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Find Out What the Best Push Up Bra Can Do for Your Boobs

Every woman is different, including her cup size. Some were born with natural big breasts, while there are many others who still buy their bra in the pre-teens department – at 30.

If you are one of them, that’s fine. There are tons of methods available to help you perk up your breasts, with or without surgery. In case you want to make it simpler, safer, and more cost-effective, finding the best push up bra will do the trick.

The truth is, push up bras can do so much for your twin mountains. Read along and find out everything you should know about the best push up bras around, and how to spot them through these 15 tips and pointers.

1. History 101: The Evolution of Push Up Bras

push up bras
Photo by Mattnad / CC BY-SA

Did you know that the first padded bra was made in 1880? It was made of two round pads with wide piece of fabric and was decorated with feathers and lace. However, not many women paid attention to it, since wearing a bra in the early years was not the coolest thing to do. In fact, it was only during 1907 when support system for breasts came into demand.

Then in 1948, Frederick Mellinger introduced the pushup bra to the world and called it the “Rising Star.” Since then, push up bras have become a household favorite. Aside from acting as a support for your boobies, finding a good push up bras became a trend to improve one’s appearance and get the cleavage you’ve always wanted.

Just in case you are wondering where you can see the first push up bra, it is among the collections of London’s Science Museum.

2. Get to Know the Purpose as You Go for Your Quest for the Best Push Bra Ever

You already know what a bra can do for you: to support your breasts. While there are many others who oppose the idea of using a brassiere, admit it. You still need one not just for support but also for protection.

What about push up bras?

braAside from denying your breasts a taste of gravity to minimize sagging, the primary purpose of push up bra is to give your boobies a boost through a more rounded look. It is designed to lift your breasts, raise your chest, and lengthen your waist, thereby slimming your silhouette and making you extra sexy.

Contrary to popular belief, wearing a push up bra could help just about every woman in enhancing their look, despite their cup size. In fact, you can find the best push up bra for an A cup to E cup, which is you will learn more about in the succeeding sections.

Make sure you’ll read until the end and find out whether you need a push up bra to enhance the look of your breasts or just rely on a product like Total Curve, a natural breast enhancement pill that promises to give your boobs a boost in the most natural way possible.

Let’s say aside from taking Total Curve pills, you can choose to wear a push up bra, as well. The succeeding section will tell you about the benefits of wearing a push up bra.

3. Say Hello to the Cheapest Alternative to Breast Augmentation Surgery

In 2014, there were 286,254 procedures breast augmentation procedures performed in the United States alone. This means there were close to 300,000 women who spent somewhere around $3,000 to $7,500 for the procedure alone, excluding surgical or hospital fees, transportation costs, and post-operative care.

breast augmentation surgery
Photo by BestInPlastics / CC BY-SA

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make your boobs say hello to the world. Believe it or not, you can spend less than a hundred dollars to keep your boobs perky.

In this case, say hello to push up bra.

If you want to lift your breasts, create a cleavage, and make your boobs look heavy and rounded, then push up bra could help you in these departments. The best part is it is within your budget, making it a cost-effective way to bring life to your chest area – and make men turn around and look at you.

This is only one of the many benefits of wearing a push up bra.

4. The Push Up Bra: More Than Just for Women with Small Boobies

Photo by The Narratographer / CC BY

You might think that push up bras is designed ultimately for women with a smaller cup size. Believe it or not, it could work with anyone, regardless of your size. In fact, you an even find the best push up bra for D cup. This is because a pushup bra not only provides extra lift, but also centers your breasts and cleavage, despite having either a small or big boobs.

Keep in mind that cleavage is dependent on the size of your breasts. The bigger your breasts, the more tissues you can push together to create cleavage. You also get to receive more lift and support.

What about those who belong to the smaller category?

Having a cup A or B could give you cleavage once you wear a push up bra. Still, keep in mind that it could only do so much; hence, keep your expectations realistic too.

5. There is Such a Thing as Natural in the World of the Push Up Bra

One of the common misconceptions about push up bras is that they create an unnatural effect and makes your boobs look fake.

The truth is, it depends on the bra you buy.

Photo by Inventsekar / CC BY-SA

Most brassieres sold these days are created to support your breasts, and at the same time, shape them according to fashion. If you want to create a more natural look and effect, then the key lies on choosing the right style and size according to your body type.

If you choose a bra that is a cup size bigger than your real size and stuff it with tissue paper, then it will surely create an unnatural effect. It is also too obvious that there is nothing underneath the bra, especially if your breasts magically appeared bigger today compared to yesterday.

If chosen properly, a push up bra will not only accentuate your curves, but also give you a natural looking cleavage.

6. Push Up Bras: Supporting Your Breasts Regardless of Your Cup Size

A regular or padded bra will provide support on your breasts against gravity. Did you know that push up bras provide more support than the regular ones? The reason lies on the extra padding in the cup.

Here is the surprising part: it could benefit big-chested women, too.

provide support on your breasts
Photo by Lies Thru a Lens / CC BY

Admit it. If you have a cup C or D, you often say no to a push up bra because you feel that you will look bigger than you already are. Apparently, that is not the case. It turns out that you can benefit from it because of the extra support it provides. Consequently, wearing a push up bra allows you to showcase your chest to the best of its potential.

Here’s the best part: the extra support given minimizes back pain coming from your chest.

7. Boosting Your Confidence One Good Push Up Bra at a Time

There will always be “Team Boobs” and “Team Butts” among men. Regardless of their choice, one thing is for sure: big boobs could turn heads.

feel more confident
Photo by Anniina Mäkelä / CC BY

Aside from stealing a man’s attention, did you know that an enhanced cleavage also has an effect on you?

A study from Manchester University revealed that there is a clear connection between a cleavage-enhancing bra and your confidence. According to the study, women who wore push up bras reported smiling more and said they made them feel more confident. The non-verbal cues that signify lack of confidence were likewise minimized.

You can save a lot of money, since you don’t have to pay for thousands of dollars to get a boob job. All you need is a good push up bra and you can say hello to your confidence in no time, which leads us to the next benefit.

8. No Occasion Needed: Wear Your Push Up Bra Anytime, Anywhere

Fine, push up bras are often used for aesthetics purposes. This is the reason why many women prefer wearing them for parties and special occasions. If you think the same, then that’s fine. After all, the primary purpose of this type of brassiere is to give your breasts a more rounded look plus cleavage.

seduce your man
Photo by Lies Thru a Lens / CC BY

Here’s the thing: you don’t need to go to a party or receive a special invitation just to get wear your most seductive look. The truth is you can wear it anytime and when you’re in the mood. You can even wear it at home to seduce your man and send a message that you are ready for action.

The bottom line is, don’t let the situation dictate you as to when you can wear a push up bra. It’s all up to you and your mood.

Apparently, there are two sides of the coin. Despite the benefits, there are some who argue about the disadvantages and risks of wearing a push up bra, which the succeeding sections will tell you more about.

9. Wearing a Push Up Bra May Cause Back Pain

Anti-brassiere proponents will argue this: wearing a bra, including push up bra could cause back pain and even chest pain. In fact, some say that depriving your breasts of gravity has no effect at all. On the contrary, this could even do more harm than good to your twin mountains.

In reality, it depends on the wearer.

know your measurementsTo prevent pain and improve comfort, it is important that you choose the right bra size for you. Wearing a bra that is either too tight or too loose could have a negative impact on your breasts.

Therefore, make sure you know your measurements before buying anything, especially if you are buying online. If possible, fit the bra first to get a feel of its comfort level. Although a push up bra is a cheaper alternative to breast augmentation surgery, you don’t want to waste money on something that doesn’t fit, even if costs you just a few dollars.

10. Breast Sagging: A Surprising Risk You Can Get from Wearing a Bra

This is another debatable issue. Some say that wearing a bra could prevent your breasts from sagging. On the other hand, some proponents say that it could actually contribute to sagging boobies because your pectoral muscles are restricted. A 15-year French study revealed that women who went bra-less experienced a seven millimeter lift in their nipple every year.

wearing a braWhat’s the real score?

Wearing a bra, including push up bras come with benefits and risks. It is important to strike a balance between the two and wearing a bra when the occasion calls for it. After all, you will still need a support system for your breasts at some point.

11. A Debatable Topic: Wearing a Bra Could Cause Breast Cancer

Perhaps, this is the biggest issue surrounding the bra world. There are several researches about how wearing a bra could increase your risk of breast cancer.

The reasons for this condition:

breast cancer
Photo by BruceBlaus / CC BY-SA
  • There was a slight increase in the hormone prolactin and temperature of your breast tissues, which could contribute to breast cancer.
  • Wearing a bra decreases the hormone melatonin and increases the core temperature of your body. These components could also lead to breast cancer.
  • Bra wearing restricts your circulatory system from distributing vital nutrients to your breast area, thereby making you more vulnerable to the disease.
  • There is a higher correlation between breast cancer and bras compared to smoking and lung cancer.
  • Restricts lymph gland flow, which could cause buildup of dangerous toxins inside your body in your breast tissues; hence, the more restrictive your bra is, the more it will inhibit proper lymph flow.

The issue is still debatable and experts are constantly finding definite answers to the age-old question of whether wearing a bra could cause cancer of the breast.

What’s the bottom line? Make sure you go for a push up bra that fits you correctly and properly. Finding the right fit could help a lot in ensuring that your breasts are in their best shape. Don’t worry. You will learn more about proper bra fitting in the sections below.

12. The Importance of Wearing the Correct Bra Size for Your Boobs

There are risks involved if you don’t wear the right size for your breasts. Surprisingly, 80 percent of women in America are wearing the wrong bra size. If you are one of them, then you might experience the following consequences:

wear the right size
Photo by Lies Thru a Lens / CC BY
  • Back pain
  • Bulging in the wrong places
  • Limited or not enough breast support
  • Uncomfortable chafing
  • Pain due to tightness
  • Loose fabric
  • Constant need to adjust your bra
  • Red marks on your skin left by bra straps

You don’t have to experience these conditions and put your breasts and yourself at risk. Although bra wearing poses a threat, you can still reverse the situation and save yourself from these conditions. It all boils down to proper measurement, which you will learn more about towards the end of this article.

Now that you know what push up bras can do for you, check out the factors you need to look for when looking for the best push up bra ever.

13. The Characteristics of a Good Push Up Bra to Look for When Shopping

Here’s the challenge: finding the best push up bra according to your size.

Admit it. It is tempting to click “Buy,” since Victoria’s Secret sells the best push up bra ever, at least according to many. But, even the best Victoria’s Secret push up bra may not work for you. Before you buy a bra, here are six features you should look into when looking for the perfect push-up bra for you:

comfortable with your bra
Photo by Cheon Fong Liew / CC BY-SA
  • Contoured Cups – If you hate the obvious bra line, then going for push up bras with contoured cups could be your best bet. It is seamless and has the ability to blend into your outfit, sans the bra lines.
  • Good Quality Fabric – A bra made of quality material will bring you to places and save you a lot in terms of cost. After all, you don’t want a bra that wears or rips off easily. Therefore, choose a push up bra made of good quality materials, such as high grade satin, velvet, silk or cotton lace.
  • Variable Strap Sizes – Thin bra straps are fine if you have small breasts. In case you are gifted up there, then make sure you go for bras with wider straps. It minimizes the strain on your back since the weight is minimized.
  • Superb Workmanship – You need a bra that is well-designed and could last for years. Therefore, pay attention even to the tiniest details, including the stitches. In other words, excellent workmanship is a big plus.
  • Figure-Friendly Styling – Not all bras are created equal. In fact, you can even find different levels of coverage depending on your figure and cup size. This level of coverage helps avoid putting pressure on your back and shoulders, thereby creating comfort.
  • Created for Comfort – Aside from the workmanship and fabric use, this is another factor to consider. To make sure you are comfortable with your bra, it should fit you well while holding your breasts, sans the pain.

14. A Measuring Guide: How to Find the Right Bra Size for You

cleavage you always dreamed of
Photo by C.P.Storm / CC BY

You already know the benefits and risks of wearing a bra, including push up bras. You have an idea of how it could help you get that cleavage you always dreamed of, plus the factors you should look into to make sure you are getting value for money.

The next challenge now is finding the right bra size to make sure you enjoy all of these benefits.

Here is a guide on how to find the right bra size

  • Determine your band size. To do this, get the measurement under your bust, just around the rib cage.
  • Check your cup size. To get your cup size, measure the fullest part of your bust, usually around the nipple area.
  • Use the size table to determine your fit. Once you know your measurements, check the size table to determine your band size and cup size. Use those figures when buying a bra.

measuring your bra sizeTips in Measuring Your Bra Size

  • Wear a non-padded bra when taking your measurements.
  • Make sure you have no outer garments.
  • Hold the tape measure firmly against you when getting your measurements.
  • Do not make any allowances.

Let’s say you are a B cup. Keep in mind that brands may follow different sizing charts. When switching brands, make sure you get your measurements first before buying your best push up bra for B cup. This way, you will get the right fit for your body type. Worry about the design later.

15. From A to E and Beyond: Tips on How to Choose Best Push Up Bra According to Your Cup Size

Now that you know the essentials, it is time to put everything you learned into practice. It’s now time to shop for the best push up bras around.

bra that fits your body
Photo by Mark J Sebastian / CC BY-SA

Here are tips to remember when shopping for push up bras:

  • Get the correct bra size. This is crucial. Aside from the design, getting a bra that fits your body is important to make sure you don’t compromise your breasts.
  • Keep in mind that bra sizes are different for every country. Apparently, the sizing is different in every country. When shopping for bras outside the United States, take note of the country’s sizing chart to make sure you are getting the appropriate size for your breasts.
  • Take note of the structure of the bra. More than the design and aesthetics, pay attention to the structure of the pushup bra. Is it wired? Does it have enough padding? What is the bra made of? Is the plunge line too deep? These are only some of the structural considerations you need to take note of when shopping for a bra.
  • Read reviews and recommendations about the pushup bra. You now know that not all bras are created equal. Before you pay for anything, read the best push up bra reviews to help you narrow your choices.
  • Consider the price of the bra. When buying a bra, always go for value for money. You don’t want something that is too inexpensive or too over the top.

At the end of the day, what matters most is appreciating your gift. The best push up bra in the market will definitely bring your confidence and sexiness back; however, don’t rely on them too much. Be sure to follow a healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself, too. Feeling good, looking good and being confident all add up to making you the best that you can be, after all.