging, weight fluctuation, breastfeeding and pregnancy can lead to the loss of once youthful and firm breasts.

Breast lift surgery can help restore that lost figure and give women a youthful and uplifted appearance. Some women may also experience enlarging of the areola, which is the darker skin around the nipple. This can also be reduced with the help of breast lifts.

What Is Breast Lift Surgery?

Commonly referred to as mastopexy, breast lift is a surgery that a cosmetic surgeon performs to lift sagging breasts.

The surgery involves firming and lifting the breasts by simply removing the excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissues. The procedure aims to reshape and lift the breasts.

How Do You Know If You Need Breast Lift Surgery?

youthful and firm breastsOn youthful and firm breasts, the nipple is situated at the centre as opposed to the breast fold and breast tissues. According to doctors, you are a good candidate for breast lift surgery if the position of your nipple is below or at the breast fold.

The breast lift surgery will change the position of the nipple in accordance with the rest of your breast. However, if your nipple is at or above the breast fold, you will more likely need breast augmentation surgery to fill the loose skin.

What To Look For In Breast Lift Before And After Pictures

Before And After PictureBefore deciding to undergo breast lift surgery, it is a good idea to look at some breast lift before and after pictures.

Just by looking at the pictures, you will be able to tell whether a breast lift is right for you.

There are certain things that you should examine in the pictures such as visibility of the breast lift scars left from the incisions.It is also important to check if the surgeon has been able to fix the patient’s nipple direction successfully. These are a few of the signs that you should look at in before and after pictures to make an informed decision.

Preparations Prior To Breast Lift Surgery

women undergo an examination and consultationBreast lift or breast augmentation surgery needs a lot of preparation. Women who opt for breast lift surgery should not be dealing with other health ailments. They should also be mentally stable to get through the recovery period. Prior to the surgery, women undergo an examination and consultation, so the doctor can learn their full medical history.

Various health examinations and mammograms take place to prevent the occurrence of complications later.

instructions to be followedOnce everything is set, the surgeon will provide the client with all the instructions to be followed on the appointed date of the surgery, along with information regarding the procedure to be followed and recovery time.

How Is Breast Lift Surgery Done?

operating roomBreast lift surgery can range from minor to majorly traumatic. Your surgeon will determine the type of surgery that will suit you best according to the current situation of your breasts. Breast surgery is done in an operating room with the patient under general anaesthesia.

There are usually two different ways of conducting breast lift surgery:

  • surgery requires only a smaller incisionBenelli Mastopexy: This type of breast surgery involves making a circular incision around the darker region of breast, the areola. This surgery requires only a smaller incision. However, the disadvantage is that the amount of breast uplift achieved by this surgery is small and most women do not qualify for it.
  • Lollipop Incision: This surgery involves making an incision around the areola as well in a vertical and downwards direction.
    The main advantage of this type of surgery is that it results in major breast lifting.
    Most women undergo this type of surgery to lift their breasts.
    The only downside of this surgery is that multiple incisions are made.

Along with a breast lift, you can also get a breast implant. A fairly small incision is made to position the implants in your breasts to make them look larger. Most women undergo breast augmentation and lift surgery simultaneously.

Precautions To Follow After A Breast Lift

wear a specialised braBreast surgery involves making incisions and removing tissues. This leads to bruised, tender and swollen breasts. Your surgeon will advise you to wear a specialised bra after the surgery. A few days after the surgery, you will be instructed to wear a soft padded bra. You should wear it for the entire recovery time.

Painkillers can relieve you of the pain caused by the incisions. Your doctor will also recommend that you avoid heavy lifting or mental stress after the surgery. You will be instructed to meet with the surgeon two weeks after the surgery for removal of the sutures and for examination of the healing process.

How To Find The Right Surgeon For Breast Lift Surgery

Find The Right SurgeonAfter all, a breast lift is surgery, and women who want to consider it should only use a highly skilled and experienced surgeon.

Most women believe that it is safe to walk into any surgeon’s office for consultation and procedures. They never research the right type of clinic and expertise of surgeons prior to the surgery.

start the researchIf you are short of time, or have no clue where to start the research, it is best to contact the American Board of Plastic Surgery for referrals.

A surgeon who is certified is both an expert and experienced in his field. While it is impossible to reduce the risk of surgery, it is best to be in safe hands.

Is Breast Lift Surgery The Only Option?

exercisesWomen are looking for fast and easy fixes, such as surgery to help make their breasts large and firm. Although it sounds promising, surgery poses various risks to patients. Therefore, it is recommended to make use of natural breast lifting techniques before resorting to dangerous treatments such as breast lift surgery.

Taking natural supplements from TotalCurve and exercises are just a few safe and effective ways, massaging your breasts and performing natural breast enhancing on how to lift your breasts and restore their firmness and beauty.